B12: All Over The Place / IR: 12/05/05

B12: All Over The Place. From KB’s Baker’s Dozen.

Rahsaan Patterson and Company

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The concert: what started out good and ended up dissapointing………..

1. A lovely weekend starts off with going to see Rahsaan Patterson and Trina Broussard in concert.
2. Problem number one: when a concert is supposed to start at 9pm and doesn’t start until 10:30 or so, you know that there’s a problem brewing.
3. So, Trina Broussard starts at approximately 10:30pm, and ends a little after 11:00pm. Great intro from her, so it’s all great.. We wait for them to setup for Rahsaan.
4. Problem #2:
He finally takes the stage at about 11:30.

5. Problem #3: He sings exactly 4 songs 7 songs, all extended versions (read: more than 6 minutes apiece). Also, both Algebra and Sol Elder were also at the joint – singing background.
6. The killer: he then leaves the stage at exactly midnight. And no, he doesn’t return for an encore, despite the audience chanting for him to return.
7. I leave a bit irritated, and run into a couple of people that made life a little bearable: Jodine, Van Hunt, and Anthony David. Now that was a proper ending to an otherwise slightly dissapointing experience.

Stir Crazy: when I need to get out of the house……

8. After waking up and needing to get outta the house, I went to go check out Aeon Flux. even though I had read both good and bad things about the movie.
9. My verdict? I liked it. My favorite character? Sithandra. Yes, there are better films out there, but I wasn’t going for art, I was going for entertainment. It was entertaining enough for me to keep me in my seat through the movie….
10. ….so much so, I added Aeon Flux to my wishlist. I’m all for taking this season, if you wanna give. I’m jus’ sayin…..

Getting Back To Music: since it’s obvious I should be listening to some music constantly….

11. I pulled out my Rahsaan Patterson and Trina Broussard, to hear the songs I should have heard in concert but didn’t. I also pulled out Van Hunt, Algebra, and Anthony David, since I saw them. But not only that…
12. …I also pulled out some Benny Sings. Since I was feeling his vibe, I pulled out some Beady Belle and some Si Sé. Yeah, I couldn’t let a week go by without a rotation:

In Rotation – 12/05/04

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B12: Chillin’ In The Summer – Literally

EJ and Gordon Chambers

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B12: Chillin’ in the Summertime. Literally. From KB’s

Beyond the music, there’s not much to tell, but let’s see what I can do. The
life of EJ boring? You decide.

1. My weekend started officially on a Thursday, when I figured I would choose
my two stay-at-home-days back to back. Wednesday night seemed to be surreal
because I started to feel like I was living in the middle of winter while it
was 92 degrees outside.
2. While I was in the middle of working, trying
to finish my in-rotation
and trying to fight this bad cold, I read
a post from Sister Outsider
which echoed some of the same sentiments Jason
had about being disengaged
. I felt this as well, since now my blogging feels
more like infotainment than actually engaging in conversation about how I really
feel. Is this just a phase, or am I really consiously trying not to put myself
out there in front of a wider audience? I’m wondering how others feel about
that as well.
3. Ironically, this was also mentioned on Wednesday afternoon when I had one
of the best lunches ever with Tiffany
B. Brown
. I think we all echo the same sentiments that blogging has definitely
changed. These are the kind of lunches I live for, where there’s more going
on than just blogging. The conversation was so good, I think another blogger
get-together definitely needs to happen.
4. During Thursday, chills turned to fever and then back to chills. Never mind
that I was supposed to be taking it easy on Thursday – I ended up working four
hours of overtime and caught up on my Star Treks and my CSIs…
5. …and discovered two new shows that have consumed my curiosity – It’s
Always Sunny In Philadelphia
and Starved.
Those two shows are the best premieres I’ve seen in quite a while. Why you ask?

