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chicken with hot sauce

First thing’s first. The following quote:
I might as well
Sign my name on a card which could say it better
Time will tell
�Cause it seems that I�ve done just about all that I can do

is from the Isley Brothers. The song? For The Love Of You. Thanks of course to the two contestants who guessed correctly (to you two: please email me back as I had some issues with conversion, which I promise I will explain below).
Now that the song quote for last week is out of the way, I’d like to highlight the past (long) weekend. Since Thursday, I had been spending time with trying to install MoveableType. This is perhaps the most unsuccessful attempt at software conversion that I’ve had in quite some time. When trying to install Moveable Type on my machine, I ran into an issue with Perl modules that should have been placed on the server. When the instructions told me to ask the administrators to have it installed, I got the following message:
Perl module called db_file has been added to our product suggestion list. It may or may not be added in the future but there is nothing we can do for now.
Now, I don’t know what you would have done with such a quote, but I was incensed (the adequate word for pissed). The response from Prime when I said I was interested in switching to Dreamhost?
You need to ask for your money back and move to Dreamhost.
I think you will happier in the long run.

Thus, in effect, I have moved to Dreamhost. While I have kept, I also have the domain called Yes, in other words, you can email either or Trust me, you’ll be happy either way.
Dreamhost has been more effective to me than I have gotten more to administer there and in effect have no issues with the installation of MoveableType. And while I try not to write “stick it where the sun don’t shine” letters, I’m feeling that way about right now. I’ve gotten things done in Dreamhost that took me three times as much time (and three “help me” emails) to do the same things in
Now that I’ve told you that, you should also understand why my MoveableType has been delayed. Yes, I’m working on it, but there always seems to be something else that will come up and cause me to have to do something else besides finish my MT installation. Some things that come to mind:
1) Never ask me if I want to go to a restaurant. This will always, always, stop me from doing computer work. It’s gotten me convinced that if it’s a good season, I must eat.
2) Never invite me to the movies. For some strange reason, I will go to movies, come back home, and go to sleep. This, of course, has nothing to do with me. I was forced by the people who wanted to go, and I just went along to save face. (You believe me, don’t you?)
3) Don’t play an episode of Enterprise – any kind of Enterprise – and expect me to do anything else that I’m supposed to do. If Jean Luc wants me to “engage”, I will do so with chocolate ice cream. It’s fair and just.
In other news today, I got to meet with Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau. They have really helped with ITLA events and I am quite happy with that visit. I was also able to identify and then order an IBM laptop. Of course, I’ll be happier when I pick it up, but for now, I’m running around in circles waiting for it. Also, Raphael Saddiq’s new album is released tomorrow. I have no problem reviewing “Instant Vintage”. Look for that sometime around Friday.
In retrospect, had a blazin’ weekend. Had enough chicken and hot sauce to reinstate my Southern attitude. Yes, yes, y’all.
Glad you’re here. Enjoy yourself. I know I am.
BQMFB is doing great, by the way.

don’t you scream, don’t you shout

While I would love to talk to you about Friday’s events, I am under a change. This, of course, will be detailed within 24 – 48 hours.
Sorry for the delay, but it’ll make me very happy! (You’d like that wouldn’t you?)

