April Thoughts (OE)

I’m a simple man, mostly with headphones on and a laptop in my lap. While the headphones were off this past weekend, my mind was in a couple of places. I’m stealing OE’s from ManNMotion since he does it so well…..

Daylight Savings Time:
You know, I thought it was still April Fools Day because I lost my damn hour this weekend. It’s a cruel joke. Father Time must have been drunk or something. I must have done something wrong in a previous life. I looked on eBay to see if someone had it for sale but I haven’t seen it there.

I always tell myself I never go see enough movies, so I went to go see ATL. A film with Chris Robinson as director, Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins, Dallas Austin, and Will Smith as producers, and Mykelti Williamson acting in this movie too should prove to be interesting, right? Right.

I wasn’t looking for an award-winning picture and I didn’t get one. I wasn’t looking for stellar acting and I didn’t get any of that. What I was looking for was just a good time, and that’s what I got. We’ve seen better pictures, that’s for sure, but this pic was a step in the right direction. The flick had enough one liners, music, and scenes to make it enjoyable. This is thumbs-up from a southern guy so take it for what it’s worth. Whatchu say?

I’m travelling up to Philadelphia the end of this month. I don’t need any red carpet. A good Philly Cheese Steak with some Tasty Cakes for dessert will work. If you’re gonna be around, holla atcha boy!

I was going to say how they have too many shows like The Apprentice on television these days, but then I realized that I watch The Apprentice, The Apprentice UK, The Next Food Network Star, and Top Chef. I need professional help. (Notice that I don’t mention America’s Next Top Model. I’m not quite on that wagon.) I will tell you one thing- Grey’s Anatomy has been consistently in my top 5 since it’s inception, and even more so since they played Crazy by Gnarls Barkley in one of their scenes. What other show do you know can mix surgeries and Cee-Lo in there? I’m jus’ sayin….

Music, Mixing, Life:
You know I’m a music fiend, right? These mixes and podcasts are totally new to me. I do take requests. Doesn’t mean I’ll have em all, but lemme know what you want to hear and I’ll try to get it on- past and present.

World AIDS Day, 2005

Support World AIDS Day

It may seem that music, work, and life and general is on my mind 24/7, but it’s not. You see, the world is not a perfect place. The world is larger, much larger, than just music, more extensive than the workplace.

There’s a four letter word out there that’s been a debilitating force. Its complete name is the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. You may know it as AIDS. Even though this is World AIDS Day, we can’t merely dismiss this day as something that affects ourselves – and the entire world – to just one day.

AIDS is here.
All day, every day.
There is no cure yet so it won’t just go away.

So don’t stop.

I can’t, and I won’t.

Want more? Check the list here for those who have spread love today. Show your love.

100 Things, Volume 3

was done, and volume
was assembled. It’s getting a little more challenging now. The third

100 Things About EJ, Volume 3

51. The phrase "Jack be nimble, jack be quick" does not apply to me.
I am heavy-handed and I will not try out for a marathon. I am very
good with hammers though. That, and slamming car doors. It’s not that I’m mad
at you, it’s the power of the swing.

52. I constantly have 15 things on my mind. If you think I’m ignoring you, please
believe that I am not. I’m also not ignoring the music in the background. Or
the computer screen. Or something I need to do for work.

53. Even though I was definitely into computers at the time, my best score in
the 8th grade was Mythology. My grade score? 110.

54. I am not a romantic person. Ask anyone. My idea of a date
is a good dinner and a movie and that’s it. In fact, if both the dinner and
the movie are at your house (or mines), that’s even better. I know about those
things called flowers and candy, and I can do that, but I need a put in a reminder
into my scheduler, and allow extra time for me to set up and prepare. For instance,
I have to get ready for Valentines Day at least a month in advance. Just thinking
about it makes me cringe.

55. Yeah, I’m a Star Trek fan. All of ’em. My favorite series is The Next Generation,
but I would be lying if I said I’ve missed a single episode of any of them.

