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Summer Meme: Sing Along / Seven Songs

Couldn’t pass this meme up. What’s on my mind, right here, right now. Yeah…..

october, weekend iii

I’m in the NYC area. What to do, what to do…

googlismic tendencies

Googleism. n0va did it and caused me to goof off at work.
Here’s what was generated. The ones in bold thrill me to pieces.

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thumbs up to tarantino

thumbs up to tarantino

Let me make this simple.
Kill Bill? A great movie.

I rather liked it and was pleasantly surprised to sit all the way through,
as tired as I was, and not fall asleep. That’s a good thing. The highlights?

– Vivica Fox (she’s beautiful here)
in a very good role. What can I say? I’m one of
Uma Uma Uma Uma Uma!
Lucy Liu!
– Wait a minute! Does that mean I’m all into women this season?!
– Blood. Copius.
Uma Uma Uma in a "Gattaca? Oh that was just childsplay" kinda

To give any plot out, any more statements about it, would ruin it for you, so
go see it. I’m gonna go see it again this week, because I’m the dim one, and
I’m sure I might have missed some of it.

Opinions? Please share. I know I have Bernard’s opinion right
[Addendum: MJ and JT have opinions too. They absolutely rule].

hotness personified

absolute hotness. onapath. word.

question of the week

I’ll make this short and sweet….and please be honest.

i’m not drinking coffee, i swear.

I obviously have too much free time at work. What’s in my head? Glad you asked.

pop quiz

10 things you wanted to know about me but were afraid to ask.

and over to your left….

I bought six (!!!) CDs on Tuesday. I’m feeling the need for reviewing. Check on exponent every 3 days or so for reviews, expressions, and interpretations of the media as only ejflavors can do. Add your words. ejflavors loves feedback.

anna guards the d.i.c.

I bet you wonder what happens at the DIC during the weekdays. Here’s a sample….
From: Prime
Sent: Tuesday, September 16, 2003 1:00 PM
To: ejflavors
Subject: Guard Dog
Full of hot dog, she decides to defend DIC against a big ass snake on
the front lawn. Of course, she was on the front porch a safe distance
away barking and bristled up. I show up and it slithers away into the
bushes by the living room. NICE! See if I venture into those bushes again.

newness, part ii

Take notes. I am the man.

I can always say I’m busy, and I typically am. However, my world has shifted
to a better place, and if I may say so myself, the old me is back.

Here’s what happened.

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newness, part i

newness, part i

Bejata? Why yes. We
jumped out of plane together, incidentally. Friendship that feels good at 11,000 feet.
Angelica Storm? You
bet. My wifey. She tried to teach me how to dap while I was in high school. She failed.
Renaissance Sistah? Mmhm. Grab a glass and sit a spell. She’s workin’ it.

Anything else going on? Hmm.

Exponent? Um…well,
yeah, kinda. Still working on it.
Beefcake? On its way.

waking up from a long slumber

Man, I love, absolutely love, a full moon.
If falling asleep in the middle of traffic is any indication, I needed some sleep after overworking my mind (I’m starting to read…books, real books), body (week 8 here), and soul (despite trying to find a way to extend my day to 28 hours instead of 24, I’m deliriously happy).
Beefcake and Exponent are coming soon. AngelicaStorm? Check tomorrow.
I know we’ve been waiting on J. Brotherlove (*collective sigh*), but in the meanwhile Karsh has done some magic.
Allow me to present…. prime time.

dic island

I’m well rested. I think. The home has been cleaned up, the pineapple, coconut,
and smell of bananas still persist. Despite missing people, and photograhs, I
have to say that it’s the best one we’ve had.

And we’re good.

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