So, you might be wondering….where is EJ and what the heck has been going on with this site for the last week? Well, there were quite a few adventures and mishaps. Note: this may get a little technical at times, so don’t sweat it

Just after my transition period started (also known as the end of employment), my site went down (bad_httpd_conf issue). After more than 24 hours, I finally heard from tech support that the site was being copied to another server. Most everything was copied but there were still some fundamental pieces missing from the puzzle.

Also during the same time, there was an attempt to upgrade the installation (from MT4 to MT5). The installation failed and there has been little help in fixing the problem. This is when I decided to get the help of Todd “Big-La” Kelley to work his magic and help converted the site over to WordPress (while trying to keep as much intact as possible), which is why you see this new site before you. Here’s the lowdown:

1. All of the entries you see before you work now.

2. All podcasts are still available.

3. Radio Blogs (popups to play the tracks) are now gone (yes, all of them). I will try to resurrect all of the ones from 2010, but all of the other ones (from 2004-2009) I am sorry to say, are gone. I can resurrect them upon request, but no promises. (Update:  Radio Blog Club is now closed down so now I am afraid I am missing source code as well.  Until I can find it, Radio Blogs are on a hiatus.)

4. The “About EJ” and “In Real Time” tabs are now on the site. They’re both still being worked on. “About EJ” will be a mini-autobiography, while “In Real Time” will consist of near-real-time updates about what’s going on, including CBox (quick shout outs) and Twitter Thoughts (yep, I’m on Twitter also).

So, after 5 days, we’re back in business, but the site is still being worked on, so you’ll see some changes, but steps are being taken so this issue never happens again. My apologies for this downtime, and major major props for Big La for pulling it together. Any comments or suggestions? Feel free to let me know.

Take it light.

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OSW: EJs Birthday, 2009

In celebration of my birthay, of course….all of my faorites.

Old School Wednesday – EJ’s Birthday, 2009

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Full podcast/mix available here. [Click to play or right click-save as to download.

Want to subscribe to podcasts for iTunes? Go to Advanced -> Subscribe to Podcasts in iTunes and enter in the following link:

01 – S.O.S Band – S.O.S. (Dit Dit Dit Dash Dash Dash Dit Dit Dit)
02 – Rick James – High On Your Love Suite/One Mo Hit (Of Your Love)
03 – Rufus featuring Chaka Khan – At Midnight (My Love Will Lift You Up)
04 – Micheal Wycoff – (Do You Realy Love Me) Tell Me Love
05 – Donald Byrd – Love Has Come Around
06 – Dayton – The Sound Of Music
07 – Crown Heights Affair – Dreaming A Dream
08 – Jesse Johnson – Can You Help Me
09 – Earth Wind & Fire – Victim Of The Modern Heart
10 – Loose Ends – Love’s Got Me
11 – Shuggie Otis – Inspiration Information
12 – Peaches and Herb – Star Steppin
13 – Rotary Connection – I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun
14 – Minnie Riperton – Les Fleur
15 – Twennynine Featuring Lenny White – Morning Sunrise

Thse are all my favorites, so I hope you enjoy, Thank you for being here, it’s your vibe that keeps me going. Got requests? Send an email to ejflavors at gmail dot com. For those who’d like to subscribe to these podcasts, enter this link manually into iTunes. Also, please be sure to check out on always keepin’ you in the loop. Take it light.

OSW: Hang Tight

They say that 41 is the new 31. I don’t know about all that, but I do know it’s my birthday today. Before I start talking about something else other than music, let’s drop the Old School Wednesday given to us by Mr. G-Force and Yvonne, cause they’re SO good at it.

Old School Wednesday: Hang Tight

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Podcast/mix available here. [Click to play or right click-save as to download.]
Want to subscribe to podcasts? Use this link.

