friday melodies all around.

There’s things that have been going on inside my head, in the gym, and in my workplace that have made this a seriously long week, and I’m just glad to get through it all. I know everyone’s missed Old School Wednesday, and along that same token, even though I have lots of things around me, I’m lacking one small thing, and that’s time.
Not to say there isn’t a lot of good stuff out there, because there is. Let me shine some light onto three blogs specifically that have been lighting me up for the past couple of days.

  1. Todd Kelley’s Old School Wednesday was my personal highlight, and I forgot to mention it and give him his props. I grew up in the south and Zapp was played so frequently, I could pretty much sing all the songs from memory.
  2. Toshi’s Groovy Mix Volume 1. I would be lying if I said I had ever heard half of these songs. It’s eclectic, it’s danceable, and it’s great stuff.
  3. J. Brotherlove’s Deck The Halls With Drum n Bass. J introduced me to drum and bass a while back and while my favorite music these days is mellow, electronica grooves, there’s great stuff that I often miss when my mind is strictly in the old school vibe. I’ve got to say he’s taught me well.

There’s a lot of thoughts going on in my head, mostly my top 10 of the year, but it’s coming slowly but surely. It’s getting harder, however, considering there’s some really good stuff out now and I’m not sure how fair it would be to put something in that I just started listening to a week ago.
Enjoy, people, enjoy. There’s a little something for everyone.

friday melodies xx: working o.t. (rap/hip hop)

You too can work at 16 hour day, miss The Apprentice, and still manage to do
a Had to keep myself energized, too, so I got a little help…

Friday Melodies XX – Working OT: Rap and Hip Hop.

We’re doing all hip hop/rap inflected music today, because my homey Godizus*
was able to drop quite a few of these tunes to me while I was setting up for the
long evening ahead. He’s got wisdom and a magic touch. Check it.

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friday melodies xix

It’s been a long week.

Friday Melodies XIX – The
Original Way
, and now A
New Way
. I’m still working on the new way and it has it’s kinks, but it’s
pretty nifty. We have Ofrenda
to thank for this hookup.

1 D*Note Say What You Mean
2 Mojaji f/ Jag No Disguise
3 Lalah Hathaway Outrun the Sky
4 New Edition Newness
5 Koop Waltz For Koop
6 Loose Ends Love Controversy, Part I.
7 Caron Wheeler Enchanted
8 Davina Love’s Comin’ Down
9 Kenny Bobien Hiya Luv
10 Martin Luther Liquid Sunshine
11 D’Nell This Thing
12 Georg Levin (I Got) Somebody New
13 Enzo Cicala and Marie Tweek Our Family
14 Justin Timberlake/Timbaland Good Foot

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friday melodies, xviii.

friday melodies xviii

Music has gotten me through this week. It’s been a little stressful (ok, very
stressful), and I’m sure I could talk about work forever, but I think I’d rather
just listen to music. Let’s end it on a high note, shall we? There’s hip hop,
there’s mellow music…in fact, there’s a little house here too.

Mixing it up
a little– Friday
Melodies XVIII

1 Jon B with Dirt McGirt Everytime
2 Raphael Saadiq I Know Suggie Otis
3 D-Influence Phunky Times
4 LL Cool J Can’t Explain It
5 Toshi with Mos Def Living For Today
6 Talib Kweli Never Been In Love
7 Rafael Saadiq /Tony Toni Tone / Lucy Pearl Rifle Love
8 Jon B Lately
9 De La Soul featuring Yummy Much More
10 Lyfe Jennings The Way I Feel About You
11 Slum Village Old Girl/Shining Star
12 John Legend Live It Up
13 Joi Cardwell Be Yourself
14 Cheryl Lynn Sweet Kind of Life
15 Abenaa Rain

Two tracks (2 and 7) are from Rafael Saadiq’s Ray
album, but the one that is most special to me is the track Rifle
, with Tony Toni Tone and Lucy Pearl accompanying him. Tracks 1 and
8 are from Jon B’s new album, Stronger
. Notice the vocal stylings (!) of Dirt McGirt in Everytime.