6. Well, first you’ve got It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia
which had a
bar turning into something more than mixing drinks
, which personally I thought
was hilarious., and more close to home, even though most of the reviews I’ve
read don’t believe so, and….
7. …then you’ve got Starved which, of all things, has men
using a scale in a restaurant that’s usually just for weighing carrots
the pilot.
8. I figure I’d make up for it on a Friday and work a half day…which didn’t
happen. Working from home again on a Friday was a full day. You too can work from
your bed, with two computers, cell phone, and a box of Kleenex.
9. I got an email and a phone call that Gordon
was in town and needed a little assistance, so I went down to hang
out with Gordon. It was probably the break I needed. I was glad to had gone,
had a great time, but just to be safe, I went back home.
10. I finished up my in-rotation, then took a nap. I got outta bed and stopped
by a party that a friend told me
and had a great time even though I stayed there for an hour and hung
out with friends I hadn’t seen in years….
11. …and then, true to my promise, went down to go see Fly
and Champ down at the Mike Phillips
concert at Apache Cafe. As Fly Girl stated, that concert was an awesome one.
12. Sunday evening I chilled, had dinner with Prime,
and then put my votes in for the Black
Weblog Awards
. I suggest you do the same.

Fall asleep yet?

B12: ATL Brown Bloggers II

Brown Bloggers, Part II

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B12: ATL Brown Bloggers II. From KB’s

1. With two meetups scheduled for the weekend, got off of work early Friday
and rescheduled work for the weekend to get ready for the shindigs.
2. Barley’s:
free internet but still no outlets for laptops. Talked to DJ, the manager: "Your
name is EJ? Cool. Call me Monday. Maybe we can work something out…"
3. The band that played had an…interesting vibe. After a couple of drinks,
though, everything sounded good…just ask the lady with the flask Yolanda….
4. With Yolanda, Will
(man, what a great guy! Pound pound!), Saga,
Karsh, Brown
, Ray,
and Xquizzyt1,the
drinks flowed, and so did the french fries. Brown Sugar, pass me the ketchup…
5. Because of the meetup, I of course, missed the finale for Enterprise,
but got home just before midnight. Thank goodness for TiVo.
6. Saturday, I stayed in the house and chilled to get ready for the evening
at Chequers….

7. ….to be met with extreme dissapointment as only three of us were there.
We ate and went back home. (Big ups to Fave. My man called on his way back outta the city, and apologized for Friday…)
8. Received a call from D-Nice:
"Aren’t you supposed to be here? Carmen
is here!" Dag. Due to the dinner, I missed her.
9. Thought about doing brunch, but due to Saturday’s events and the Sunday work
schedule, I elected to stay home instead to watch Don’t
Be A Menace To South Central While Drinking Your Juice In The Hood
10. I put in a call to KB: "Yo,
you done walkin
11. Put together a CD by request. "Mr. Cohen, your CD is ready."
12. Synopsis: next blogger’s meetup? I won’t be planning it. Lesson learned:
more participation if meetups here are impromptu, not planned. Memo to self:
add entries to Brown Bloggers.

B12: Fifteen Minutes, Some Food, and a Flick

Fifteen Minutes, Some Food, and a Flick. From KB’s

1. I received an an email from Trader
which alerted me that I need to keep track of my eleven50
emails, because I had totally missed the fact that Miguel
and Lisa
would be in town for the weekend. I had never seen either of them in
concert, but being fans of both of them, I wouldn’t dare miss this.
2. The excitement of seeing them, however, was alleviated the fact that I had
to be on-call this weekend for work and wouldn’t be able to go see my mother because
of it.
3. Spent Friday night playing Shuggie
over and over again and catching up on blog entries. I hate when I’m
so behind. It’s like reading a newspaper a couple of days after it’s on your doorstep,
you know?
4. After catching up on blogs, decided I’m ready for blogger Q&As again, so
here goes: the call is now open for the 3 question meme that Xquizzyt1,
and Yolanda
have done fairly recently. Yeah, I’m bitin’ too. Ask me three questions. The gates
are open, people. Go for it..
5. I got up to get my hair cut Saturday morning because I had to look great for
Lisa Shaw to see me…..
6. …but I had also had to rest up for the evening, so Saturday afternoon I appropriately
crashed and was awakened by D-Nice
who asked me if I was going, so I jumped out of bed, got dressed, made my Miguel
Migs-and-Lisa-Shaw-CD in the car, and ran out of the door.
7. Met up with Trader Mike there and after about 90 minutes after his arrival,
Miguel manned the turntables and lit up the joint. I swear, people, I’m not a
dancer, but I had to get on the floor and at least look like I could. I managed
not to break the camera and was able to take some great pictures also.
8. Thirty minutes after Miguel took the turntables over, Lisa Shaw jumped up on
stage, sung about 3 songs, and left. Happy to see her? Hell yes. Was I dissapointed
that she only sung three songs and then left the stage? Most certainly. Lisa:
you know I love you, right, but c’mon, give me more next time, alright? Alright.
After her 15 minutes of splendor, she left, so I left also.
9. Got an IM from Brown
and talked to Yolanda
and made plans to see Crash
on Sunday, so on Sunday morning….
10. …and went to breakfast with Prime
and Karsh to Rays
In The City
downtown. A subpar meal was had, but hey, it was food. Something
had to soak up last night’s imbibing. I’m jus’ sayin.
11. I went to the movies Sunday afternoon. Crash, hands down, has got to be one
of the best movies I’ve seen in a while. I actually had to concentrate through
this entire movie to keep track of all the plots, subplots, and twists, of everything
that was going on. I was certainly not dissapointed. I’d recommend anyone who
hasn’t seen this movie to go check it out. It definitely deserves to win awards
this year. Having said that, however, I hope I haven’t jinxed it.
12. ….and in case you’ve forgotten, Atlantans. Friday and Saturday:
Atlanta blogger’s meetups this weekend!!!!. RSVP if you haven’t already so
I can get fairly accurate headcounts:
Barley’s Billiards – Friday 05/13, 6pm – 338 Peachtree St NE
(404) 522-7177
Chequers Bar & Grill – Saturday 05/14, 6pm – 236 Perimeter Center Pkwy NE
(across the street from Dunwoody train station)
(770) 391-9383