01 – Jesse Johnson – Can You Help Me
02 – Today – Girl I Got My Eyes On You
03 – Tony Terry – Lovey Dovey
04 – Patti Austin – The Heat of Heat
05 – Alexander O’Neal – What’s Missing
06 – Curtis Hairston – The Morning After
07 – Bobby Thurston – I Know You Feel Like I Feel
08 – Keni Burke – Hang Tight
09 – Phyllis Hyman – Under Your Spell
10 – Deniece Williams – Cause You Love Me, Baby
11 – Tashan – So Much Love
12 – Vesta – Sweet, Sweet Love
13 – Shirley Jones – Do You Get Enough Love

I’m grateful to G-Force and Yvonne for subscribing goodness this time around, particularly with Jesse Johnson,
Alex O’ Neal, and especially songs from Keni Burke and Bobby Thurston – two tracks that I had never heard before. As you can tell, they are a formidable duo. Suffice it to say, you will be hearing more from them. Believe that.

I have yet to get the actual count right of how many OSWs have actually been done here, but
the count is somewhere around 194. Back in the day, the OSWs were a creation of the one and only, KB. I did a couple from his suggestion, then a couple became 5, and then he passed the torch to me. I still can’t tell you to this day why I haven’t just stopped doing it. Masochism? Craziness? Probably a little, but mostly because of the love I have for music. KB helped me expand that vibe, and to that I’m very grateful for it. But what’s even better are the people that helped me with this with their comments and emails, including Ms. Alex, Thierno, Wayne, VPayne, Qamar, James Madison, GrantLove…and the list goes on and on. (By any means, if your name was left out, it’s not because of lack of love- more than likely lack of memory…definitely let me know.

During OSWs, since I had so much time on my hands, I also did radio-blogs of songs I liked – no matter how different they were. The count of those is around 65 with no signs of slowing down. Podcasting was an offshoot of that, beginning without vocals, and then when I discovered that people actually vibe to someone whose vocals are reminiscient Mickey Mouse except in an MP3 format, I kept on doin’ it, getting slightly better each time. If it weren’t for the bloggers Honey, Lis, Todd Kelley, Nikki, and TGrundy, I would have given up a long time ago.

…but here I am, still doing them, which of course begs the question is, "whatever happened to that thing called blogging?" Well, things combined with my weekly podcasting like Friendfeed, Twitter, and Plurk to name a few, I haven’t felt the need to blog about anything. I’m going to attempt to change that because when all is said and done, I still do miss what blogging used to be back in the day. In fact, I’ll start this by breaking the ice – let’s get to know EJ a little better. If you have questions about me, post the question here or email me directly at ejflavors at and I’ll be sure to answer them. I’ll also try to give you a little more insight into my life, which isn’t a whirlwind, but more like a steady stream with a big rock here and there. So there you go. Give up a happy birthday to ya boy.

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming. You won’t hear my voice much in the podcast, because of time constraints, but I’ll be back next week, definitely. Thanks to G-Force and Yvonne for mixin’ it up quite nicely. For those who’d like to subscribe to these podcasts, enter this link manually into iTunes. Also, please be sure to check out on, where there’s always great music to check out. If you have requests or questions, send an email to ejflavors [@] gmail [.] com. Take it light.


Check it out.
I don’t know if’n anyone told you, but today is a day for celebration. It’s my birthday. Of course, it’s not just my birthday:

Corey Scott Feldman.
Ruben Blades
Barry Sanders
Stewart Copeland
Phoebe Cates
Barbara Stanwyck
The same exact date as Will Ferrell.
Orville Redenbacher.

All of whom have nothing on Honest, who also got a promotion. You know she’s the queen of the 16th, right? Right. But I digress.

I’m not one for writing much these days, because my head is in many different places at once.
The last couple of days have been really eye-opening. If you were wondering what was going on last week, my mother had a heart attack Tuesday afternoon which put life on hold for a second, but I’m glad to say that everything is back to normal. The whole situation itself was terrifying, to say the least. To put things in perspective, I lost my father to cancer and my stepfather to a heart attack, so Mama Flavors is the linchpin of the family and it’s my job to make sure she stays that way. Pounds to those who had my back during the whole ordeal.

These situations, in addition to work restrictions, are forcing me into being more money-conscious, which means rethinking how I’m going to be spending vacation for the rest of the summer and into the fall. Unfortunately, I’m having to postpone my trip to the west coast which is breakin’ my heart. Brother needs to get out of town to clear his head though, so I’m going to be cutting corners here and there to go up to NYC in a couple of weeks.

More random thoughts, since I’ve now got more time, and it’s often been said that I speak more about music and less about me.

