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April Thoughts (OE)

I’m a simple man, mostly with headphones in my head and a laptop in my lap. While the headphones were off this past weekend, my mind was in a couple of places. I’m stealing OE’s from ManNMotion since he does it so well…..

World AIDS Day, 2005

It’s here. All day, every day. And no, it won’t just go away.

100 Things, Volume 3

The third volume. I’m in the homestretch now.

100 Things, Volume 2

The second set (26-50) of 100 things about me. Quirky? You decide.

100 Things, Volume 1

It’s 100 things about me, 25 at a time. I promised to do it on the 101/1001, so now I’m going to live up to it. Volume I.

101 in 1001

Via Jason, and Gwen, and now with Saga…..101/1001.
[last change – 01.16.05. Check the list.]

the christmas spirit

Merry Christmas. Scrooges need not contact EJ. Bah humbug on your own time!

World AIDS Day, 2004

World AIDS Day. It’s every day, actually. Whether you like it or not.

expressions: 11/16

Thoughts in my head, 11/16. Rants and raves really. You say I don’t blog enough about anything other than music? Well then here you go.

hurricane ivan’s decimation.

Damn that hurricane Ivan. How you gonna destroy my hometown?

sometimes i copy blogs….

Lesson 1: when copying blogs, cite the source, please.

exponentially speaking

Tell your friends- exponent’s back. It’s still a technical madhouse though. Pardon my dust.

reaching out

Something happened this weekend I’d like to share.

A friend of mine found out that he had an affliction. (Let’s not call it just
"an affliction". From now on, I’ll refer to it as The Affliction).
As friends, associates, and even haters go, this is nothing new. However, what
is the most uncomfortable thing about this is that it’s been a while since I’ve
had to counsel and to just LISTEN to what someone has to say, what someone goes
through everyday, what emotions the person goes through hour by hour, day by
day. Even more striking is that this was someone that I had known for so long.

Often when speaking to people with The Affliction, they’re
concerned with one or more of the following issues:

1. Family members who need to be informed;
2. Friends and/or coworkers who should be informed;
3. Their current job status and potential impact The Affliction
could have;
4. The fear of meeting other partners for a relationship;
5. Depression or thoughts of suicide;
6. The impact of The Affliction in everyday life;
7. The medication needed for The Affliction;
8. The side effects of medicine for The Affliction;
9. Counselors and/or groups who can address worries and fears, one-on-one or
in a group setting.

I’d like to reach out my hand. If there are those that you know that may need
assistance, an ear to listen to, or contacts, please don’t hesitate to email
me. It’s often said that "the life you save might be your own," but
this time, let’s help the lives of others.

One love.

the doctor’s visit, part two

I could have called it “The doctor’s visit that kicked ass”, but I wasn’t so sure how that would look. Heh.

in the gym – may.

May, better than ever. More poundage than you can shake a stick at.