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The Deal With SXSW.

SXSW lit a fire under me to actually move forward instead of keeping things in my head.

tuning into the TK vibe

The introduction of ToddKelley dot net (a dime and a nickel…)

dc 2004: the snapshot view

So I had a camera right? And then I had this vision of glitterati..and then all of a sudden, my hands started shaking, so with camera in hand I snapped. Pictures that is.

breakin’ out

JT did it. Sister Outsider did it. Damnit, I’m gonna spend my time being frivolous!

where i be

It’s that time. Spring has sprung and all that. Laurnea, Omar, Lizz. A little of everything.

poem on your blog day

It’s the poem on your blog day. Gives me goosepimples. (It is okay to have goosepimples, right?)

reasons i have orange moon

Blogging is fun, but mini-blogging is even better. Thus, OrangeMoon, which is accessible on the right side and pops up on the left. Why the shameless plug?
1. It’s quicker.
2. It’s easier.
3. I can link to more people who do some really classy stuff all the way around.
Some quick examples:
1. American Idol – Finals Preview
2. One of the reasons for OrangeMoon was something like this, from George.
3. inTheBasement and I thought this was interesting…a personal sewage power plant…
4. Pauly? Hilarious – on the ones and twos within 48 hours.
5. …and the McGruder Award goes to [via DC Thornton]
Updated at least 3 times a week, Orange Moon is your friend. Check it out- provide more links. Keep me informed.

march meme one.

I was watching Bad Boys II, when Martin Lawrence was shooting up the joint, and reading blogs at the same time, and came across S-Train.

new york bound

The exhaustion has lifted. I’m now packed, and ready for New York City for the weekend. This time, I’m bringing my digital camera.For all who don’t know, there’s a Blog Family Reunion. Check here for further details. I’ll be blogging throughout the weekend as time permits.

from christopher to orangemoon

It’s all about Christopher and orange moons. I’m definitely on my way.

being lunar.

Pursuit of the Pimpmobile, Isaac Hayes, Acid Jazz Classics
What can I say? Blog Body Shop pimps the cosmos, so she managed to pull down the moon for me and put it on me. I wear it well, don’t you think? Give her love, year round.
There are some technical/blogging things of note:
Like the lunar changes? It’s Blog Body Shop all the way, using PHP as the magic touch. You should see a change each refresh/visit. I’m still a fan of Bloglines, and now I have the Blog Change Bot as well. I’ll be putting the finishing touches onsite, but it’s all gravy. Blog Change Bot has the ability to track people who do not have RSS feeds or XML, so of course, I’m feeling that. I’m also adding some things here and there, but it’s because when she rawks, I have to represent and actually keep the place neat.

year 36

year 36

This year has already been a birthday in progress, and this is the day of
culmination, of rumination, of appreciation… and any other -ation words you
can think of….

Love goes out to all, and this I really mean. Make some room for it. I gots
a lot to give, ya know. Stay tuned, for this is only one day.