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What A Day….

EJ- The Moon Man!!!

The Moon Man

Originally uploaded by ej flavors.

You know how it is when work gets you, where there’s stuff you really want to do but there’s not enough time in the world? Well, that’s me, today – seven days after Friday the 13th.

I had every intention of doing an In Rotation this week, but then I thought that maybe I was too mellow, that I needed to do more upbeat stuff. For example, the radio blog I was going to throw up was going to include Platinum Pied Pipers, Matt Bianco, Ivana Santilli, Rahsaan Patterson, and more….but then I thought that after the Old School Hip Hop arby that it would be better if I just let people marinate on that instead of going ultra-mellow as I’ve been kinda feeling after the weird work week I had. For example, I was supposed to see Star Wars, and I was all set. We were all sitting down, and the movie was about to start and then…. then….

…my pager went off, I got stuck on a conference call, and as the movie started I was on my way to my car going back to work. Sometimes life is like that, you know?

Especially since I’ve hit the cover of Jet Magazine!


Brown Bloggers/OSW: Xquizzyt1, Volume 3

What a weekend, what a weekend, what a weekend!!

I’m tired, behind with my blog readings (Nichelle,
do you know anyone with an IV tube?!) but I’m happy.

I had more fun than I’ve ever had with Chef
, Jimi Sweet and
my main man Christopher
, who made my visit spectacular.

I ate and drank myself into a wonderful stupor. George, Chris, Donald, S Dot Porter,
and A. can attest to that).

I got a chance to hang out with Gordon
and listen to him show me the time of my life. (Friday’s mix is
gonna be a knockout).

I have so much to say from my trip that I can’t even begin to tell you how much
of a wonderful time I had with the Brown
, and yes what
a night it was
, with getting to hang with Punchin’
Prometheus 6
, Radiant Ronn,
Devestating Donald, Photogenic
, Luscious
, Hip
Hop Hashim
, the blogfather George
(and blogmother A.) and the hostesses with the mostesses, Luminescent
and Knockout
. I’ve got nothin’ but serious love for everyone that was able to
hang with, to talk to, to be with.

I still missed hanging with my homeslices, like eating with Al
, groovin’ with KB, hanging with GrooveBunny,
chillin’ with Steve, and absorbing all that is Kevin
R. Scott
, but you know, that’s what makes me want to get up there even more
and make for missing some of my people. (Yo Berry,
Trent, Metalface,
where you at?)

If Sunday night was any indication, I believe there’s good things in store for
New York’s brown bloggers. To have this many people show up at the first annual
event shows that brown bloggers – and I don’t mean just the ones with brown skin,
but also the ones with a brown identity, can embrace what the idea of
brown blogging is and what it can be across the nation. I’m throwing
the gauntlet down not only for the Atlanta brown bloggers, but
brown bloggers across the nation. If it can be done in NYC, than it can be done
anywhere. Believe that. If you don’t know, now you know.
it for yourself from my lens
, or you
can check it out from George’s lens
, or you can check it out from
Donald’s lens
. Check it out from Nichelle’s
view (who’s got even more links of people up in the place)
and Liza’s

And yes, while I was gone, I was able to have Xquizzyt1
throw it down yet again, with her OSW, and she don’t stop:

School Wednesday: The Xquizzyt1 Mix, Volume 3.

01 Meli’sa Morgan – Fools Paradise
02 Sybil – Falling In Love
03 Today – Girl I Got My Eyes On You
04 Nona Hendryx – Transformation
05 Mantronix Feat Wondress – Got To Have Your Love
06 Sounds of Blackness – Optimistic
07 Family Stand – Ghetto Heaven
08 Inner City – Good Life
09 Portrait – Here We Go Again
10 Lidell Townsell – Nu-Nu
11 Ralph Tresvant – Sensitivity
12 Chuckii Booker – Games
13 52nd Street – Tell Me How It Feels
14 RJ’s Latest Arrival – Heaven In Your Arms
15 Mint Condition – Pretty Brown Eyes
16 Hi-Five – I Like The Way (The Kissing Game)
17 Tony! Toni! Tone! – Whatever You Want
18 Above the Rim Soundtrack – Sweet Sable – Old Time’s Sake

Show your love, here, there, and everywhere.

an eyefull, volume ii

Alright, playing catch-up here.

