laptop killer iii

The title alone should tell you what this is about, right? Right… Wanna hear it? Here it go:
17:35: I return home and in my mail, there’s two CDs (Matt Bianco and Dynasty, for all the old-school-heads reading this), an 80 GB hard drive, and a cooling fan for Hermes. I run upstairs. The 80GB drive was to replace the 40GB drive I have in Hermes, since all of my music, blog info, and software was filling up my hard drive. The backup was done on Sunday just in case something went wrong, but my friend was kind enough to tell me about this hard drive recovery service as well, so at least I had another option in case the backup doesn’t work.
18:00: I unpack the cooling fan to sit underneath Hermes so that it doesn’t overheat. All is well.
19:00: I rip the old CDs and I start preplanning my Friday arby.
20:00: I eat dinner and fall asleep while watching Smallville, and have half of the selections for Friday’s melodies complete.
00:00: I wake up- amazed that I slept so long and putz around, watching television, and fall asleep a couple of hours later, since I had to get up around 05:00 for work. I notice that the laptop and the fan makes a good amount of noise together, but no big deal. Must be the fan.

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who i be: chapter ii

The rest of the set. Wow. I had to actually think.
From Cobb:
1. What convinced you finally, that you were somebody?
Two things come immediately to mind.
1: I was born in New York but spent most of my time in the South. You had to know that I hated it here in the outset. Speaking perfect English in the midst of Southerners and being mollified and bullied at every outlet was really no good. In high school, as much as I didn’t like the South and didn’t fit in, I was sitting in the cafeteria and they called out the top 10 list. I figured since I was a little too different, I wouldn’t have made the cut. When they called out my name listed in the top 10, I had never seen everyone give me a standing ovation. The bullying and demoralizing stopped. That’s when I knew that being in the South wasn’t so bad after all.
2: My past job…even though I was eventually laid off, I made it to the top of the technical chain and was able to take advantage of stock options. That let me know that I could do anything I wanted. That statement still holds.
2. Describe your favorite kind of BBQ.
There’s a place here called Fat Matt’s Rib Shack, which sells beef and pork ribs. They don’t accept credit cards, only cash. This barbecue has hickory goodness in it, with barbecue that’s spicy enough to make a dent, but not spicy enough to cause indigestion. The type of barbecued ribs that they let marinate for at least 4 hours, and slide right off the bone.
3. Who did it hurt you most to leave? My second ex. They taught me that it was okay to be young, a professional, and still have wants and needs out of life, and attain them, yet still keep the kid inside. I never saw them again, and they passed a year after we broke up.

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who i be: the answers.

First thing’s first.
1. I support Team Buccho, hands down.
2. I’m still marinating over LTJ Bukem and the fact that I was able to witness drum and bass with no other than Trader Mike. Life is good.
3. I’m a little irritated over going to see Laurnea, purchasing her CD, getting her autograph, and then losing both the CD and the autograph. First the laptop, now this. Ugh.
4. I’m still somewhat mystified/annoyed by Blog justice and its discontents. I’ll be at SXSW next year, that’s for sure.

Onto the answers. Thanks for the questions! Any more questions, I’ll answer them also. I’ll entertain questions for the rest of the week.

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playing catch-up.

I’ve been back and everything, but damn. What took me so long? I found my camera but I can’t find the cable. Fate: 1, EJ: 0. So now you know. I’ll have to be sans photos for the time being.
The currently unnamed Blogosphere (c’mon guys, I really can’t think of the name now either. I’m 0 for 2) was a wonderful meeting. Only 3 short hours, I think I gathered enough to simply say that I’m going to make myself available for the next time, which is to be happening next month in NYC. As for the people, well here they are:
P6 – Earl Dunovant. You gotta realize that he’s got a lot on his plate. And now meeting him, listening to Stay In My Corner while standing next to the BBQ joint, you’re like “oh no, this man takes Bloglines by storm and makes him a man with many thoughts.” I gotta say that he’s gotta lotta stuff in his head and ain’t none of it bad.
Madison For President/DieselNation/Hashim Warren. He’s got a lot going on, I declare. A softspoken man, who raps, is a blogcritic, and has a lot he wants to say, but like us, not enough time to say it. I believe he was uplifting and uplifted.
Steven G. Fullwood. More humor and insight than the law allows. Please, y’all, don’t sleep.
Lynne D. “Where’s Prometheus 6? Oh, he’s right here next to me.” Johnson. We could talk about her all day. Just know that LateNightTales, MadTV spoofs, and doing the Cabbage Patch in the middle of the BBQ Joint makes you appreciate the many facets of her.
Singing happy birthday to Donald Agarrat was a treat. Still trying to find out who that guy Eric is though. The next time I come down to NYC, I’ll have to make sure we take Ronn out with us.
James Knox, who I’ve known for more than 15 years, and haven’t seen in almost 5, pulling me out of the joint because if I don’t get outta there, I will miss my flight.
Some quotes:
“What the Hell is Orkut and why are people still using it?”
A general chuckle during the exclamation of “Negros don’t even know what hiatus means.”