rock me good

First, let me get my anger out.
I’m a board member of four organizations, and although that may sound like a huge amount of work, for the most part it isn’t.
Except for today.
Today I have the responsibility of reviewing organizations and where I am right now, and deciding where I want to be. I’d much rather be in my bed right now, but I have to prepare to make phone calls tomorrow. Grrrrrrr……
Let’s talk about my levels of involvement tomorrow. Once I bring them up, It will enable you to generate an opinion of me which would be either a) “wow, you do so much stuff!” or b) “you, my friend, smoke crack, don’t you?” I personally think I could do more, but then again, I could work out more too (and that’s not happening) so I have some things I need to work on, most notably how to stay awake more. C’est la vie.
Last night was great. Prime orchestrated a great meeting at our home where we had people putting together letters to ask more involvement from organizations and companies. This was the first time in a number of years that I have seen such a successful outpouring of help. This made me very satisfied with the ITLA organization as a group of people that can make changes while still eating Pizza Hut pizza and drinking beer.
Today I’m faced with a couple of things. One is installing Dreamweaver MX which I was able to purchase this afternoon. The second is purchasing another laptop. For reasons too numerous to mention, I’m seeking on getting another one, either from IBM or Dell. Although it sounds like I love spending money, I do it because I feel it’s necessary and then I feel guilty about it. With the installation of Dreamweaver, I will have a very busy weekend. In reflection, after being on the down stroke since September 13th, I’m glad I’m finally realizing how life was just last year. Depression is not my thing.
After my upchucking yesterday morning, I’ve been able to get a lot accomplished. One is sitting in my office, which was great. Oh, wait, maybe I should have done something more important, like listen to my new Ashanti, MeShell, Joni, or Carly CDs. Instead I chose to listen to Timmy Gatling all day (“I want you to Rock Me Good! Baby! Rock Me Good….oh, sorry”) and throw in some Portrait. You would think I would want to expand. And I do. Soon as I finish listening to this Jody Watley (“Your Love Keeps Working On Me”).
Excuse me for this very important (and necessary – and well, spastic) interruption.
My favorite producers, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis won on Essence. Now what they won, I couldn’t tell you. I feel SO late. Aah, yes, an “Excellence In Music” award. I would be remiss in forgetting to mention their thank-you’s to Clarence Avant (godfather and mentor), Quincy Jones, Janet, and Jam’s wife Lisa Harris, among others. I could go on and on about them, and probably will. It’s okay to tell me to shut up, but it’s more important for you to accept me giving you an evil glare.
(Oh, and while I’m at it, Happy 43rd Birthday, Mr. James “Jam” Harris III. It’s a great day.)
I was also awarded the opportunity to see Roberta Flack and Stevie Wonder. I can see I’ve got a lot of music to listen to tomorrow.
On the detrimental side of things, let’s talk about being involved in organizations which are, at this moment, very debilitating. I am really not comfortable in bringing this up, but I must.
I’m involved in an organization that has no website, has lots of money to perform activities, but not enough to contribute monetary value. I’m very bothered by this. It makes absolutely no sense, especially since I’ve contributed very significant amounts to the organization, only to not receive any sort of “thank-you”s or special consideration. I really must decide on whether or not this is beneficial for me, especially since I am required to go to Detroit for Hotter Than July.
I’ve got a lot to think about, so I’ll go get some Haagen Dazs and contemplate. See you tomorrow.

anna bites

Why I’d like to say that I have a lot to let out- the disappointment of Swordfish (I could write about that film all night), why females ruled my day (much to my pleasure), why upchucking is not my forte, jbrotherlove being a very bright spot in my week (much like a junebug), and the evil things that computers do (I had to purchase more computer power adapters AND reconfigure my Hyperion), there’s three problems.
I have to wait for computer power adapters, I desperately need more sleep, and I have to complete a Moveable Type install. I promise I’ll have this all done by Thursday, but things like this creep up on me.
Such is life. I’d better go to bed. Rock on, rock on.

