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An Appreciation

It’s all about you, you, and you. I appreciate you, even if I didn’t say so.

Don’t stop.

Every day. Katrina didn’t stop. Therefore, she can’t stop. People around us ain’t gonna stop. Therefore, we don’t need to stop.

In Rotation: 09/02/05

While Hurricane Katrina may be gone, her devestation is not. Please give. This week – rotating Jianda, Jully Black, Lina, Val Watson, and more…. plus a Mayor Nagin interview.

Artist Greggy

It’s not about music, it’s about the blogosphere.
While there are some who are going through their trials and tribulations of personal issues and working their way through them, there’s also some who’ve witnessed personal tragedy. I’d like to offer my condolences to Artist Greggy and his loss. More information is here.
Greg can also be reached at gregorybroadnax at Much love to the Broadnax family.
Thanks to Lis for bringing it to the forefront.

OSW: oh, whatever.

Old School Wednesday. I can play King of Pain over and over and over again.