yellow alert

If you, perchance, should happen to see something wrong with EJ’s blogland, do not fear. I’m currently on the Beta team for the new version of Movable Type. It allows me to be able to kick things back and forth and shake up the masses. Since I’ve already shaken it twice and managed to fix it just as quickly, if things seem to linger don’t hesitate to give me a shout out. (Blogliners, don’t mind me. I’m sure all of these massive alerts will cease after I’m done screwing around with testing the beta).
Additional note: If it asks you to sign in, there seems to be a commenting glitch where even after you’ve signed in, it constantly tells you that you haven’t signed in. While I don’t know what that’s all about, I do know that if you close the commenting window and then reopen it, it acknowledges that you have logged in. I am documenting this bug now.
Anything else you see?

and as i suspected…

I didn’t think that Kwame would win the Apprentice, and now I see that he didn’t. Not sure how I feel about that. Not saying that Bill didn’t deserve to win, but after the rumours, I had my hopes up, I suppose.
And while we’re at it…Adina Howard with yet another cut. Sexual freakiness abounds. Her nasty grind. Le sigh. I guess I expected more from her, after not having come out with an album in around 7 years, but hey…
A wonderfully placed meme, via George, JT, Karsh, Tiffany, Republic of T and Prime.
1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 23.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the sentence on your blog.
The lyrics meant nothing to him, either, but the melody was enough.
From Middlesex, by Jeffrey Eugenides.

laptop killah, 2004

Here’s a lesson you should know. Never give me your laptop. Ever. Let me touch it, but under strict supervision. Why? Because I will destroy your laptop. It’s almost like I have a special touch. The touch that makes things die. Your software? Well yeah, I can make it work…it’s what I do every day…but your hardware? It’s probably better to just crush it yourself than send it to me and have me do it for you. Unless giving me the power of destruction is something that makes you tingle, of course.
You see, I was laying down minding my own business when the laptop (Hermes) unexpectedly slipped off the table near the bed. Now, it only fell about 8 inches, but that’s when things started getting weird. It wouldn’t respond to the lovely brand new power cord, and when I bought another one I thought that having two would make everything okay. Turns out the second one eventually destroyed the pins inside the slot connecting the cord with the laptop and now it won’t take any electricity. Five little iron pieces later, we got it to work enough for me to make a backup and get ready to send it back and get it repaired. See, there are people out there worried about laptop radiation, and quite rightly so, that means they get themselves a laptop radiation shield for protection… I bet I could probably break that too!
I feel all lame now, but at least I’m back with Osiris for the next week. Of course, I could always find something better to do with my time. Like, listen to Lil’ Jon and Wyclef do a duet or something. Kill. Me. Now.

the doctor visit that sucked

You’ve probably wondered why I’ve gone on a blogging rampage. Well it’s mostly because I’ve been hanging out in the house all day – I’ve been told that I shouldn’t go anywhere and that I should rest up.
Now, I’ve got more cabin fever than I think I’ve had in a while, and it’s mostly because I’ve been coughing and sneezing for the past 4 days. I attribute it to allergies, but I think it has to do with a little depression too.
I had a doctor’s appointment last week. This is not any different from the other doctor’s appointments I’ve had in the past 2.5 years. I’m still on the schedule of having to go see the doctor once every two months. The good news? Load still undetectable, the brain is fine (no seizures), gaining weight and muscle each time, and bigger than I’ve ever been. The bad?

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same sex marriages – the redux

Although I’ve been languishing a little bit over the doctor and life in general
the past two weeks, it took me more than a little while to actually want to spend
more time talking about same sex marriages. This was something which I already
had an opinion of (I’m for it, in case you couldn’t figure it out). In my opinion
marriages in general should be legalized — if you can respect the fact that two
people are willing to be a union, then this you should respect the fact that this.