Hope you guys had a great weekend and a great Mommies Day!

B12: Skittles and Hitchhikers

Laying in the sunshine.
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Skittles and Hitchhikers (or ‘The Somewhat Boring Weekend’). From KB’s

Alright, let’s see if I can come up with 12:

1. Had a gathering at the house. It was alright, but work (and KB) caught up with me, so I stayed up and did some interesting mixes with my vocals and actual MP3s…..
2. …but you don’t really want to hear about that, do you?
3. I stayed home and watched Enterprise again. I’m trying not to give away what actually happened, except I have to say that at the conclusion of the episode, I had to rewind the TiVo at least 3 times. Anybody see it besides me? You feel me?
4. I’m mad that Third Watch’s last episode is this week. I was just starting to get into the show too. But why did they have to put Wyclef Jean on there? Cmon.
5. I had the option to go see Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy. It was either that or XXX. Guess which one won? Warning: Geek alert.
6. That’s right, it was all about Hitchhiker’s. And yeah, I enjoyed it. Considering I read the book around 4 times when I was growing up, I reserve the right to check it out and get totally geeked.
7. I went out to brunch with two guys, got full, and came back home.
8. Meanwhile, while we were gone, Anna (the beagle on the right) decided that she wanted to taste the rainbow…so she did.
9. End result on Sunday afternoon? The rainbow. All over. the. carpet. In case you’re wondering beagles cannot eat a bag of Skittles.
10. I had a gourmet meal of hot dogs and juice for Sunday. With spicy mayo. Yep… nothing but the finest for me.
11. I watched Grey’s Anatomy and now Desperate Housewives and yes, I’m hooked on this show too. I told you I need help.
12. Got a couple of IM’s and read a couple of blogs asking about having a little blog meetup this weekend. So here goes: this coming Friday at Barley’s, and Saturday at Checquers. People still interested, give me a shout (IM or comment) and I’ll make sure we have the headcount. Does anyone have a mailing list? Do I need to make one? Holla back!

B12: ATL Brown Bloggers: the impromptu meetups

From KB’s

This weekend ended up being so good, and so impromptu, I decided to name it
the ATL Brown Bloggers meetup. Considering the last two attempts at a meetup
here were pretty whack, one ending up so strong was very cool, especially it
being so impromptu. How so? This is how it went down:

