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OSW: Hang Tight

It’s EJ Day, brought to you by G-Force and Yvonne. Jesse Johnson, Today, Tony Terry, Patti Austin, Alexander O’Neal, Curtis Hairston, Bobby Thurston, Keni Burke, Phyllis Hyman, Deniece Williams, Tashan, Vesta, Shirley Jones, and a little from yours truly.

The Return of DJ Swole (OE)

Overtime, TV, Philly, Flowink, Myspace and going back to the gym. Oh, and lack of sleep.

April Thoughts (OE)

I’m a simple man, mostly with headphones in my head and a laptop in my lap. While the headphones were off this past weekend, my mind was in a couple of places. I’m stealing OE’s from ManNMotion since he does it so well…..

OST: Valentines Day, 2006

Old School Wednesday, just 24 hours back to celebrate Valentines Day. Alexander, Quincy, Loose ENds, Atlantic Starr, Switch, Stevie, Heatwave…and that’s just the first 7.

World AIDS Day, 2005

It’s here. All day, every day. And no, it won’t just go away.

100 Things, Volume 3

The third volume. I’m in the homestretch now.

100 Things, Volume 2

The second set (26-50) of 100 things about me. Quirky? You decide.

100 Things, Volume 1

It’s 100 things about me, 25 at a time. I promised to do it on the 101/1001, so now I’m going to live up to it. Volume I.

a shift in focus/questions and answers

Unforseen circumstances warrant a shift in my In Rotations, so I’m taking a poll. Plus, finally after a month: you ask questions, I’ve got answers.

givin’, thinkin’, vibin….

I’m givin’ (Gmail, Yahoo 360), thinkin’ (the blogger’s blogger), and vibin’ (Mariah, Beanie, Faith, and all points in between).

Randomness, 03/12/05

Yes, it’s a Saturday, not Friday. Sue me. Random thoughts in my head while I’m still sitting in bed and not at work.

101 in 1001

Via Jason, and Gwen, and now with Saga…..101/1001.
[last change – 01.16.05. Check the list.]

the christmas spirit

Merry Christmas. Scrooges need not contact EJ. Bah humbug on your own time!