Did you know that sex stories may be the answer to getting a good night’s sleep? Yup, that’s right sex stories. Sounds a heck of a lot better than Valium or elephant sized doses of sleepy time tea, doesn’t it? Sex has been proven to be a great sleep inducer and spicing up your sex life with sex stories can be a big help in getting the sleep you need. Though getting this through the adult sex content you watch online might be difficult. Not to say it isn’t good, no it’s more to do with computer light tricking your brain and slowing the release of sleep chemicals. What a shame.

But there is no argument that the restorative powers of sleep are needed for a healthy and happy lifestyle. Is your health affecting your sex life? Believe it or not, your physical health is directly linked to sexual health. By making positive dietary and physical choices, you can have a healthier and more active sex life. To enjoy this sex life even more you could try a penis pump. Sex stories can help add to your sex life making the sex better as well as your sleep. You can find more information about REAL SEX STORIES here. Using sex stories as a sex aid can help stem off the negative stimuli that cause us not to be able to sleep. Studies have shown that sleep deprivation can bring on serious diseases such as dementia and Parkinson’s disease. Not to mention how it can generally mess up other things in your life like your work, family life relationships, etc. To spice up your sex life, even more, it might be an idea to consider taking a look at adult casting. The excitement of casting can certainly help you get excited and enjoy the pleasure of sex even more!

The key is to wind your body and brain down just before bed and sex is the perfect way to do that. Using sex stories can put you in the mood to have sex by exciting your mind and helping to reach a better and more satisfying orgasm. That is what puts you to sleep, the release.

Some may argue that reading sex stories would get your brain too excited and may not be the best way to get a good night’s slumber. Not true. As mentioned before, it’s the release in sex that brings the mind and body down into a restful satisfied state more conducive to deep sleep. Excitement before bed such as action movies or going for a jog or other exercise have negative effects on your sleep because the endorphin build up stimulates your brain without the benefit of release. And also mentioned before was that watching a screen can trick your brain into thinking it’s still daytime and thus stop the production of sleep chemicals, even if you are watching A Tube XXX videos and getting that release from an orgasm.

This is what causes your brain to work overtime and diminishes your ability to fall asleep. Sex stories definitely have a nice dual effect don’t they? Spicing up your sex life while enjoying a restful night’s sleep should sound pretty good to just about anyone! And sex toys have a pretty important role to play here. Toys like vibrators, clit massagers, and even anal plugs (available at online sex shops like Saucy Boutique) can definitely quicken the self-pleasing process, and thus help ease your mind and body back to sleep. Because let’s face it – sleep is so important to your health, so is sex, and this sleep remedy is a real winner! Sure, it is a lot more attractive than trips to the doctor, pharmacy or the health food store.

Legalization should expand to members of the same sex, and even the use of sex toys which is not well seen by society, but If you ask me the best are from just to give you a heads up.

Now that all that has been said, I asked for opinions as to why same-sex marriages
should not be legalized. I got some answers which were understood – even if I
don’t agree with them, I respect opinions that aren’t pedantic, foolish, or downright
rude. There are two that immediately come to mind.

There’s one quote that I will mention that sums my opinion:

ASB mentions –
As far as civil ceremonies, religion has no place in the law and in equality
related issues. No religion has the right to make law. Sure, you can vote, so
do that. But when you let your religion cloud what governmentally right, that’s
why this country is so fucked up.

And no, the issues that I mentioned above didn’t piss me off or make me upset
by any means (there are plenty of other things that I read that can do that many
times over, you can best believe). If anything, it caused me to actually check
out other people’s thoughts and views. Hell, I may disagree with them, but there’s
always different sides to the world. There’s no way I can be mad about that.

Other opinions, of course, are welcome. Within reason of course.

back to the gym.

Some time ago, I made promises to get back to the gym. I’ve since fallen off
twice for a variety of reasons, mostly work related. I’ve been having not so
good months, however, and haven’t gone to the gym like I should. Enter my trainer,
KG. Apparently, he’s prouder of me than I could ever be, and
worked his magic to get me back in the gym and be obligated to serve as his
get my swole on. I started this on Typepad, but I didn’t post enough a
there to make a difference, so I’m bringing beefcake back here.

