Category: meme madness

The Epidemic Meme

20 questions, another meme again since I got some time……

Memelicious – A to Z

A meme from A-Z. I actually had to think about this one. Kinda fun.

Does This Mean I’m A Ghost?

I have plenty of love and plenty of spirit, but I need friends. Life ain’t fair.

Back In The Day and Five: The Meme

Carla made me do it. It’s a meme. Strictly off the top of my head.

a quick ten….

Metaphyzxx caught me, might as well. Ten of my favorite things.

a quarter of ej

25% of 100 things about me. A Future Perfect kinda meme.

The TK12: mellow new school

Todd made me do it, and I had to twist it a bit. New school, on the slow side….

the meme(s) of musical wishes

Two musical memes – one from Honey and the other from Diva. My ears were burning. Seriously.

it’s warmer in here: the mix

It’s snowing up north, and the windchill here is 1 degree. I’ll stay inside and do this meme. Besides, who can resist George? [Edit 01.25.05: added four more people.]

me in threes

KB and Todd and Honey made me do it. It’s another meme. Who knows, if you don’t do it, they MIGHT come after you too….

horoscopic weirdness

My horoscope is all over the place- according to this I’m a BULL! ..and all this this time I thought I was a crab!

b12: phonograph fiend

More of the same. Gonna be a busy week, for sure. IM me, make sure I stay awake.

musical meme survey

Trent did a musical meme, and I know how it is: it’s a meme, and it’s played out. Think of it as a survey, not a meme, alright?