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100 Things, Volume 2

Continuing on. With comments on
in place, it’s time for:

100 Things About EJ,
Volume II.

26. When I go clothes shopping, it’s a four-step approach: I go in, find what
I need, purchase the clothes and go. I’m not looking for bargains then – I’m looking
for an immediate need for clothes. Don’t try to keep me in there for more than
an hour. For malls, it’s an hour and a half – unless you feed me while we’re in

27. I’m okay when I have cash in my reserves, but when I don’t, all bets are off.
If I’m broke I will be one evil man and lock myself in the house. No restaurants,
no record stores (which is bad in and of itself), and minimal conversation. Leave
me alone with music and I’ll be fine.

28. I have this thing about British acts, but I’ve never been to Britain. For
instance, two bands that always make me smile are Loose Ends and D’Influence.
I have all of their songs (and the remixes), have seen both in concert, and would
gladly have them back together. Then there’s Incognito, Sade, Paul Weller, The
Style Council, Carleen Anderson…..

29. One of my self-evaluations that always perplexes people is that I believe
I’m one of the most boring people you’d ever meet. In group settings, I listen
more than I speak. It isn’t because I’m shy – I just don’t think I have much to

30. Both my father and grandfather died from cancer. Both of them smoked also.
Now you know why smoking around me is annoying. I can deal with it, but only for
so long. Don’t smoke in the house. That’s like signing your own death warrant.

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100 Things, Volume 1

You know, I promised I’d do this in my 101/1001 (which is now updated – I’ve made pretty good progress).
I originally stopped at 20 and thought I was being a wimp. But then, I started
catchin’ up on some blogs and lo and behold, Humanity
Critic had done his too
. He was the inspiration to push on, so I’m gonna drop
it- 25 at a time.

Things About EJ,
Volume I

1. I was born on Long Island, New York, in the town of
Westbury, where I
spent the first 8 years of my life. Think about it: New York in the 60s
and 70s?
You know it was goin’ on, right?

2. Way back in the day, I can remember listening to a lot of soul
especially when my mom was giving parties in the living room and I was
supposedly asleep in my room. That’s why these Old
School Wednesdays
are so good to do.

3. E and J are indeed my first and middle initials, but I’m sure you
could have
guessed that already. It’s not too hard to figure out what they are,
I’ll even tell you if you feed me. See number 14.

4. Yeah, Flavors is my last name. Surprised? Don’t be. It was
Stockholm back in
the 1800s. EJ Stockholm
doesn’t sound nearly as good as EJ Flavors.

5. For all intents and purposes, I am a full-on nerd.  Believe

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101 in 1001

Happy New Year, my people! Already the new year has started and I’ve gotten
behind on a few things, like my top
25 songs of 2004, like Honey did
. It’s alright though. All good things come
in time. Christmas in of itself was great. With a total of 12 new CDs, some
very cool gifts, and an iPod I’m in absolute heaven. I’m sliding towards the
world that is Apple, and for once, I’m gonna let it take me over.

I’ll start of this year by letting you know that I have a couple of outlets
that I use to express myself. If you want to know the real me and hear my voice,
email your phone number to eflavors01 [at] sprintpcs dot com
and I’ll be sure to call you back. [Note- this paragraph will dissapear in exactly
1 week.]

Speaking of taking over, while I don’t have a New Year’s resolutions list, I’ve
finally come up with my list of 101/1001. It took about 17 days for me to come
up with 101, so I’m psyched. Some might sound small, others unattainable, and
I’m sure some of them may even be strange, but what you see is what you get.
I’ll be updating this post on the regular, so check back from time to time.
(Blogliners will be automatically

As seen on triplux.com,
and Jason,
via Gwen,
and also done by Saga:

[last change – 01.04.05 – #15 – added skydiving to the mix.]

The 101/1001.