Track 10 is from Lyfe Jenning’s Lyfe
album. Cheryl Lynn’s Sweet Kind of Life is a nice track
off of the Shark
soundtrack. Be Yourself by Joi Cardwell
is from the awesome house CD Blaze
Presents Artists United for Life

Nod your head. It’s a little bit of everything. Enjoy.

friday melodies xvii.

After doing such a superb job with OSW and having a great week at work, I thought
maybe I’d just skip the Friday Melodies and try to post something a little more
substantial. However, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I’d
leave out a piece of myself to start the weekend off with. Besides, there were
a couple of things going on that I couldn’t just let fall by the wayside:

1. KB’s third
of Buccho. Listen to his Friday Melodies. Read about it. Show
your support.
2. Ray talks about Sexomania.
3. Lis had Wendy And Lisa’s I’ve Got No Strings in
, which made me find this
interview with the two
4. Lynne’s man Q is really
getting his scribe on

Dropping the tunes late in the evening, but the weekend’s just beginning, right?
Melodies 17.

1 D’Influence f/Lily Roy Wondering
2 Mayisha Orbit
3 Magic Number Turn Back
4 Miguel Migs Brand New Day
5 Calvin Harris with Ayah Let Me Know
6 Zap Mama Yelling Away
7 Brand Nubian Where Are You Now
8 Kaskade Maybe
9 Raphael Saddiq/Teedra Moses I Want You Back
10 De La Soul Church
11 Toshi It’s Time
12 Talib Kweli / Mary J. Blige I Try
13 John Legend I Used To Love You
14 Toshi Beating of My Heart
15 The Rebirth This Journey In

Groove it forward.

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friday melodies xvi.

I said it before, and I’ll say it again….and as Michelle,
and KB
said it: October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Make
your donation
, show your support. All day. Every day.

Onward and upward. Friday
Melodies 16.

This one’s also an A Side/B Side. The A side is comprised of some songs that made
me feel good, with quite a bit of it from recommendations from others. Side B
is a direct result of Lalah Hathaway’s new album Outrun
The Sky
. Several of the tracks were produced by Mike City, inspiring me to
go back and pull some of his production from the not-so-distant past.

Side A:
01 – "Rise" by Martin Luther. When Trent
, I listen. I wanted to place more tracks of his in this mix, but a little bit
every week is good.
02 – "Down Here In Hell" by Van Hunt.
03 – "Testin’ Me" by Pevin Everett. This song was part of the
mix of Unabombers’s first release of Electric
. Obtaining the second set and liking it so much made me go back and pull
the first release.
04 – "Maybe" by Eric
. From Esoteric. This song always makes me smile.
05 – "Hard Times" by Queen Latifah. From The Dana
Owens Album
, the new release. I’m impressed by this album.
06 – "(Where Do I Begin) Love Story [Away Team Mix]" by Shirley
Bassey. This is from the Supperclub
Presents Lounge, Volume 3
. I liked this because it added heavy beats to a
classic song. Quite different.
07 – "Let Me In" by Larry
. From the new CD, Love’s
. Mellow house.
08 – "Show Me Love" by D’Influence featuring Sarah Anne Webb.
One can hope for a reunion, right?

Side B: Mike City
09 – "A Little Sunshine" by Sunshine Anderson. The release
first single released, Heard It All Before, was well known, but there were several other
highlights on the album. This was the one I wished was released.
10 – "I Wish" by Carl Thomas. We can’t call it old-school,
according to the definitions above, but we can certainly say it’s a great song,
can’t we?
11 – "One Woman Man" by Dave Hollister.
12 – "Full Moon" by Brandy.
13 – "Love It" by Bilal.
14 – "Better and Better" by Lalah Hathaway. It’s on her just-released
album Outrun The Sky, one of my favorite cuts from the CD.
15 – "No Place Like Home" by Blu Cantrell.
16 – "Make It Right" by Carl Thomas.