1. The first thing I did on Friday was go straight home, because you know I
was exhausted after a long week, I got an IM. "Yo, EJ, come on down to
Barley’s. Bruthacode
is on his way back from the mall! I’m thinking, "who’s Bruthacode?
Let me read now…..
2. After that it was all over ’cause he had me laughing at his posts. By the
time I got there, he was there with FlyGirlATL,
the invisible blogger (when you gonna come out with a blog,
Futura?!), Yolie (hilarious, vicacious, and definitely not rated PG!),
and wonderful Swayzee.
3. Kelvin was nowhere
to be found, though, and I kept getting dizzy as I watched Bruthacode’s
glass go up, and down, and up, and down, and then another drink appear, and
then him swaying back and forth, and then….
4. Brown
showed up. Soon afterwards, my homie Saga
and Hammy dropped by. It all capped off with DJ XStacy AKA Xquizzyt1
and Gorgeous Grayse,
who lit up the joint.
5. After 1 bad meal, 2 hilarious hours, 3 bad sweet teas, 4 (or was it 5, or
6…hell, I can’t count!) drinks had by Bruthacode, I took
off with a promise to make an Apollonia Six CD for Brown
, and take my the Davina CD I made for Caramel
back home…..
6. …only to find out that Fave
came by, took pictures and left…dag. That’s alright, I’ll just go back home
and watch Enterprise and trip on the parallel universe. Hmm, I wonder what Bruthacode
would be like in a parallel universe….. and for that matter, how does Kae
really look? Yet another person I didn’t get to see.
7. So then Saturday rolls around I go to hang
out at the park
with Karsh
(mental note – next time whatever’s going on, I gotta call him, cause I’ve seriously
been slacking). After a pretty nice time and a bad meal, I head home. Then I
get another call from Yolie. "Meet us up in Marietta….cause
Kelvin’s gonna be there. You have 30 minutes!" Sure enough,
they come rolling through….
8. ….and as I’m hanging out and talking about Soul II Soul, Thelonious Monk,
and a camera with a floppy disk (you know I had to mention that, right Brown
Sugar?), some lady comes up and says "gimme my CD!"
That’s no one other than Caramel, who was pretty cool. She
even let me take a picture.
9. After that, I duck out and run back home to get close and personal with my
bed, but on Sunday, as I go online, the first person who IM’s me is Brown
. Considering that Prime
and I are starving, we jump in the car and run up to Checquers.
10. As I’m pulling in, Grayse calls my cell phone and says,
"I’m comin’ even though you didn’t invite me! Where y’all at?" Yeah,
I’ve done it again. First Karsh, now Grayse.
11. We came, ate, drank, ate, took pictures, ate, talked some more, ate, took
more pictures, hung out in the not-so-warm spring air, talked some more.
12. The outcome of the weekend?
— Preliminary plans for a Chicago meetup to coincide with The Taste
of Chicago
— Another blog meetup here in the ATL, centering around the possible appearance
of In My Write
— Making sure I call everyone, because I’m sure that the people who are reading
this and are from the ATL area and didn’t get to hang out will probably kick
me when they see me, right? Right.

So, clear your calendars, ATLiens. I’m targeting for the weekend of May
. Drop me a line if you wanna be down, and I’ll give you all my
vital info….let’s work it out. I had a blast this weekend, as you can tell,
and I know this can be done again.

b12: going AWOL on the Easter bunny…..

I should have run him over with my car, but I stayed in the house instead while he terrorized my neighborhood.

Baker’s Dozen: I Went AWOL on the Easter Bunny. From KB’s

1. I purchased a plane ticket to NYC for the weekend of April 9th. Seriously
hyped and wanting to set up something else besides the event on Sunday evening.
New Yorkers: you game?
2. The temperature hit 70 degrees, but I found myself in the house, fixing the
site some more. The technology hit me.
3. Friday night, I immersed myself into some more Law
And Order: Trial By Jury
. For those who watched it, yes I wanted to drop-kick
the judge….
4. Looks like I’m a Flickr admin for the BLOGGERS
. Jeneane
got me! The digicam is now permanently in my backpack.
5. Friday Melodies is back in full force now. Watch for it, because this weekend
I went to the rekkasto, and….
6. As I was ripping CDs, I was getting involved with Audioscrobbler and even
coughed up some coins to upgrade
my membership
(look to the left for the radio station icon).. Then….
7. I got an IM from Honey
who told me to turn to Oxygen to see John Legend and India.Arie, which was very
8. Then I got stuck listening to Project
…immersing myself in that too… (hello Nikki!)
9. Was Easter yesterday? Ooops…..
10. ….I was stuck watching The
and missed the Easter Bunny. That’s my story and I’m sticking
to it….
11. …besides, who wanted to go all out in the rain anyway?
12. I watched the premiere of Greys
. I am officially a fan. Sucked into the TV yet again on Sunday night.
Man, I need help.

b12: a brotherlove kinda weekend.

