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B12: All Over The Place / IR: 12/05/05

A bakers dozen AND an in-rotation. I had enough time to do both. All about Rahsaan, Trina, and Aeon Flux.

B12: Chillin’ In The Summer – Literally

Sick Thursday and Friday, hanging out with Gordon during the weeekend, and doing not too much of anything. Haven’t talked about what’s been going on with me, but then again, is there much to tell? Disengagement seems to be hitting home, I guess.

B12: ATL Brown Bloggers II

The weekend: not a whole lot, mostly Brown Blogger Meetups II (or lack thereof), but hey….next time: impromptu….

B12: Fifteen Minutes, Some Food, and a Flick

The weekend’s moves: I saw Miguel Migs, Lisa Shaw, and the movie Crash. I did everything except the Mommies Day thing.

B12: Skittles and Hitchhikers

Nothing new here. Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, the problems with Skittles, and an otherwise very laid back weekend. Don’t yawn in front of me, please.

B12: ATL Brown Bloggers: the impromptu meetups

Something that started out so impromptu became (dare I say it?) the first Atlanta Brown Bloggers meetup. We have to do this again. We even had people fly in. For a weekend that I just knew was going to be boring, it turned out VERY nice. Check it….

b12: going AWOL on the Easter bunny…..

Didn’t do anything much this weekend. It rained on Easter, so I hung out and got drunk off of TV and a whole lotta other stuff. The Easter bunny didn’t miss me, anyway….

b12: a brotherlove kinda weekend.

It was J. Brotherlove’s birthday. I had to represent. And, of course, some television, Law And Order style. And to top it off, I saw The Rock in a movie….

b12: carless, week 2

I didn’t do this much weekend, but watch television, plan for a springtime trip to New York, drive to the rekkasto, and have my headphones on for most of the weekend. What did you do?

b12: beads, beads beads!

From ATL to New Orleans and back… Lots of beads = Lots of drinks + a good time – a transmission. Damn, I hate that equation.

b12: come around

It was a Darien Brockington kinda weekend…..oh, and a weekend full of hardware sabotage, but what’s new?

b12: look ma! no brakes!

First it was iPaqs, then computers, and now, my friends, the coup de grace- CAR BRAKES!

b12: the number twelve

It’s not like I did a whole lot in December. Some Oceans 12, music from Datura Records, the return of DJ Swole, losing some testosterone. Yeah, just a regular weekend…

b12: chillin’ out.

This weekend was an Ali Shaheed Muhammed weekend, combined with a little bit of this and a little bit of that. It’s always cool to chill on a weekend (even if it’s freezing outside).

b12: operation feed me

During the entire weekend I ate everything I saw. Bakers Dozen: Operation Feed Me!