Without further ado, the breakdown:

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reviving one’s spirit

There’s such a thing called too much overtime and trying to overcompensate. Working 14 hour days was fine in theory, but absolutely atrocious in practice. I’m trying not to fall asleep, I swear.
Lots of things in my head are well represented in Orange Moon, located on the right. I’ve been told that I need to state that more. A lot of time and thought is spent in these posts, but not enough time to articulate them fully. You can place that under absent-minded behaviour. Other blogs which do the same are located under the Tycho link on the right as well. This is how I stay awake after these long days.
I mentioned same sex marriages earlier this week. While I’ve stated my position rather lo-key, there is more going on in this house. Prime has planned on following up our thoughts and expressions tomorrow. I’ll make sure to have pictures as well. One thing that has been on my mind is the matter of opinion that gay marriages should not be allowed. What I’d like to see, and very well may never see, is someone who blogs about why they believe that this should not allowed in a very civil manner. Thoughtful opinions instead of asinine bashing is more understandable to me.
I’ll be thinking more tomorrow and most of next week I’m sure. I also should have more time to say what I’m thinking. Either that or I’ll be saving all of my strength for meeting bloggers in New York City next weekend. The plan, which is coming to fruition, will be settled next week. Stay tuned for updates.
[Addendum: NegroPlease will be doing activism while on hiatus, as well.]

being valentines-challenged

Okay, I’ll confess. I have about as much romanticism in my soul as a Spam Sandwich would. I mean, yeah, I’m definitely a happy camper, but I think I’m missing my Valentine’s Day genes. It’s probably somewhere underneath the carpet.
I’m trying to remember what I did last Valentine’s Day. I draw a blank. Then I try to remember the other Valentine’s Days. No dice. I think I’m okay with being able to watch a movie and belch at the same time. Valentines Day treats? No, just make me a good steak or something.
I should be more into this Valentines Day thing. I should be thinking roses. The last thing I think I ever sent was a care package. I thought that if I did that, at least I’d be able to munch on something if they didn’t want it.
And then of course, it’s Friday the 13th today. Is this any coincidence? Is Valentine’s Day a continuation of today? As things go, it’s not a bad day, but I wonder…
Anyone else feeling this way? What does one do for Valentines Day? I’m at a loss.

why blog?

I’ll have to say that Orkut has seriously taken off. I hate having to say that, because I admittedly shy away from things like this….witness Friendster. Through blogfriends and now through Orkut as well, it’s interesting and refreshing being in the blogosphere and meeting some really good people, because you never know what to expect. For instance, one of the websites I visited this weekend had an entry last month about why they blogged. It made me sit down and revisit the question of why in the heck I blog.
This started out as something that kept me busy when awake. Coming through various ailments (from kidney to brain seizure to layoffs), blogging was a safe space that I could insert myself into. When I go back and re-read my archives, I shudder because they weren’t something that were more than merely ramblings, rants, and raves. I’d have to say that in the space of a month, I’ve managed to meet more than 10 new bloggers, and it keeps me more busy than the law allows.
I blog because it’s good hearing about everyone’s life- and talking about life in general- and not have to worry about being judged. It’s freedom in it’s purest form. It’s definitely new education, re-education, learning, teaching, and rediscovery. For sure, there are people I will disagree with, may not ever see eye to eye with, but agreeing to disagree is affable. To sit and think about how others live their life without prejudice, pre-judgment, humor and retrospection is better than reading a book, in my opinion.
This question has been asked before, and it might be redundant, but just out of sincerity: why do you blog?