My rental car agency.

Baker’s Dozen: A Brotherlove
Kinda Weekend. From KB’s

  1. Okay, so I got the car back. Aren’t you glad? So, yep, I got a chance to
    jump in the car and get out of the house.
  2. What’s the first thing I did this weekend? I got off of work early to celebrate
    the Brotherlove weekend, ’cause you know, it
    was his birthday and all
    , and I gotta represent.
  3. I almost missed leaving the house, because I couldn’t get away from the
    television fast enough. No. I had to sit there and watch Law
    And Order: Special Victims Unit
    , and then just when I thought I would
    simply TiVo the second Law And Order episode coming on and run out of the
    house, what happened?
  4. Well, in the Law
    and Order: Trial By Jury
    , who’s bandaged up face did I see? Treach!
    So yes, I ended up sitting up at home intrigued by this episode.
  5. My quick synopsis on this series is the following: I personally like it.
    I’m a Bebe Neuwirth
    and Fred Thompson
    fan, so yep, I’m hooked. Did anyone else happen to see this episode?
  6. I went out for exactly one hour on Friday, misplaced my car (heh heh), then
    found my car, and came back home. I checked my email and there was a note
    in there that said that I needed to be at the rekkasto to see two people.
    Since the first person was….
  7. Anthony David,
    I figured that I would be able to get there, purchase two CDs and get them
    autographed and send them to two
    bloggers. Guess
    what? He never showed. Yo, Anthony David: next time, show up for
    an appearance!
  8. There was, however, another artist by the name of Slick,
    who has an EP coming out this week. A good guy whose vibes are similar to
    Anthony David and Anthony
    , who’s also doing some work with Anthony, Erykah Badu and others,
    I had a great conversation with him as I listened to his music. He’s not mentioned
    in many places on the web, but I did manage to find him mentioned
  9. I picked up 3 CDs while I was there. I’ll drop some tunes on Friday, since
    I’m still grooving to them, so stay tuned.
  10. I ran out of the rekkasto, and then made it down to Two
    Urban Licks
    , got myself fairly toasted and gorged myself.
  11. Sunday, I went to go see Be
    and I thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed myself. Matter of fact, I believe
    I’m going to see it again!! Has anyone seen it? And if they have….
  12. ….wasn’t The
    hilarious in the film? Go see it, if you haven’t, and you’ll know
    what I’m talking about. F.
    Gary Gray
    gets a high mark for this film.

b12: carless, week 2

My rental car agency.

Baker’s Dozen: Carless, Week 2. From KB’s

  1. After not having my car for a week, I finally folded and got a rental car from Hertz.
    Me staying at home and not having gone to the gym is not good thing. This
    will be rectified today.
  2. "Why didn’t you get your car this week," you ask? Well, first it’s
    the transmission. Next, the axle. It’s supposed to be ready this week. I’m
    not holding my breath.
  3. Getting the mack mommy mix ready for OSW started out being really difficult,
    but of course, when the women start putting their requests in the ring, it
    suddenly got really easy. Look forward to another mack daddy, and then another
    mack mommy mix. In short, we’re all set through March at this rate.
  4. Got to speak to Saga,
    who then introduced me to Fave.
    Yet another cool blog to read – and an even cooler person.
  5. Speaking of which, what happened to The Prom Queen Is Dead?
  6. Not only has Prom Queen been dethroned, but Around
    The Way Girl has taken her ball and gone home, too
    . Man!
  7. Even though I can’t make it to SXSW,
    I will be making it to New York on April 10th for
    Brown Sugar
    . New Yorkers, this is your official notice. Check it out.
    Let Nichelle know if you’re going to make it.
  8. The first thing I do when I get my rental car? I go to the record store.
    What do I pick up? New Sector Movement’s Download
    , Geno Young’s The
    Ghetto Symphony
    , and Silhouette
    . Just because eXponent is on lockdown now doesn’t mean I’ve stopped.
    Look an upcoming review or two, particularly on New Sector Movement, which
    is in my ears right as we speak.
  9. Speaking of which, have you even gotten into Audioscrobbler?
    If you’re a music maniac, I’d suggest you do so. Who, me? ejflavors
    of course. I’d be thrilled to find out what everybody’s listening to, and
    on top of that, you can check out what I’m vibing to. Thanks, Ofrenda
    and Hashim,
    for the hook-up.
  10. I meant to do the radio blog and song selections from J. Brotherlove’s post
    To Ten
    , but I got sidetracked with the Mack Mommies.
  11. Did anyone besides me sit there on Friday night, and instead of going out,
    decided to watch NBC’s splendid version of Enterprise?
    They are not renewed, and as such, the episodes have gotten intense. Just
    when I thought that Enterprise was weaker than weak, they’re pulling out all
    the stops. Damn….
  12. You know it’s bad attempting to come up with twelve thoughts, when for the
    12th one, you have nothing to talk about but television. Did anyone see the
    Watch/Medical Investigation crossover episode?
    Wyclef Jean was in this
    episode, and as much as I don’t want to admit it, I really loved it. Okay,
    it’s official. I’m ultra lame on a Friday night. Ahh well.