Everybody needs a little sunshine to brighten up their day.

friday melodies xv.

You didn’t think I forgot did you?

Friday Melodies XV.

01 – "Bandy Bandy" by Zap
. Complete with Erykah Badu. I’m sure if you haven’t heard this yet, you’re
missing out.
02 – "She’s Got Soul" by NSM. From The
, of course.
03 – "The Oldest Story" by P’Taah. It’s an interesting album.
04 – "Popular" by Taja Seville. Wonder where she is these days.
05 – "Dedication" by Beef Wellington featuring Melissa Mya.
This is from Unabombers also, but the most interesting thing
happened: in one of the scenes of the premiere of The
this season, this song was being played by one of the trucks rolling
down the street in one of the scenes between the cats on the street. I still rewind
that scene constantly.
06 – "Sunshine" by Antonique. From Soul
Lounge Part I
07 – "After Party" by Koffee Brown. I hate to say it, but they
were one-hit wonders. This was the hit.
08 – "Something Real" by Seek.
09 – "Runaway" by Eric
. From his new CD, Esoteric.
10 – "Yaku" by Zap Mama. I can sing this tune and not have
things thrown at me.
11 – "How Close" by Shara Nelson. From What
Silence Knows
12 – "Won’t Take No" by Joel Virgel. Very cool guy to just
shoot the breeze with.
13 – Miracle from St. Juste.
From The Confession Booth Sampler.

Don’t stop, you ain’t gotta stop.

friday melodies xiv.

Picture this – I’m sitting here watching The
. The task? For them to make a new flavor for their ice cream
and sell it. That’s two new flavors to be created.

See where I’m going with this?
Oh, da hell with it! *wink*

Melodies XVI.

This mix is a thank-you for a couple of people who sent CDs to me, plus a little
bit of a tease to some of the bloggers who have been expressing interest to
certain tunes from previous radio blogs and exponent. You know who you are.

01 – Anthony David
Spittin’ Game. For a certain person who swoons over Anthony David
melodies. One word: inspired.
02 – Nubian Minds featuring KJ – Dreaming. Three words: mack daddy
cut. From Unabombers:
Electric Soul 2
03 – Blue Six – Pure. This is for someone who was looking for Naked
Music: Bare Essentials, Volume 1
04 – Dynasty – I’ve Just Begun to Love You. Someone didn’t remember
anything from Dynasty, so I had to pull this out of the crate. A little head
noddin’ old school.
05 – Only Child featuring Niko – Show Me Love. Off of Only Child’s Solitaire and Grand Central Translation: A Mix by Qool DJ Marv.
06 and 07 – Nicki Richards’ Sunshine and DJ Chus and David Penn featuring
Darren J. Bell’s Sunshine (Mediterranean Vocal Mix). Sunshine personified.
08 – Wendy and Lisa – Everyday. From Fruit at the Bottom.
09 – Fertile Ground – Live In The Light. From …Black Is.
10 – St. Juste – Big Shoes. A cool guy named Ian, the maestro of Notes
from A Different Kitchen
, dropped this my way. Pound pound.
11 – Ernesto – Especial. Pulling yet another one out of my stack.
12 – Incognito – True To Myself. Back to the mellow.

Back to watch the the ice cream melt.

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friday melodies xiii

I had this sitting out for a while, and didn’t post last week.
I’m going to lift my spirits though, and let’s hope I can lift yours.

Melodies XIII.

01. SincereThe
Foreign Exchange
with Yahzarah. This is a song I see being released from
The Foreign Exchange – being that I haven’t seen any releases as of yet, I’m
anxious to hear something.
02. Talk to MeJill
. I haven’t received an *umph* yet from this album, but this track
speaks volumes.
03. Another Day – Fertile Ground. From the new release Black
I’m currently vibing with them.
04 & 05. Grenique and Heatwave – Star of the Story. There were
a couple of comments left that suggested that Grenique’s remake of Star of the
Story was not good. Asking your opinion now….which one is better, in your
06. Anthony David
Heartstrings. I’m absorbing the low key song. Saw him as an opening
act for Omar and the album is much better than I expected. I’ll be featuring
more as the month goes on.
07. Beanfield with Ernesto – Someone Like You. Electronica vibrations.
08. Loopless – Educated Fools (Waiting On).
09, 10, and 11. Minneapolis representation – Be Your Man from Jesse
Johnson, Housequake from Prince, and Shortberry Strawcake,
from Sheila E.