Lis, because she
wanted to torture me (didn’t you Lis?), wanted my favorite non-computer related
, which is television, something out of my drawer that I’d never wear
, and a candid shot of me taken by someone else. This jacket was a BBD jacket,
and I have no idea why I bought it, but I did, and never wear it unless I have
to run to the mailbox. As for the candid shot, well, there isn’t much of a candid
shot of me. I’m still trying to locate one. I’m hoping they’ve all been destroyed,
but I’m sure someone will come up with something.

Deb — let’s see… you wanted
pic of me with Anna
, a picture of my
favorite piece of artwork
, which is a painting from Rossy Finol that hangs
in our home, and a
picture of the front door

Deshi wanted to
see a picture of me smiling. Well here ya go! Up for a limited time only.

Now Gwen – you wanted one
of me making a scary Halloween face. I’m going to postpone that until Halloween,
because I have to think fo a costume. (No comments from the peanut gallery!) You
also wanted one of my record collection. I took a picture of part of one, which is
lots of tapes, CDs and etc. in my personal office. As for my favorite knick knack, I wasn’t
sure what that was going to be, but as I was in my office, I took a picture of
one painting that I think was really special from Rossy Finol. When we got the
first paintings, I was captivated by this one which has three sections: the top
section had a scissor with a goat on a string on the bottom. My interpretation
of its symbolic meaning was that in order to set yourself free, always look to
the sky and something or someone above would inspire you and that inspiration would set you free.

Elle, here’s the inside
of the main fridge
, and yeah, we have food aplenty, my favorite snack, which besides
chicken is key lime pie ice cream, and the dog.

KB the sadistic one, you asked for
pic of all my Flytetyme stuff. That’s nearly impossible, seeing as I’d have to
drag 3 computers, tapes, and phonographs together. Instead I just put as much
vinyl as I could in the frame
, and yes, even Pia is there. The other two you wanted,
me and Anna face to face and my fortress of solitude were much easier.

Karen, I could never
stop taking pics of Anna, but as for a picture of someone I look up to, I’m still
trying to figure out which picture could capture that so I’ll have to give you
a raincheck. The two above are a couple of pics of the collection. I’d be snapping
pics all day if I had to capture them all.

Enigma, I got a pic
of Mike
(and I caught hell for it too), the bathroom, and a pic of the front of
the house

And pics of me with just my boxers on? Send a $100 check or money order to…

an eyefull, volume I

As promised, some pics of me. I’m starting to get into this picture taking. I’m still
taking requests, so get it while the gettin’s good.

ASB wanted a picture of me in my favorite chair, which is actually in the living room, my favorite shoes (Tim’s) with my feet in them, and the backyard, where we can see the foliage, courtyard, and waterfall.

Lis wanted to see the favorite room in my house with me in it, which is my office, what I would be if I came back in another life which would be a computer constantly on and playing MP3s all the damn time, and me, holding up a pic from my childhood which is me, standing in front of our huge stereo system back in 1970 singing.

Rogue wanted to see my favorite underwear, my favorite view from my home, and the bed just after I wake up, complete with work computer, network cable, pillows, remotes, and blankets.

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flavors for hire.

(Please note that the Blog
Deficiency Correctional
officers have been after me again. They’re crackin’ the whip. What can I say?)

Contracting sucks. I just thought I’d tell you that.

As a rule, I’ve never been one to have trouble finding- or keeping- a job. The
problem with contracting, however, is perpetual renewals of contracts which
are less of a real job and more like carrots stringing the dutiful along.

I’ve been eatin’ way too many carrots these days. And now it seems that my contract,
which used to be renewed every six months had moved to renewal every season,
and now finally, every calendar month. Not good.

Plan B- to find a full-time job, is now in full effect. Need a technical architect?
I’m your guy. Resumes available on request.

all about meme.