b12: beads, beads beads!

Don't ask me how I got them, 'cause I...don't.....remember!

Baker’s Dozen: Beads, beads, beads! From KB’s

  1. Did you miss me? I know I’ve been gone a while. Where did I go, you ask?
    Well thanks to Google Maps, you can see my path to New Orleans for Mardi Gras.
  2. So I drove to my
    family hometown
    and hung out with no other than Angelica
    . It made me almost miss my hometown and I really wanted her
    go down to New Orleans with me.
  3. After a 24 hour stopthrough, I met up with a couple of people, and made
    my way to New Orleans
  4. I drove through here, sent out an APB to Salrac
    twice (hey, where u at?), and arrived just in time for the Superbowl.
    We won’t talk about Philly losing. At all.
  5. Number of beads I got? 11. Do I have more pictures? Nope. Thank goodness.
    You wouldn’t want to see how I got the beads, would you? ( I plead the 5th).
  6. The drink of choice while in New Orleans? A hurricane.
    How many hurricanes did I have? My posse says 4. Note: 1/2 of a hurricane
    is enough to make the mack daddy in me come out. Again, I plead the fifth.
  7. Hanging with Crackmonkie.
    It’s a great thing. Who knew how cool it would be to get inebriated with a
    blogger and talk serious tech, blogging, whether or not we should go into
    a bar or stand outside, cavorting. Pound pound, sista, pound pound.
  8. On the way back from New Orleans, my car decided that it didn’t want to
    make it home, and instead decided that it wanted to break down right
    about here
    . Damnit.
  9. Problem with the car? It seems that the transmission went out. That’s right. Just over the state line, my car has to be towed back home. So much for the end of vacation. Is it just my fate in having things disintegrate as I drive
    them? On second thought, don’t answer that…..
  10. Being without my car during the weekend means I missed his
    concert….and I coudn’t even meet up with him on Saturday. Damn, damn, damn.
  11. So what did I end up doing this weekend? Why, I stayed at home and just
    worked, making up for my two days off.
  12. The end result? I made up for lost work time, I missed a concert, and now
    I have to really figure out whether out I’m going to SXSW.
    How can I defeat my 101/1001
    and not even 101 days have passed? Geeze. At least I completed another task.

And, lest we not forget, today is Valentines Day. Happy Valentines Day to all. Much love.

b12: come around

Darien Brockington (from Foreign Exchange) with EJ.
Baker’s Dozen: Come Around! From KB’s Bakers Dozen.
Let’s start with the highlight of the weekend, first.
1. I got an email from the rekkasto telling me to show up at 3pm to meet no other than…..
2. Darien Brockington. You know about Foreign Exchange, right? We’ve only been mentioning it as one of the best CDs this year. If so, then you know that a primary vocalist, Darien, on five of the tracks has laced the CD with his presence.
3. Darien was at the rekkasto as a live-in store guest and sung 4 tracks from his upcoming CD.
4. Both of us start grinning from ear to ear when he says, “Nicolay is producing the album,” he says, “so you know it’s going to be tight, right?”
5. “How’d you guys meet?” I ask. Long story short: Phonte from Little Brother casually mentioned that he had some tracks from Nicolay that needed vocals. Five songs, 12 months, and countless concerts later, Darien has a record label deal, a shrewd manager (pound, pound, Monty), is getting ready to drop a CD. Release date? May.
6. “Can a brotha get some of those tracks, an EP, somethin’?!” I asked. (The jury is still out). Two of the tracks he sung, Call Me and Come Around are on his website, so check them out.
…and as for me, well….