I’m whistling Star of the Story – trying to get past the hurt.

friday melodies xii.

I’m trying to be good and go to bed early so I can wake up funky fresh on Friday.
Anthony David is
gracing the night with his release party for his CD.

Melodies XII.

01. Ernesto – Soul Creation. From Ernesto’s Album. Exponent vibe forthcoming.
02. Foreign Exchange – All That You Are. I’ve been stuck in the hip-hop mood.
Actually, trying to categorize them as hip-hop might be a little too constricting,
since their vibes encompass nu-soul and jazzy vibes as well.
03. The Family – River Run Dry.
04. Naked Music NYC – If I Fall. From What’s On Your Mind.
05. Goapele f/Papa Love – Ease Your Mind.
06. Caron Wheeler – Blue (Is The Colour of Pain).
07. Loopless – Is The Phone Broke or Something? They’re the second
set that’s been in my head all week as well. This song is reminiscent of Randy
Crawford and the Crusaders. Check it out.
08. Mint Condition – Back to Your Lovin’.
09. Boney James with Dwele – Break of Dawn. Mellow personified.
10. Dwele – Let Your Hair Down. From Subject.
11. Lucy Pearl featuring Q-Tip and Snoop Doggy Dogg – You.
12. Case – Shine.
13. Stevie Wonder – All I Do. Case was on the Stevie vibe, so it
was only proper to continue by gracing our ears with Stevie himself.
14. Blaze – Wishing You Were Here. A little house always helps.
15. Timmy Gatling – Rock Me Good. Finishing up on the old-school tip.

Hear this, and listen with your heart…..

friday melodies xi

It’s the end of a busy workweek and there’s not much to report. All I know is
that Lynne, Ronn,
and a couple of other Leo’s have had birthdays that have kept
themselves under the radar.

Everything else? Well, it’s the music of course.
1. Jamie Cullum’s
CD Twentysomething
has just arrived, so I’ll be absorbing that this weekend, captivated by Michelle’s
testimony of it.

2. Swing Out Sister‘s
new CD, Where
Our Love Grows
, was released last month overseas. You know I couldn’t wait,
so it’s in my player this weekend as well.
3. Swing Out Sister, Jean
, and Boney James
CDs were in my hands on the same day. Eclectic or strange? You decide.

And yes, I have not forgotten. There’s a lot that needs to be said about exponent
this weekend. That’s my main goal right now, so stay tuned.

Melodies XI.

01. Swing Out Sister – Love Won’t Let You Down.
02. HeavyDo For
. I received their EP from Moods Music. I’ll disperse more info as I
can get my hands on it.
03. En Vogue – Losin’ My Mind. From Soul
04. Incognito – Close My Eyes.
05. Next – Too Close.
06. Black Eyed Peas featuring Esthero – Weekend.
07. DJ Zeph – Midnight Crewsade.
08. Santessa – Irresistable. From Delirium.
09. Michael Johnson featuring Santessa – Play The Game. From Vibrations.
10. Jean Grae – Love Song.
11. Platinum
Pied Pipers
featuring Neco Red – I Luv 2 U. From Extra Medium’s
Bill. He got
me hooked.
12. Loose Ends – Don’t You Ever (Try To Change Me).
13. Teena Marie – Hit Me Where I Live. From La
. I still have mixed feelings about this CD. Not as good as I want it
to be.
14. Swing Out Sister- Let the Stars Shine.
15. Jamie Cullum – Frontin’. I loved this outtake of the original.
16. GoapeleCloser.

