The Grammys: One Of The Fans

In the past couple of months, there have been some life changes which have caused me to be a bit late with Old School Wednesdays and even more lagging with In Rotations. Often, it has been the regular increase (or severe lack / constant pursuit of) work. As I have now pushed past those issues, there is now another reason why I will be submitting the Old School Wednesday the end of the day (Wednesday).

I am now officially one of the community bloggers for the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards. I’m still overwhelmed, excited, and amazed that I have been chosen for this role- even more so that the colleagues around me are nothing short of amazing. I will be covering the R&B category which I feel is a great fit since R&B is what I grew up with and have been recognizant of all the changes that R&B has gone through. This also gives me the push I needed to again write about music (in addition to podcasting) as I did in the past (a kick in my complacency, as I like to put it.)

There will be a Grammy nomination concert that will be airing on Wednesday, December 2, 2009 at 9PM Eastern on CBS. (Please check your local listings). The theme this year is "We’re All Fans." There will be quite a few of us bloggers on Twitter during that time giving real-time feedback on the show. You can find a list of us here. The Grammy Awards will be taking place on January 31, 2010, so be on the lookout for that as well. Be sure to check out the Grammys website for up-to-date information.

The next few months will definitely prove to be interesting. In the meanwhile. look for the OSW coming out later today – and an Acid Jazz blend coming soon. Watch for it.

An Appreciation

Most times, if you ask, I’d tell you that the reason that most of my blogging is musically oriented is because I often believe that I don’t have much to say. Sights, sounds, work, life and
love around me are pretty straightforward. Some people might tell you I’m
a mellow kinda cat, and for the most part I’d like to believe that’s true. You
can even hear me a referred to as listener instead of a speaker. Every so often I have cause
to reflect on how good life is, as I’m sure you do. I don’t express myself that
often because most of the time there’s other people around me with a whole lot more to
say, and I just enjoy listening, hearing, vibing, being. That’s my thing. I’m
sure you feel me, right?

Well, the last couple of weeks were a little different if you didn’t get that
from the vibe all around. While the headaches were a warning sign, I kept going, until I was literally out, as in unconscious, for 48 hours,
after having that grand
mal seizure
. Seems that Thursday and Friday from week before last, they
poked and prodded and tried to find out what was goin’ on inside my head. Literally.
Apparently when I was awake I wasn’t happy about the IV equipment (and from
what I understand, I was trying to take it out of my arm), the fact that my computer
wasn’t near me, and most of all, I couldn’t listen to music or find
interesting television. Of course, when work calls you on the weekend while
you’re lying down on the hospital bed and you’re telling ’em you will be working
from home for a little bit because of this seizure, you get a lot of support-
even when the workaholic worker in you is trying to find a way to make
up for these hours on your unwanted vacation, or figuring out what’s gonna be
on your next Old School Wednesday, or In Rotation, or what you’re gonna have
on Flickr, because life is not supposed to stop…just like I’m not supposed to stop!

You also get a chance to find out that some people are actually are reading
what you’ve got to say- which isn’t much because, ultimately, you’re trying
to get through these life situations behind and continue forward. What you don’t
expect is that there are comments waiting, IMs, emails, phone messages
and the most unexpected of all, music, plants and flowers. I can name one- and only one- dissapointment
that I had while I was laid up. While that one person may or not be contacted,
I can honestly say that this has shown me that I’ve got way more friends than I’ve ever imagined, that
I don’t regret walking through my blogs everyday even though I constantly believe that I’m insanely behind,
because I still get to see and vibe through things on the web every day that pale in comparison to what one book could show me.

In short, I really do want to thank those that have reached out and said something,
have knocked me across the head with love, and have kept me up and carrying
on, because even though I’m sure I’m behind in a lot of things, there’s quite
a few of you who know how to nudge me along and keep me moving, even though I’m convinced I haven’t even moved a muscle.

What I’m sayin’ is- there’s love out there especially to you. If I haven’t specifically said so, know that it’s definitely my head and not my heart and I have every intention of giving
you the same appreciation you’ve given me.

Thank y’all for showing love to me. In fact, I’ve
been feeling so good about it, I don’t believe I’ve even expressed myself vocally enough.
Leave me an email, comment, whatever, if I haven’t. We’ll exchange phone numbers, whatever you
want. I’ve got love for you even if you can’t see it.

And that’s the truth. Forreal.

Don’t stop.

Yesterday, I sent a text message to my cousin at Keesler
to check and see if she was okay. Early this morning, I heard my Sidekick
vibrate. She sent a text message back saying that she was alright. I immediately
called her back.

"Hey, EJ, know anybody who wants to buy a Lexus? Sure, it’s flooded out
but will make a nice ornament in the front yard!" We both laughed for 60
seconds, because as they say, laughter is good medicine, especially considering
the circumstances. You gotta love her.

Three things she wanted right now:
– $500 to get her hair done;
Plays from Chili’s
– Someone to purchase relaxer for her hair- cause she has a nappy afro.

I asked her how she was feeling. "I can’t break down right now, I havent
because I haven’t interacted with some families, I defintely will, but right
now, I just can’t." I feel her. While there are no commercial phone lines
up, there are two lines that they’re able to use for military purposes. While
there are people that have broken their legs while tripping down the water-filled staircases
in the dark, and $6 million worth of medicine lost on the base, it’s been surreal
for her. Imagine looking out the window when a storm is blowing, see 20-foot
waves come in, take whole houses, and then retreat. People on the base know
that there are more than one hundred people missing, but won’t be able to
recover the bodies until the waters recede.