Yeah, I know, another meme. What can I say?
From KB via The Cute One.
Answer the following questions in my comments so everyone can see:
1. Who are you?
2. Have we ever met?
3. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it.
4. Describe me in one word.
5. What reminds you of me?
6. If you could give me anything, what would it be?
7. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn’t?
8. Are you going to put this on your weblog and see what I say about you?
9. What do you love like a fat kid loves cake?
10. What makes you come back here?

monday morning meme

(Update: This is actually going to be a meme for the entire week, looks like. Seems to be coming from everywhere but I saw them at Deb, DC, Rogue and ASB just to name a few…)
I want everyone who reads this to ask me 3 questions, no more no less. You may ask me anything.
Then to go to your journal or weblog, and copy and paste this allowing others (including myself) to ask you anything. Please do a trackback ping so I’ll know that you copied it.
Answers will be given in a follow-up post.

the power of the mind.

Medical research may seem remote from day-to-day life despite its potential to transform lives. Those involved constantly look for the best equipment for your laboratory in order to conduct the research that will hopefully lead to solutions and improved healthcare for the population.

Consider the constellation of research projects granted funding this month by the National Health and Medical Research Council. The targets for research range across medical science, including predicting the progressive phase of multiple sclerosis, footwear for self-managing knee osteoarthritis symptoms and understanding the health impacts of sleep apnoea in Australian men. And that’s not to mention the largest clinical trial ever conducted in Australia — to determine whether daily low-dose aspirin prevents disease in healthy older people. Learn more about clinical trial services for drug development.

Such a list tends to prompt images in our mind’s eye of our own or others’ experience with the conditions under scrutiny. As a community of health consumers we do in fact possess a deep well of knowledge about experiences good and bad concerning health care.

Now there is more concerted attention being given to consumer insights.

The Medical Research Future Fund strategy released by the Federal Government recently acknowledges that the realities of contemporary healthcare have given credence to the idea that consumers should have a voice in research priorities, including the direction of health system, services and preventive health projects if we are to get the best out of our lives.

As the MRFF strategy document states: In the future, consumers will drive their own healthcare in partnership with clinicians, and it is therefore important to start working together earlier in the research pipeline.

The strategy statement also said that given the social, economic and political significance of healthcare, Australia’s consumers were willing and wanting to be more engaged. Also welcomed were the directions set out for health services and systems such as a National Institute of Research to focus on evidence-based and cost-effective health services and preventive health research; building evidence in primary care, and the development of behavioural economics with an emphasis on early intervention in mental health, diet and physical activity.

Giving impetus to this development was the release last month of a revised joint statement by the NHMRC and the Consumers Health Forum on consumer and community involvement in health and medical research.

This reflects the growing engagement of consumers with medical research such as in the NHMRC’s Centres of Research Excellence Scheme whose applicants are required to demonstrate extensive engagement with research end-users and the community. Another example is the Partnerships for Better Health initiative which has provided unprecedented opportunity for consumers to partner with researchers in the co-design of research proposals and to seek funding from the NHMRC.

As the CEO of the NHMRC, Professor Anne Kelso, says the community has a vital role to play in health and medical research as contributors, participants and advocates, helping to ensure that research is undertaken that will lead to improved health and health care.

pop quiz

via Bejata (because it was just too fun to pass up):
Alright class, settle down. You’ve gotten off easy for long enough. The first month of the new year is almost over and you haven’t been quizzed in awhile now. So put away the notes, books under your desks, thinking caps on. And remember to show all work.
1. Do you expect to receive a Valentine’s Day wish from someone special this year?
Yes. I expect to receive it from more than one person this year. It is the year of the sexy, and I’m vying for championship. If, by chance anything should happen to some unsuspecting sexy people coming towards me, then you might want to think about taking another look at Prime.
2. What is the biggest fib you’ve ever put on a resume?
I didn’t actually say that I graduated from college, only that I had gone to college. By the time they caught it, I had been promoted twice.
3. Are you generally optimistic or pessimistic about your financial future in 2004?
Generally optimistic. If you asked me right this minute though, I would probably throw a tomato at you.
4. Which of the following would you most like to be, and why:
a. A famous artist or entertainer
b. A world class athlete
c. A wealthy business owner.
d. An influential politician or community leader

Now anyone who knows me knows I’d have to be a. A famous artist or entertainer. A producer, even, because it’s like being a musical architect. They shape and mold music into what it should be. Yeah. Either I could do that or just end up working at the car wash if it doesn’t work out.

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