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church rambling

I went to church. You won’t see me do this for 12 months, so pay attention.



This is what happens when I’m gone for more than a week. Time to play catch-up.
I’m supposed to be asleep, but Nova and Anfanee showed
up, on the ones and twos. Welcome, fellas. Clones appeared on my doorstep this
while I was at work. But before I go to the gym (5 pounds and counting
– a pound a week seems to be
at least
there for
towards dic during the Labor Day weekend…..

the jump off: visuals

as promised, pics of the jump off!

prometheus rises

Prometheus is up….for this week anyway, so I can do backups while I patiently wait for my iPager. After this is all done, it goes into the shop- more than likely on Friday. I will, however, post pictures tonight. I’m also planning on having a nice little MPEG of my jump.
I signed up for Typepad first thing this morning at 6:00am. I don’t know how to use it, but it sounds incredibly fascinating. However, if no-one has told you yet, I have the creativity of a small pebble. I am told that I should be okay. However, I’m still slightly intimidated. I’m also helping with two other websites (the techie side) so things should be interesting this month.
I’m not so thrilled that pork ribs, instead of being my friend, end up being a digestion nightmare. I lost 4 pounds during the weekend and was not able to keep any food down. No more pork for me for a while.


My laptop Prometheus and my desktop Hyperion are now suffering from acute illnesses. It seems that Hyperion’s bootup disk has failed, requiring it to be reformatted. We think it’s a virus.
Prometheus, my laptop, my tour-de-force, has a screen that, upon bootup, doesn’t show anything readable. It’s gibberish. Utter gibberish. Prometheus is going back to IBM for servicing. For the time being, it’s using my work laptop, hereby called Bacchus. Bacchus does not have Dreamweaver, Outlook, or MusicMatch, so it’s back to the grind until then.
Well, at least….

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I’m happy, and sore, and full of spirit (and food).

I got emails and phone calls from all of these beautiful,
, special people who communicate well wishes and love.

I got cards, subscriptions, music CDs,
certificates and movies.

I got love from everyone. There’s more coming too, I’ve been told.

Thanks to everyone who made it possible, and for those who continue to make it
a wonderful life to live.

much ado about very little

little bits about everything and nothing.

day of coolness

Muse (The Yoga Song)
Blaze, "Spiritually

Today’s goal: cheer myself up for the holiday.

1. Go to Google.
2. Type: ‘weapons of mass destruction’.
3. Click the "I’m Feeling Lucky" button (next to "Search").
Read the entire message carefully (making sure to click on the links on the page).

irritation day

the 3rd of july, the 4th of july, whatEVER!

my prime!!!

What we should really get! C’mon don’t be shy!


8 letters, 3 words, 1 meaning….
831, Lisa Stansfield, “Face Up”

Numerically speaking:
98 was the year I got the Yahoo! login flavors98 because a certain person was accessible through Yahoo then. The login still stands.
36 is a particularly common age here.
8104 which then turned into 1362. A mutual investment that now includes two best friends and is, without a doubt, something truly spectcular.
5 is the number of years a certain relationship has withstood and will be together for a number of years that equals 20 times that, i’m sure.
831, booblah. 831.

prime incarnate

it’s Prime’s birthday. need i say more?

lynne and the j-note

It’s the birthday. Live it up. I will.

seeing, feeling, hearing

Summertime gives me Cecily, Anitra, Novel, work, and it’s only been 4 days since the start of the solstice.

the revamp

Like a dog on a choke chain
There’s so many reasons for you to stay
Here, Stay Near
, Rhonda Clark, "Between

You know, they say that this is the longest day of the year. Why did someone
diss me (I’m almost sure Father Time spiked my life coffee) and make this week
so damned traumatic?

I love my blogging. It’s been like a nice journalistic effect for me. It’s especially
nice when I’m at work and I can find the time to journalize myself and look like
I’m doing computer work. Imagine my dismay when my MT becomes Maniacal Trouble.
At first people couldn’t input any comments, as j-notes was getting sour. A small
effect, but no big thing. Under closer inspection, I couldn’t trackback. And
then I figured I’d submit a blog.

MT ceased to allow me to log in. In effect, everything was suspended.

So I tried to go through support.
Unfortunately, however, that didn’t work, and other people also experienced the
same problem.
Since I had to go through this dramatic issue, I decided to try and solve the
problem, coalesce e-schwa, and ejflavors into one entity hereafter known
as just

The coalescence was more like a bamboo torture than smooth sailing. I got it

As a request, change your links, blogrolls, and any other things related to e-schwa.
With the first day of summer, I present the first day of

I’m back like The Wire….