the breaks

I’m in Nomad’s room watching The Breaks. Even though Carl Anthony Payne is in it, I feel violated somehow. Let’s move on.
After I discovered (on Saturday) that Prime had plans of going to the banquet, I was incensed. While I could have dealt with watching movies on Sunday, I was jealous. That’s right, jealous. I wanted to meet the mayor too. I checked the website to no avail, and I called. I was assured that I would have a place- although the person on the phone had made indications that Prime and I would not be sitting at the Mayor’s table. No problem. I’m sure I’ll see other people and I can float around the crowd with my tuxedo.
Sunday dressing goes without a hitch. I just knew was lookin’ good, I had my black Payless shoes on, my good Kenneth Cole black tuxedo, my hair was done and my nails were clipped, and I was riding in a Prime GMC (so Klymaxx of me today- don’t hate). I gotta say that it’s the first time I’ve seen Prime in a tux and course, he looked good as hell too.
We head to the lovely Fox Theatre. On our arrival, we check on my name. After they found my name, they told us in so many words that I got in free. FREE?! Surely they’re going to put me at a table in the back near the kitchen. Oh no, on my ticket they wrote “Table 1”. Prime and I exchanged glances, went inside and got our drinks (Prime glass of Chardonnay #1, my Sprite). I look around but I see no-one! We put our silent bids in for a Chastain concert with the wine package (which we won). It’s time to ask yourself: Alicia Keys or Mary J. Blige? Stay tuned.
We wait until the doors open and watch a few of the guests as they saunter (note to self: crimson red leather tux’s with tight sunglasses and a gigantic red hat is not something I should wear; if I ever do, call the police). We run into the Mayor’s people as we sip on drinks (Prime glass of Chardonnay #2, my glass of Chardonnay #1).
The doors finally open (a little too late if you ask me, but I’m just a guest) and we go in to the lovely Egyptian Ballroom to have samples of dinners from Fratelli di Napoli and Wildwood, among others. During this time, Prime goes to the bar again for something to drink during the festival (Prime glass of Chardonnay #3, my glass of Chardonnay #2; I see a pattern here. Perhaps I should stay away from my mother).
Our states of euphoria caused us to win the loud auction of a dinner for six people at our home (four people are easy, the other two are hard; I say we auction those two to people and see which ones are willing to pay the most). The Tonys bored us enough to leave a little early with a couple of, err um, extra bags for our housemates.
All & all, a pretty damned good evening. I took pictures to prove it (look later for the links). Oh, I guess I would be remiss if I didn’t give you these interesting companies we ran into: the restaurateurs Fratelli di Napoli & Wildwood; Carrie White: The Musical; AIDS Survival Project; Shakespeare Tavern; The Atlanta Opera; NonProfits Realtor. There are more to list, but I run short of memory. Blame it on the Chardonnay.

all i need is one mic…

After I spent 2 hours last night trying to get frames to work, all of a sudden this morning, what happens? I get a frame on the left. #$$)*$(*$*#)
Okay, I’m over that.
Going to a dinner with Prime tomorrow. At the dinner, Miss Franklin (Hotlanta’s mayor) will be there. I feel all special. Since I bought a tux, might as well wear it, right? Stay tuned for tomorrow.
A recap of this evening’s events:
– I reviewed D-Vas;
– I am tying the knot in October;
– Got to see The Sum of All Fears sell out in front of me.
Just wanted to make sure you were aware. All of this will come as soon as I can finish writing it (Of course, I’m sure I’ll finish like 3am. Damn, I need to go to bed earlier).

me and missus jones gotta thing goin’ on

Nothing here to report, ‘cept for my passion for Love Jones. Since it kept me up until 3am, I got a lot of sleep today. That’s okay. I’ll just watch it again, since everyone’s out. Oh, and drink Coke and relieve myself with some scrotum scratching.
And yeah, I said I was going to go see The Sum of All Fears. That’s okay. Sue me. Guess the one that I love (yeah, I’m romantic as hell right now) will be getting ipages while I work on the site. Am I a geek or what? Oh yeah, and it helps that I got framesets down….now for cascading style sheets, calendars, and frames.

junior, part II / wishy washy redux

If you ever want to talk about wishy-washy moods, today cuts the mustard. Rant on, please.
Damn, where do I start? Well, Junior spends the night. After waking up, taking my meds, and falling asleep (don’t freak, it’s gonna be pretty common), I wake up around 10:30am. Can’t eat, won’t sleep, I watch my nephew play. All I do is take naps and eat ice cream all day. Yeah, that’s all. Oh yeah, I sit all pissed and depressed no matter who I talk to.
I’m trying to be more for everyone else, but I’m having the worst time trying to do the things that I want to do, because of the fact that I just don’t want to do much anymore. I’m sure it’s temporary, but damn! I want to stay as distant as I can from Lifeforce and Centerpiece, and if there’s anything that I just really need to keep my hands on, it’s PEG and Formatique (who’s gonna kill me anyway, I’ve missed so many of their meetings). I don’t mind doing these things, but DAMN, why am I still so depressed about these meetings? Give you an example- the meeting that I was in tonight was definitely something that needed to be had, but didn’t have any control over. Throwing rocks at me could have been much more fun.
Oh, and lets not talk about me feeling upset for paying for software, and then getting general consensus that maybe I should learn something else. First, why do I need to learn blogging first? I have some very interesting logic that satisfies my need for responses, but again after I dedicate myself to Macromedia MX (both figuratively and monetarily), everyone’s telling me that perhaps I should have learned blog or Movable Type. I don’t care how logical this might sound, it’s not good to hear this 48 hours after dedicating oneself to MX. Right now, there’s not a good space to be in at dic and I hate to say it, even with Booblah. I know it’s just me, but damnit, it’s gotta go away.
Now that I’ve gotten off my chest, here are the good things that I’m encountering going forward: 1) I’m in an audience that’s cool- even when I’m exhausted. The BP people are here and it makes me feel special; 2) I’m learning more about MX; still having issues with CSS and frames, but I can get around them for now; 3) I can handle Junior, even after his “releases” (why he gotta let it go three times????) and endless gameplaying with Nomad; 4) I will start with my song reviews very soon (and NO, I’m not feeling Musiq or ‘Cris, no matter how happy I am); and 5) A viewing and review of The Sum of All Fears has my name on it bigtime this weekend. Watch for that too.
Alright, got that off my little chest. I feel much better now. Whew! For a minute there, I thought it was gonna be a pity party.
Thank you. Rant off. You may now return to your regular program.