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on same-sex marriages…

I may be Valentines-challenged, but I know people who aren’t.

Yesterday, on Valentines Day, from Efren Bose, a Bay Area homeslice of mine, wrote:

We Got Married!

I’m shocked. Honestly, I’m really shocked. I’ve
always been a bit cynical about the whole gay marriage
thing, especially since technically the marriage
doesn’t count anywhere else outside of SF (which is
funny because my partner and I can literally spit into
SF from our house). We’ve always joked with each
other that we’ll go to Toronto, Vancouver, or Boston.
The mayor of SF is also a bit of a publicity hog so
when the announcement came that queers were going to
get married, most of us thought, “yeah, whatever.”

Then Del Lyon and Phyllis Martin got married.

You could hear the collective shock from all over SF.
We still weren’t pretty serious about it. Even my
partner, who’s always been more excited about marriage
than I was, wasn’t too excited about getting married

But we figured, hell, Valentine’s day, convenient, and
we’re a part of history. We arrive there in casual
gear, both in jeans and t-shirts, and wait in line.

And wait. And wait.

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i need to blog

All In Your Mind is one of those cuts that warms me. Need a little heat this time of year... Every trip that you take shocks your senses awake / But you can’t turn back time, / You’ll get by when you find it’s no lie / That it’s all in your mind….
All In Your Mind, Swing Out Sister, Living Return
Well, no. I actually need a new laptop.
And then I can blog with abandon.
But since that’s not the case, I must deal with aggravation. It’s so hard being sexy delicious me.
I haven’t been blogging in a second ’cause of a little rut in my head, but thanks to Lissa, she’s told me that it’s a cool thing to blog and observe. The cool people do that, you know. I think I wanna be cool in the oh fresh! Although, I don’t wanna be as cool as it is outside right now, no sir, no ma’am.
My name for today? Well, since this weekend is a payday weekend, I can call myself a Sugar Daddy. That’s a little too out there for me though. I think, since it’s just a weekend, I’ll call myself Nutrasweet Negro for a couple of days or so. Other names: Cute Contractor? Delicious Deadbeat? Of course, I could always be called Mr. Whiney Poo.
There are five websites that are in design phase right now and will be going into fruition within the next month, so stay tuned. I’m a technical architect, not a decorator, unless you think that crayons and markers constitute contemporary art.
I had a total of 15 links this week to alert the masses to, but the fact that my computer is down yet again, I’ll give you the two that I can find in the here and now. Blogline links of mention in the here and now:
1. From American Black to Rap News Direct -> Best Rapper Quotes of 2003.
2. I’m going to give props where props is due. The Republic of T is now a nominee of the 2003 Koufax Awards. Since this is my first time hearing about it, it’s exciting to see something like this. There’s quite a few blogspaces out there…if you can’t tell, my bloglines and blogrolling have expanded into something that makes surfing the web a full-time job.
The other interesting ones also come from NegroPlease, Negrophile, and Prometheus 6, but right now, the links are on lock until Prometheus cooperates.
I won’t lie that each time my bank statements from Dreamhost and Typepad remind me that I have webspace that I need to use, I feel bad because I don’t use them like I should. Therefore, following the masses of MisterJT and Monique, it’s only appropriate that I use my blogspaces to their advantage. Look for more postings on eXponent since 1) I buy more music than the law allows each week, and 2) Anthony Hamilton fans still continue to add comments on my postings there, so I think it’s only appropriate to start the new year off with some more reviews. Musiq comes instantly to mind. Keep it on lock. I think the juices are flowing…
…now if I could just stop them from dripping on the carpet…

big post of life premiere

big post of life list, version 2003.12.08

I’m not a one trick pony…
One Trick Pony, Nelly Furtado, Folklore

I’m a little evil this month. Prometheus is still
on it’s last legs. I’ll keep going ’till the proverbial fat lady sings, or I
purchase another one next year.
But until that happens, I shall remain le

Monday, 08 December 2003.
EJ’s Big Post of Life List.

See, there’s a method to this madness. If Jason and Trent can do it, then
why can’t I? Plus it’s easier. So, without further ado…

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picturesque – november

picturesque – november

You’ve got me looking at blue skies dreamin’ of your eyes, realize…
Your eyes should be looking at me…..

"Is There More", Efua, Dream Juice

It’s Thanksgiving, and what better way to express Thanksgiving than to burp.
Wait a minute, that’s not right. Let me try again.
I’d like to thank the masses for a jolly good Thanksgiving. To show just how
jolly it is, what better way to express myself than through pictures I took?

Here are the November pictures. Well, whatever happened to the October pictures,
you ask? As is usual for pictures, they aren’t posted unless they are approved
by the poser(s). Since the October pictures were not approved, they were not

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