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the christmas spirit

I’ve been banned from looking under the tree, and checking out presents, and I’ve been hitting the gym like a madman and listening to music/blogging/sleeping….This year I’m getting a foam mattress with a Eva Timber bed base for myself. I went to a hotel last week in a quick trip I took with the family and they had foam mattresses. Before that I’ve never heard of them, so, I took the task to do my own research and came to the conclusion that it maybe something that could help with my back pain. I came across this website where they had mattressĀ in a box brands and it was so much easier for me to find the perfect mattress for me. I hope you treat yourself too with something that you really want.

Much love to everyone this holiday season. There’s no Grinch here. Just lots of egg-nog and holiday cheer!
Merry Christmas!!!!!

World AIDS Day, 2004

World AIDS Day - December 1, 2004

Today is World AIDS Day. This is only one out of the 365 days of the year. AIDS IS EVERY DAY. I cannot stress that enough. It’s fine to ask “what can I do, where can I go?” I’ll be listing these links below.
What I’m asking people to personally do is to reach out, to get to know people who are aware of the virus, who have seen the ups and downs, and know what it’s like to see the deaths of more than a few, but have also been able to celebrate life itself.
I do not take this lightly, and you shouldn’t either.
Reach out, everyone, please. It’s the least you can do.
Do not sit back in your chairs and merely read, sympathize, and just pull out your wallets. Do something, touch someone, communicate. Its out there, and it’s not going away.
Reach out.
Email me.
Instant message me.
I’m here for a reason.
And I’m not going anywhere.

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expressions: 11/16

Thoughts in my head this morning:

My music. I was called a "musicbot" by a couple of people,
and that really made me angry. A majority of me is about the music, and considering
that I work a lot (60 hours is no joke, people) and have various things going
on in my life, music is what keeps me sane. Never mind that I read lots of other
blogs and public spaces (around 200 at last count), and express myself to them
by comments and personal contact, it’s said that I don’t express myself very much
here. It’s okay that some people don’t get it, but music is what’s happening here,
since that’s more me. My moodswings can easily be put in a mixtape, trust me.

I’m all about personal contact. If you really want to know what’s going on, email
me or IM me. It’s just that simple.

Colin out, Condoleeza in. I think I insulated myself from all
of the Bush re-election happenings of the past couple of weeks and focused mostly
on music. The doctor’s appointment from hell didn’t help either, but I’m seeing
my way through. Although I’m getting over the resignation
of Colin
, I’m not quite ready for the Condoleeza Rice takeover as Secretary
of State. I haven’t seen any feedback from that announcement, but it’s not something
I’m looking forward to. In my opinion, Condoleeza has the most creative way of
saying absolutely nothing and not addressing any issues, if at all, she has with
the administration. Does anyone else have a sense of dread about this too? Puppet?
Cheerleader? You decide.

Old School Wednesday / Musical Melodies Friday.
I’m pretty sure that purchasing/acquiring lots of CDs this week will more than
likely result in a Musical Melodies Friday, because I already have a playlist
in my head. That is, if I can balance work and making travel arrangements for
this weekend with actually putting a list together. All that being said, however,
OSW is a different story. I won’t be able to do it this week due to all the other
commitments. . I’m sure someone out there has an OSW in their head. If you’ve
got one, let me know.

The Negro Weekend. Know any Negro bloggers out there that aren’t
doing anything on the 21st and happen to be in the Atlanta area? Let me know.

hurricane ivan’s decimation.

See, now I’m officially worried.

I have this little
which I never go to because there’s not much to see and not much
to do. Figuratively.

Well, that was before. Now it’s literally.

As I’m driving my car, I get a call. "Yeah, well, Person 1’s house’s
roof just got ripped off, and then the back of Person 2’s trailer got ripped
off, so everyone was hoping to stay with her, but it’s not as if she has the
back of her trailer, so they can’t really stay there, and a tree fell on Person
3’s trailer, so her house is totally destroyed. It’s hard to get around because
there are trees everywhere in the middle of the road….."