junior, part I

Let this entry be on public record. My day ended last night at 2am, and begun today before 7am. Ugh.
I knew that I had to wake up early- but I didn’t realize I would be chipper. Okay, not chipper – try straggling. I took Miss Beaverhausen out for her lovely release period early this morning. As I walked into the lovely weather at 6:30am, I got the strangest sensations which consisted of me not having shoes on and walking into a frigid space. After I fixed myself, Miss Beaverhausen did the same, and I waited for Junior.
After waiting, and waiting, and waiting, I finally call my mother, concerned. Her response? “You had been wishy-washy so I let someone else take care of him.” WHAT?! I promptly shut down and fumed for the rest of the entire day. I refuse to even speak about it, I’m so pissed. I don’t plan on speaking to her for any lengthy amount of time.
Instead of dealing with all of this crap, I decide to go shopping and to lunch with Nomad. Even though I’ve had these great times with Nomad, I still fume over my mother and my conversations with her. She’s since tried to make up, but I hate being portrayed as the stupid, wishy-washy son. My reaction to this is to fall asleep until either I’m not pissed anymore or it goes away. Unfortunately, this time nothing happened. I wake up, my nephew comes over, and life continues.
Let’s see- more issues for today: 1) I still can’t modify links to NOT have underlines under them- wonder why that is; 2) I conquered the ice cream setback, still waiting on the soda; 2) Fortune came today! I am exhilarated; 3) still working with ITLA (more on that tomorrow). To add insult to injury, I’m still feeling like I’m being scrutinized and corrected on every turn- a fact that makes me more anxious and irritated by the hour.
While I’d like to talk about life in many more interesting forms, I can’t. Something tells me that I will as I get used to the site. Let’s hope tomorrow is better.

delight, delight, delight, i have a brand new site……

Alright, so this must be my luckily (or unlucky) day. Depends on how you put it.
Well, the day starts out with me trying to design this entire site. Normally that wouldn’t be a problem, but I’m absorbed into Dreamweaver MX…a good absorption I assure you. The problems for today are 1) using a calendar, when Dreamweaver MX doesn’t seem to have one; 2) trying to upload my new website (didn’t quite work – not sure why); 3) realizing that my new web address just doesn’t seem to work, and 4) that I am officially out of ice cream and soda. After sitting here and thinking of these four things, I almost go into panic mode.
I find this all unfair, actually, because I like life to work faster than this. Given the fact that BQFB is hospitalized right now gives me time to lecture him on how he really should be taking his medicine. Also, my mother decides that I will take care of my nephew not one, not two, but three days this week. That should be enough bad news today. I could reeeeeeealy use some Haagen Dazs right about now.
Getting the website up is not such a bad thing….I just have to listen to everyone’s wonderful advice, and try to absorb all of it as much as I can without having my mind shut down for the evening. Such is life. More to come later.
In the great news column for today, jbrotherlove has gotten a nice new permanent job, and that makes me damn proud. It’s been much too long. (If I could just get rid of the underline under his name, I’d feel better tonight). I also got to install more memory which makes everything go just a little faster, and also obliterates the excuse for purchasing another laptop.


This is my first entry in the website. Welcome, all. Things will change as I can think of them, and probably when you think of them too. This is my catharsis into my world, as it gets bigger day by unavoidable day. Until then, sit back and watch. It’s going to be a ride….keep bouncing.