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b12: look ma! no brakes!

Baker’s Dozen: Look ma! No brakes! From KB’s

  1. This weekend I spent time working on my 101/1001. I
    even managed to come up with one website to keep all of the information
    Check here on the right hand side periodically, or check on the website.
  2. 43 things looks
    like it could be interesting as well. Since Hashim has mentioned it, I may
    partake in it. Doesn’t seem too different from 101/1001.
  3. While I managed to get un-nominated for the BoB awards for best music blog,
    they gave me props
    for being a great music blog
    , and for that I’m grateful. They really are
    good people, and thanks for the nominations everyone.
  4. Speaking of music blogs, I may very well stop posting
    to this blog
    . Most of my musical tastes are here on this blog, so we’ll
    just call it the one-stop-shop for things on my mind. It’s easier that way.
  5. While there’s not a lot of free time in my life, I do the workout thang. I even
    blog about that too now. The domain name? It’s a combination of a nickname
    given to me by Ronn Taylor
    + [dot] ejflavors [dot] com. Anyone want to take any guesses?
  6. Is it okay to be a little dissapointed with Alias?
    I wasn’t as thrilled with it as I wanted to be. Did I miss something?
  7. I may have been a little dissapointed with Alias but 24
    rocked the big one. In fact, I’m watching it right now after just getting
    home from the gym not 3 hours ago. Wanna know what happened?
  8. While I’m at work today, I check my email on my cellular phone (yeah, I
    know, after being almost a week late), and I have a three people that I need
    to call, so I write the numbers down, preparing to call them after my workout.
    My brakes sound strange, but I think nothing of it.
  9. I lost a USB connector to my iPod so I head to a Circuit City after the
    workout. I don’t think much about the car going down a hill and not stopping
    like it’s supposed to.
  10. I get ready to call two
    people (and if possible, the
    third one also) on the way
    home, and all of a sudden I realize that my brake light is on and that I
    cant stop my vehicle!
    WTF! i run up on the curb and the brake light goes
    off, so I get onto the highway to take it back home with the hazard lights
  11. …only to get off at my exit and not be able to stop without putting the
    emergency brakes. I can’t even turn into the subdivision, and manage to just
    barely coast past and have to let Prime
    know what’s up and to come pick me up.
  12. Today’s lesson learned? Anything electronic, or having a motor, when touched
    by me, will cease to work after a period of time. Computers, iPaqs and now
    cars. Geeze. I’ll be studying this
    for the evening. And for the ones I was planning on calling tonight, don’t hate me. I’m sure you didn’t wanna hear me scream if I hit something.

b12: the number twelve

Baker’s Dozen: The 12th month, 12 thoughts, 12 Oceans. From KB’s Bakers Dozen.
1. I tried coming up with a 101/1001 list and stopped at 48 (4×12). I couldn’t think of an additional 53. Still…struggling.
2. …and now it’s even worse, because 2 of the 48 I had planned on seems to have taken care of themselves. I guess going to the gym IS a good thing, but dag! DJ Swole is back again….
3 …in the worst way…my pants? They don’t fit no more. Had to go shopping, and those pants themselves are still too tight. Waist size according to my trainer? 36. (3×12). Damn. Wardrobe malfunction this time of year. Hate it.
4. At least I got to work out with my IFP. Who says I need an iPod? (Still want one though! Hint hint!)
5. Finally figured out my top CDs of the year. YES! Now if I could just find time to blog about it appropriately….
6. Since there wasn’t much to do this weekend, decided I’d take some pictures just to pass the time. Flickr anyone?
7. This weekend I got to be on a call with Honey For Oshun. I’ll wait for him to tell you what he’s been up to.
8. Saw Oceans 12. Great movie. About time I got out of the house and did something interesting. I think I’m going to go see it again.
9. Note to Datura Records – Got the CD and I’m absolutely feeling Deep Thinkers. Looks like I’ll be posting about that….
10. The Wire – compared to the previous episode, it wasn’t as biting, but was a good way for closure – both expected (Avon in jail) and unexpected (Bubble’s friend dying). Very very good. I envision a fourth season.
11. That darn Lis. She made me spill my testosterone by giving me Fantasia’s album. And I actually like it. That’s it! I’m comin’ back hard! Out with the sweet songs, in with the hip hop/boom bap invasion!
12. I actually finished all most of my shopping for Christmas. I wonder if CP time is still allowed this time of year…..

b12: chillin’ out.

