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the states i’ve visited.

Via DC and George:
37 states.  still waiting to head back to the pacific ocean.

  • Being born in NY and raised in the south covers the east coast with the exception of Delaware and Rhode Island. New Hampshire was a cab ride gone awry.
  • Various contracts had me go everywhere, but managed to exclude most northern mountainous states, Kansas, West Virginia, Delaware, and Rhode Island.
  • Going to college and living in Chicago for 7 years gave me plenty of excuses to be in the Midwest.
  • Different contracts took me to Washington State, Nebraska, and Iowa.
  • A cross country move for Prime took us through California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Arkansas, and of course, we all know about Hawaii. Still looking for a job there…

I got it from here, where you can create your own visited states map, or write about it on the open travel guide.

cecily visits

cecily visits

It’s all about meeting the cool people here. Cecily is
no exception. No shyness there, and completely down to earth. We genuinely
glad to see her, and the meeting was too short.

While sitting at Starbucks around the corner here, we talked about the blogging
universe, being in school and dealing with daily life, life without being with
R., and being in the South versus being in Vancouver where multiple ethicities
along the masses. The meeting was far too short, and I’m sure we’ll be meeting

jason finishes!

He finished the race!!!!
Race Tracking for 25,283 Official Entrants
Gun Time is the clock time based on a 5 AM start.
Finish Time is based on the time the runner crossed the start line.
* indicates data not available
Jason A Toney #9159
of Canoga Park CA USA
AIDS Marathon Los Angeles
10K: 01:30:54
Half Marathon: 03:04:40
30K: 04:29:48
Gun Time: 06:50:18
Finish Time: 06:39:17
Place Overall: 15950
by Gender: 9339 Men
by Division: 1131 (age 28)

halfway mark

Saddam Hussein? How wonderful. Now back to our regularly scheduled program.
NegroPlease has passed the halfway mark. Thanks to SprintPCS Connection Manager, I’m sitting here at a gas station and typing all of this info in, all while giving Prometheus juice, using Prometheus6’s program, and uploading an image of NegroPlease. He has passed 11 miles and we got a chance to give him props at that point. We’ll wait for him to pass the 22 mark, and if all is well, we’ll be able to get a picture of him. Stay tuned.

If the above link does not show, try this on for size.

the start of the race

Thanks to Prometheus6, I’m able to post about the race using his software without any problems. We have just seen NegroPlease at the 5 mile marker and I must say, it’s a good thing. Mike managed to get him on videocam. Our next stop? The 22 mile marker using the shuttle. More to come later.

it’s the middle of the night here

We made it here. 5 hours behind, and my butt should be asleep…