jumping out of the mud

See, this is the part when I’m supposed to say I’ve slacked off with blogging because I’ve been so busy, but that ain’t it. It’s mostly because I’ve been in a funk for the past week. This too shall pass.
And don’t worry, I won’t rabbit rabbit. I’m just in need of a little breathing room right bout now.
I don’t think I’m alone in the funk. With my sister, brother, home slice, and kid (and now also someone temporarily not on a path) with a weird kinda week going on, it only puts me in one as well. Oh yeah, I need another gig too. I think I’m ready to be a full-timer these days. A contractor just doesn’t cut it. Right to hire and right to fire are just about the same thing.
If you’re wondering what happened to Bejata, well just call it a website gone awry. The short version is that we had the site up and we were all set for official launch before the Superbowl, only for something (and to this day, that something is still unknown) to happen. Currently the site is being revamped, and should be up sometime very soon. This still does not make me a happy camper.
I’ve been keeping myself busy: more music, my radio blogs, and side panels ensue under sister satellites. More reviews on the way as well. I’ve also got two websites in my stash and a personal trainer that cared enough to push me back into the gym. I know, I know, it’s still the year of the sexy. I need to make sure that I’m swole enough for the blogfam up in NYC also. Expect me there during the weekend of the 27th. Red carpet is not necessary, but good times are.
Orkut is interesting. It wouldn’t hurt to join…
And yes, I’m totally done with Janet’s breasticle. Not like she let me touch it or anything…

prometheus returns

After three long, arduous weeks at Laptop Repair, Prometheus is back, better than ever!
After having to go and physically pick it up from UPS (I’m really trying to prevent myself from saying evil things about them), I’m very happy. And exhausted.
Things I plan on tackling in the next week or so:
1) Indianapolis;
2) Updates of exponent. I’m even reading books, can you believe it?
3) Webcam installation.
So if I’m slow, it’s because I’m reading, travelling and workin’. I’m sure I missed something, though. Help a brother out. I need the energy of the blogosphere right about now.

my cup runneth over

This is a stream of consciousness. My brain is full, and I keep saying that I’ll blog the right way whenever three things happen: 1) a paycheck comes; 2) I execute my travelling plans to see parts of the world and more people; 3) Prometheus is fixed and shipped back. But, as usual, something happened.
I’ve read so many blogs, so many comments, listened to so much music, finished up projects at work and got swole just enough that I’ve filled myself up with thoughts and didn’t record them all.
In my instant messenger universe, I’ve typed enough to different folks, been part of more than a handful of chat conversations in such a way that I’ve been able to keep sane. Why, I’ve even talked on the phone with a couple of them.

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handbasket for hell? right here.

‘It’s not too late/To catch me when you can’
– ‘Well, Well’, Nelly feat Esthero, Whoa, Nelly!
*Grumble* *whine* *whine* *moan*
Prometheus is down, down, down, down down. It’s been shipped to California. It’s also supposed to be back here next week. Yeah right. Slice. me. now.
I’m using Charybdis, my slow as hell Linux machine. It would have worked fine had I not dropped it yesterday, where the PCMCIA modem then ceased to function.

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I declare this week the week the beginning of my workout. You know, the one that should have started a year ago? And I know, I know, yeah, we’ve got a nice gym at
dic. It’s clean and proper, has television and MP3 sounds near it, but when’s
last time someone’s actually worked out in that room?

*Sounds of crickets echo throughout the house*

Technically, the last workout was about 2 weeks ago, where MW and
I worked out and then promptly ate 4 slices of pepperoni and sausage pizza
from Pizza Hut. 5 calories
100 calories in. You do the math. On second thought, never mind.

So I reach way back in my memory banks and decide to go back to Bally’s. Why not? I’ve
had the membership since 1989 and at that time, they turned me into a Chicago
tour-de-force….with a nice ripped body. I couldn’t dance but boy did I look
good. This time I’ll add to the equation and get an instructor. If I have
to pay for someone to make me work out, then by golly, I’m definitely going to the gym! I also considered doing boxing too, I bought this amazing standing punch bag from this site Doing boxing at home really gets the sweat out of my body and it really helps keeping me in shape.

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