To make matters worse, there’s no water, and electricity? It won’t be on until
the 25th. That really sucks. The town is now a disaster area. The huge plus
is that some of us have relocated and can assist. The huge minus is that we
have exactly 48 hours before we have to be back at work.

And of course, a certain
lives down there and of course, her phone doesn’t answer.


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exponentially speaking

If you’re hangin’ out at the house and it’s too hot outside, cool down and check
out the new exponent
[rss feed]/[xml
feed with comments

I’m sure you were wondering what the heck was going on with the
old exponent
. Well, me too. I’ve been doing a little revamping lately. First
thing’s first. I decided after all of the MovableType
3.0 drama, I felt it would be more beneficial to move exponent from Typepad
to a subdomain of yours truly. That way, I could centralize weblogs to one location
and also take advantage of payment and licensing issues (although now, the situation
seems to have relaxed with Sixapart and people seem to be happier, but I digress). This also means that I can continue my donations in one central location as well.

Moving exponent around was no easy task. After exporting out
of Typepad, I had to import into
MT, which doesn’t work with MT 3.0. The solution? To import into MT 2.6, and then
upgrade to 3.0, which worked like a charm. I would have patiently waited until
redesign was finished, but the Amp
concert along with Music
of the Millenium
put an abrupt stop to taking a blog vacation.

With the help of Anzi,
and his
MT 3.0 excellence
, the revamp- which I’m sure would have taken at least a
day- took less than an hour to be done. I’m proud of him. Major daps.

That along with the temporary blog
of Nova and Sunray,
it’s been that kinda weekend. Then again, those aren’t the only things happening.
S-Train and Tyrone are doin’
their thing
, and there’s J. Brotherlove, still
on hiatus
also. Good things come to those that wait, they say.

Remember, things here on exponent will change without notice.
Tell your friends, tell your enemies. I’m back.

reaching out

Something happened this weekend I’d like to share.

A friend of mine found out that he had an affliction. (Let’s not call it just
"an affliction". From now on, I’ll refer to it as The Affliction).
As friends, associates, and even haters go, this is nothing new. However, what
is the most uncomfortable thing about this is that it’s been a while since I’ve
had to counsel and to just LISTEN to what someone has to say, what someone goes
through everyday, what emotions the person goes through hour by hour, day by
day. Even more striking is that this was someone that I had known for so long.

Often when speaking to people with The Affliction, they’re
concerned with one or more of the following issues:

1. Family members who need to be informed;
2. Friends and/or coworkers who should be informed;
3. Their current job status and potential impact The Affliction
could have;
4. The fear of meeting other partners for a relationship;
5. Depression or thoughts of suicide;
6. The impact of The Affliction in everyday life;
7. The medication needed for The Affliction;
8. The side effects of medicine for The Affliction;
9. Counselors and/or groups who can address worries and fears, one-on-one or
in a group setting.

I’d like to reach out my hand. If there are those that you know that may need
assistance, an ear to listen to, or contacts, please don’t hesitate to email
me. It’s often said that "the life you save might be your own," but
this time, let’s help the lives of others.

One love.

the doctor’s visit, part two

Three weeks ago:

"The doctor called again, he says to give him a call."
After the visit two months ago, are you kidding? He’s going to tell me about
this new treatment that’s going to kill me, I’m sure of it. I’ll have to mentally
prepare myself for that. I’ll go to sleep instead. That would probably work
out better.

"The doctor’s returning your call…he said to call him back."
I guess I should take my time and check on my lab results before I
call him back. Maybe I’ll just do both when I get home from work tomorrow.

Two weeks ago:

"The doctor left a message. He says that he went to a conference
and talked to some other doctors, and he has more information for you."
Is that good info or bad info? I guess I’ll wait until I go see him,
which is this month. I think. Or maybe it’s next month. I forget. Oh, well.
I have work to do.

Two days before the appoinment:

"This is the doctor’s office calling. Verifying your appointment
two days from now."
Oh, shit.

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