Like people’s lives along the Gulf, our conversation is cut short because she’s
got to go back to work, and go raise the flag to half-mast. Four months from
now, she’s going to be relocated, but until then, she’ll be working.

Every day.
Katrina didn’t stop.
Therefore, she can’t stop.
around us ain’t gonna stop
Therefore, we
don’t need to stop

In Rotation: 09/02/05

Living life in the south such as it is has it’s highs and lows. While there’s
often good times that we like to share, things are not so great this go around.
I’m sure I could list a multitude of links about the tragedy that’s happened,
I’m glad to see that some
of the bloggers
around the way are safe and sound.

The devestation is not only in Lousiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and even Georgia.
While there are complaints of
gas prices skyrocketing
, we need to also be thankful that it’s not our house
that needs to be rebuilt, or family members who are unaccounted for. While my great-aunts have not been located, our family has been assured that they have been taken care of. I was able
to talk to one of my cousins, who is stationed at Kessler
down in Mississippi. She’s told me that they don’t have water at the base, that their houses are flooded or destroyed, and that they’re bringing in 4,000 troops
because people in Biloxi don’t have water. Ten Marine ships are coming in but
it will take them a week to get there. There are people trying to get into the
base trying to force their way past troops, and the residency doctors are being
evacuated. As she says, however, it could have been a lot worse. My great aunts and friends from New Orleans have lost everything, but they are thankful that they’re still alive. My hearts go
out to everyone
who has
been impacted by the disaster.

Be thankful, and give
what you can
. It’s important to keep moving forward. Let’s keep rotating.

Rotation: September 2, 2005

01 – Jianda and DJ Freestyle – Water, Love, and Sunshine. We know about
Jianda, don’t we?
02 – Tortured Soul – Fall In Love.
From Introducing Tortured Soul,
one my favorite albums from 2004.
03 – Larry Heard / Loose Fingers – Changes.
From the just released album
04 – King Britt – Feeling Of Love.
From On
the Seventh: Park Hyatt Chicago
05 – Jully Black – Material Things (Featuring Nas).
06 – Lina – Smooth.
Honey had
a conversation with Lina
recently, which is what made me pull the CD out again.
07 – Val Watson – Whether U Know It.
Remember Val Watson, from Club Nouveau?
Well, she has an album entitled Urbal. This track was a duet with Jane
Eugene from Loose Ends. Check
her site out here
08 – Jafar Curry – Love Again
. Jafar has a CD coming out this fall entitled
Thoughts From My Room. His EP is currently in circulation. You
can check him out here
09 – Ladybug Mecca – Please Don’t.
I still Trip
The Light Fantastic
10 – Ivy – Keep Moving.
From the new album from Ivy, In
The Clear
11 – Southside Break Crew – Freshest Jam.
From Current
Cuts, V. 1
12 – Will Smith – Switch…Ft. Robin Thicke (R&B Remix).
From the
upcoming Lost
& Found
13 – Kanye West – We Can Make It Better (Feat. Talib Kweli, Q-Tip, Common &
Rhymefest) (UK Bonus Track).
Bonus track on the UK release of Late

[Update 09.02.05 18:47] I’ll tell you though …. Mayor Nagin is absolutely making my day. About time someone’s spoken this. I just wish I could meet him…..

Artist Greggy

It’s not about music, it’s about the blogosphere.
While there are some who are going through their trials and tribulations of personal issues and working their way through them, there’s also some who’ve witnessed personal tragedy. I’d like to offer my condolences to Artist Greggy and his loss. More information is here.
Greg can also be reached at gregorybroadnax at Much love to the Broadnax family.
Thanks to Lis for bringing it to the forefront.

OSW: oh, whatever.

Yes, I voted. It’s impossible for me to say that I’m happy. I’m far from happy, and as I
told Cecily, if I had hair to pull out, it would be all over the floor.

I had the same opinion as Anil
had early on, but now I’m just furious. And I can’t give up, even if I want

I echo the same sentiments
as Cecily
, and now wish I lived in Canada instead of Georgia. Like Michelle
, same-sex marriages got trampled in Kentucky. Same in Georgia, too:
77% to 22%.

I even have OSW:
All Over The Place,
but excuse me if I just don’t give a fuck right
about now.

I’m sure it will pass, and you may never see the text above again, but I had
to get it out there.

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damn, Aaron.

Some things touch my soul beyond words.

Everyone knows an uppity negro, but how many actually knew the
uppity-negro, Aaron Hawkins?
Heather Corrinna mentioned
what happened to him
Jen touched
upon it
JT’s trying not
to hit something
George says hiatus
is such a strong word
Michelle is fucking
sad and fucking angry
Bernie echoes my statement of
Earl Dunovant puts the picture
which is the visual representation of the guy whose words and IM sessions I’ve
had were more than just simple, mundane words, and the coalescence of his thoughts and dreams.

There’s not much more I can say about this. This guy knew the outer me and
the inner me without actually ever being face-to-face with me, and I’ll never forget that.

Jen requested that I put the word out there, and I will. As more info comes,
I’ll update.

(Number of updates: three).

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