The Revamp

Insomnia is usually a bad thing, but in this case, I’d have to say it was actually pretty darned good. It started when certain things couldn’t be tweaked. Then it progressed into further annoyance when images couldn’t be seen. Finally, after four months of frustration trying to figure out the issue, I stripped it and rebuilt. After 24 hours, here’s the new

Without going into detail, here’s what was done.

  1. Clock on EJFLAVORS.COM you see above you which will display a new page.  Just above the lovely blue name, you’ll see two pages, “About EJ” and “Keep Looking.” The former is a quick autobiography about me which will be updated as time permits, and the latter is an everchanging page which will change periodically, so stay tuned.
  2. To the left you’ll see archives and buttons to use at your leisure to crosspos to Facebook or Twiter..
  3. In the center (my personal favorite)  you’ll see sliding photos which displays the most recent and the most popular posts on site.  This changes, of course, as more posts come up this year.
  4. To the right, you can search, view the last 5 posts, last 5 comments, and my twitters.

To be addressed:

  1. Better integration with Groovmnt and Tumblr.
  2. Shoultboxes
  3. Better categorization of older posts.
  4. Small color changes on comments and hovering. (completed)


As always, feedback is encouraged. For those who were at the site within the past 24 hours and saw it looking rather dishevled, my aplogies – hope you like the finished product.

Take it light.

2 comments on “The Revamp

  1. Tee Alan says:

    Hello! When is the Prince tribute going to be up? I am looking forward to it. 🙂

  2. Stacey Turner says:

    Hi EJ Flavors!
    How bout a Colonel Abrams/House music mix!!! 🙂
    RIP Colonel Abrams

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