Heavy D

Heavy D


Dwight Arrington Myers,  AKA Heavy D, has passed on. In tribute:

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01 – Heavy D And The Boyz – Somebody For Me
02 – Heavy D And The Boyz – Now That We Found Love
03 – Michael Jackson featuring Heavy D – Jam
04 – Janet Jackson featuring Heavy D – Alright (12 Inch Version)
05 – Heavy D And The Boyz – Overweight Lover In The House
06 – Heavy D And The Boyz, Big Daddy Kane, CL Smooth, Grand Puba, Kool G. Rap. Q-Tip – Don’t Curse
07 – 2Pac, Grand Puba, Heavy D, Notorious B.I.G – Let’s Get It On
08 – Tyrese Featuring Heavy D – Criminal Mind
09 – Heavy D And The Boyz Black Coffee
10 – Heavy D And The Boyz With Cynthia Johnson – Got Me Waiting
11 – Heavy D And The Boyz – Is It Good To You
12 – Monifah Featuring Heavy D – I Miss You (Come Back Home)
13 – BB King Featuring Heavy D – Keep It Coming
14 – Heavy D Feauring Anthony Hamilton – I Can’t
15 – Soul For Real – Candy Rain
16 – Carl Thomas – Summer Rain
17 – Heavy D And The Boyz – Peaceful Journey

I sat down and tried to figure out just what I would say and realized that I’m pretty speechless that this man has departed, much as I have with the others that have left us  He was one of the kings of hip-hop, no doubt, who held his own  He incorporated pop, jazz, funk, and reggae, and did so with ease. Not only was he a musician, but also the head of Uptown Records, after which he delved into acting.  on television, in film, and even off–Broadway.

This, of course, is the focus on his first love: music.  From his first hit, “The Overweight Lover In The House” to his latest album featuring vocals from Anthony Hamilton, the man did it all.  There’s a great list of people here, however, there are some that weren’t mentioned.  Tammy Lucas is the vocalist in “Is It Good To You” and of course, Aaron Hall in “Now That We Found Love.”  The background vocalists on “Peaceful Journey” are K-Ci and JoJo, and Cynthia Johnson is the vocalist on “Gor Me Waiting.”

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OSW: Autumnal Equinox, 2006

It’s getting cool around here. Thanks to the combined geniuses of Thierno and CoachMVP, I’m present to you:

Old School Wednesday: Autumnal Equinox, 2006.

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01 – Lillo Thomas – I’m In Love
02 – Kashif – Personality
03 – Midnight Star – Night Rider
04 – Full Force – Love Is For Suckers
05 – Jane Child – I Don’t Wanna Fall In Love – Teddy Riley Remix
06 – The Jacksons – She
07 – Jermaine Jackson – Treat U Right Featuring Babyface
08 – Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass – Route 101
09 – Rockie Robbins – Time To Think
10 – Kool & The Gang – Jones vs Jones
11 – Luther Vandross – Make Me A Believer
12 – The Gap Band – Wednesday Lover
13 – Gary Taylor – Tease Me
14 – Anita Baker – No One To Blame

CoachMVP dropped Lillo’s I’m In Love, which segues effortlessly into Kashif’s Personality, Kashif’s dip into New Jack Swing.
Both tracks were produced by Kashif. CoachMVP then surprised me by dropping Midnight Star’s Night Rider, which I had not heard in more than 15 years. Love Is For Suckers, with it’s humorous intro, is one of my favorite cuts from them, with it’s infectious beat.

Jane Child’s I Don’t Wanna Fall In Love was brought to you by Thierno. "The track brought Teddy back into the game," he says, "after a messy break up with his partner Gene Griffin. Teddy said the success of this remix project made him realize he was still relevant in the scene. Thank God." But Thierno didn’t stop there. He dropped two cuts from the Jackson family, She and Jermaine and Face’s cut Treat U Right, which has Color Me Badd on background vocals.

CoachMVP dropped Herb Alpert & Tijuana Brass’ Route 101, a breezy track from 1981. I personally think I caught a lot of trash talkin’ in high school for digging this track so much. But then to make me shake my head even more, he dropped Rockie Robbins’ Time To Think after an exhaustive search. Incredible. Hitting me once more, he pulled out Kool & The Gang’s Jones vs Jones.

Continuing on with the schmooveness, CoachMVP dropped Luther’s Make Me A Believer, while Thierno mixed in Wednesday Lover. Rounding it out, we’re blessed with Gary Taylor’s Tease Me and Anita Baker’s No One To Blame.

This is an absolutely solid mix, and starts off autumn nicely. Much love to CoachMVP and Thierno. Hope you enjoy.

[Note: I’m still trying to work on my commenting, so if they don’t show up the first go ’round, don’t worry…I got you.]

OSW: September

My bad! I overslept!

Old School Wednesday: September.

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Podcast/mix available here. [Click to play or right click-save as to download.]

01 – The Fatback Band – I Like Girls
02 – Cameo – I Just Want to Be
03 – Ready for the World – Digital Display
04 – Cherrelle – Artificial Heart
05 – Guy – Teddy’s Jam 2
06 – Timmy Gatling – Rock Me Good
07 – Shalamar – Make That Move
08 – Troop – Keep You Next To Me
09 – Zhané – Sending My Love
10 – Zapp – Computer Love (Extended Version)
11 – Al B. Sure! – Oooh This Love Is So
12 – Intro – My Love’s On The Way
13 – Tony! Toni! Tone! – It Never Rains In Southern California
14 – Will Downing – I Go Crazy
15 – Levert – Pop Goes My Mind

I’m sure everyone knows all of these songs, but one song that I rarely, if ever, heard on the radio was Teddy’s Jam 2.
It was a shame that Timmy Gatling left Guy due to creative differences, but he always knew how to jam. Rock Me Good was my favorite song from him, especially with background vocals from Alton "Wokie" Stewart. Hope you enjoy.