Baker’s Dozen: Chillin’ Out. From KB’s Bakers Dozen.
1. Starting to work on my 101/1001. I am on a serious mission to get this done by the end of the year. I will not fail!
2. I’m also starting to work on my top 10 of the year since someone’s already done theirs, and there’s other ones coming for sure.
3. On Friday night I let my personal trainer take advantage of my willingness to go over the top, and he’s succeeded into turnin’ me into a sucka! I’ll be posting about that too, because there’s been lots of good things going on since I last posted about my workout goals in June. I’m pimpin’, people.
3. Apparently the workouts are going so well, I can brave anything, including cold weather. Who needs a jacket, even if it’s cold outside, when I’m always hot?
4. Of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention I got new CDs from Nicolay, Jurassic 5, Brother Ali, Hi Note, and Bebel Gilberto. I did just fine ripping CDs and playing them, thankyouverymuch. Speaking of such….
5. Did anyone ever tell you how much I love love LOVE Groovebunny? She rules all, you know.
6. I got more and more enamored with Drawn Together, which is so over the top it’s insane.
7. On Saturday afternoon, I got a phone call from the rekkasto but being lazy. “Are you coming? Ali is going to be here!”
8. And 1 hour and 30 minutes later Ali Shaheed Muhammed appears. (For those of you who don’t remember right off the bat, does A Tribe Called Quest ring a bell?) A picture is taken and we talk briefly about his album. Watch for a couple of tracks on Friday Melodies from the CD.
9. Someone takes a picture with him. Above you see Ali and an “unknown guy…”
10. To cap it off, I even got to meet Laurnea and got an autographed copy of her CD. Who says Friday Melodies is hard?
11. After having a really great day, I actually decide to go out to a lounge. The tunes being played? Everything from Patrice Rushen to James Brown. It even got me in the mood for doing an Old-School Wednesday featuring Patrice…..hmm…..
12. Updated my Amazon wishlist because someone *cough* MJ *cough* told me to.

b12: operation feed me

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Baker’s Dozen: Operation: Feed Me! From KB’s Bakers Dozen.
1. Starting on my new workout plan, I’ve conditioned myself to eat 6 times a day. In fact, I think it’s time to get more food.
2. Hello, my name is EJ. I can do radio blogs quicker than I can make CDs for The Burn It- Fall Edition. If you’re reading this, it’s coming, it’s coming, it’s coming….as soon as I get through eating.
3. Remember that code number 15? Well, try almost tripling it! The new number is 44!!!! Yes! I think this calls for more food!
4. Don’t try to get me to go out on a Friday night…not until after I’ve watched Enterprise, Third Watch, and Medical Investigation. Oh, and after you’ve fed me dinner too….
5. I actually had a brunch with Prime and I didn’t groan and moan (much). It’s hard to be grumpy when people are feeding you. I’m just sayin’.
6. You too can be on call the entire weekend. Luckily no one called! Work (and life) is good! More cake for everybody!
7. I actually went to the record store and only bought one CD. I felt somewhat empty. Must eat to fill out the emptiness.
8. And so I got to Javaology early to meet up with the Atlanta Black Bloggers and had myself a great time, eating a sandwich before people started coming in. Saga rules, in case you didn’t know…..
9. ….but Dave, the organizer of the first event, didn’t show up. Dave! No food for you!
10. The Wire didn’t come on like it was supposed to, so instead I got another snack and…
11. Then got an IM from Fresh as I was eating….and what did he make me do? Turn to Get Down Tonight – Disco Explosion! That lit up my entire night! I set the TiVo for next week just so I can see it in it’s entirety.
12. Apparently, I was so sleepy after eating all that food I missed Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Someone must have put…you guessed it….tryptophan in my food…..