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Yes, the site is finally back up, but not without some mishaps and some bigtime help.

OSW: EJs Birthday, 2009

It’s my birthday, I do what I want. 😉

OSW: Hang Tight

It’s EJ Day, brought to you by G-Force and Yvonne. Jesse Johnson, Today, Tony Terry, Patti Austin, Alexander O’Neal, Curtis Hairston, Bobby Thurston, Keni Burke, Phyllis Hyman, Deniece Williams, Tashan, Vesta, Shirley Jones, and a little from yours truly.


It’s that time of the year….. I’m fine like wine, cause I’m twenty-nine…..

What A Day….

Seven days after Friday the 13th…and it still carries on….thank goodness for pictures….

Brown Bloggers/OSW: Xquizzyt1, Volume 3

The weeend was good, you gotta believe it. Up in NYC for the Brown Bloggers was seriously awesome. I’m still swimming in the love. Luckily Xquizzy1 held down the fort for me while I was gone with the tunes.

an eyefull, volume ii

That photo meme again. I should charge for all these photos. Besides, I still have more to take. Le sigh.

an eyefull, volume I

It’s a chance to be a voyeur, because these are pictures of me. C’mon, I know you wanna stare at me.

speaking of ej

Bernie, Carla, Prime did it. I was forced into it. They used their powers for evil. Hee hee.

flavors for hire.

I’ll do everything. ‘Cept clean your house, wash your dishes. I might take your trash out. If you’re lucky.

all about meme.

Another meme. I know, lame, lame, LAME. It’s about me though. Oh wait a minute, that’s probably still lame. Heh.

monday morning meme

Yet another illuminating meme, this time from Deb, DC, Rogue, and ASB.

the power of the mind.

Gwen displays plasticity and rawks. The power of the mind is a beautiful thang.

pop quiz

A pop quiz. Something to keep me awake during Monday. Via Bejata.