Category: baker’s dozen.

b12: tryptophan times

Bakers Dozen. Tryptophan, vinyl, ham, tryptophan, The Wire, Charmed, tryptophan…..

b12: two states, two people.

Two states within two days, and meeting up two bloggers? It may have rained outside, but it was definitely sunny indoors.

b12: the magic number of 15

It’s the 15th, and the number 15 is ironic for having somewhat of a depressing weekend. I’ve got to keep my spirits up. Won’t let it get me down.

b12: return of the laptop killer

Hi, my name is EJ. I do well in groups of people. A laptop? That’s another story. Guru Gangstarr CD. One of the few good things this weekend. Baker’s Dozen.

B12: snoozin’ season

Didn’t do much, except slept a lot. Move over, Rip Van Winkle.

baker’s dozen: the three B’s.

baker’s dozen: the three B’s: bethink, Brak and balding.

bakers dozen – the VMAs.

Yeah, I watched the whole thing, and had 3 IM sessions going at the same time. Wackiness with a twist.

bakers dozen three

If you don’t see me today, you know why. I’ll be blogstalking and working. Well, mostly working…

bakers dozen ii

Baker’s Dozen II, on a Monday night. It’s all about love for KB.

bakers dozen

From KB’s Bakers Dozen: the second blog meetup in New York. And got to meet two new people, with even LESS time that I had before…dag.