Love won’t let you down.

friday melodies x.

fridays melodies x.

Can we talk?

I haven’t blogged the entire week because I’ve been in a pretty down mood, with
my work assignment in danger of ending on Friday the 13th with no hope of a
followup gig. I’m happy to say that it’s been confirmed that EJ will not need
to be workin’ at the car wash. Of course this also means that I need to catch
up to sending some CDs out (I’m sure the Burn-It people aren’t
happy with me right now), send gifts out to some wonderful people, blog
about the Prince concert
, and let you know what’s going on in this head
of mine.

1. Anita Baker’s album, My Everything, comes out on September
7th. If you’re an Anita Baker fan, pre-order
the album now
. The first two tracks on this selection are two of the songs
that stuck with me.
2. On the other side of the coin, Jazzanova’s …Mixing
was released this summer. It’s a very different vibe and a great CD in and of
itself. Three tracks here are from that CD.
3. George Michael’s album Patience
was recommended
by the lovely Cecily
and I was slow in picking it up.
4. Res? Sister
said so.
5. After hearing Beverley
with Jamiroquai,
I wondered when
I would hear more from her
. I found out she had one album out, but I didn’t
pick it up. Talk about missing the train! Her fourth
(yes fourth) album, Affirmation, came out this summer also.

Close your eyes and count to 10…
Friday X

01. Anita Baker – Close Your Eyes.
02. Anita Baker – You’re My Everything.
03. Eddie Jackson – You Make Me Want to Smile Again. From
Red Star Sounds, Volume 1: Soul Searching.

04. Aya – Do What You Want.
05. Res – Ice King.
06. George Michael – Cars and Trains.
07. Beverley Knight – Salvador.
08. Don Scribbs – When Your Ups Are Down. Also from Red Star Sounds.
09. Jazzanova – Dance The Dance (AtJazz Remix).
10. Res – Let Love.
11. Angela Winbush – Treat U Rite. Back to the old school. Production
by Chuckii
12. Baby Blue featuring Glenn Lewis – Hot Girl.
13. Jazzanova featuring Nicola Kramer, Clara
, and Georg Levin – Let Your Heart Be Free. A remake of a Patrice
Rushen tune.
14. Beverley Knight – Keep This Fire Burning.
15. Sirius Mo – U-Again. Also from …Mixing.
16. George Michael – Flawless (Go To The City). I saw the
video and thought it was hilarious.
17. Beverley Knight – Come As You Are.

Let your heart be free.

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friday melodies ix.

It’s a feel-good vibe I have for you this weekend.

Friday IX

01. Central Living- Inside. It’s from Bare
Essentials, Volume Two
. Central Living’s vocalist, Lisa Shaw, can be heard everywhere, most notably with Miguel Migs.
02. Beanfield with Bajka- Home. From Seek.
03. Blue 6 – Music and Wine (Th’ Attaboy Vocal). From Bare
Essentials, Volume One

04. Slave – Just a Touch of Love. Air bass. That’s
all I’m sayin’
05. Groove Collective- Everything is Changing (Swag Mix). A great instrumental, also
from Bare
Essentials, Volume One
. Almost
06. Madvillain Featuring Stacy Epps – Eye. The absorption from this
album comes from Mister JT
and Trent, who’ve
both listed it as one
of the
finest albums, if not one of the most innovative, so
far this year
. I’m feelin’ it.
07. Aquanote – All Over You. Because I’m feeling Naked Music and their
vibes these days. Also from Bare Essentials, Volume 2.
08. A Tribe Called Quest- Go Ahead In The Rain. From People’s
Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm
09. Madvillain – Curls.
10. Loose Ends – Love’s Got Me. From Look
How Long
, Loose Ends’ final CD. Feelin’ a little funky.
11. Adriana Evans – Trippin’.
12. Towa Tei with Bahamadia and Viv. Happy. From Sound
. Someone
else was on the Bahamadia tip
, so I had to pull this one out.
13. Kid N’ Play – Ain’t Gonna Hurt Nobody. Old school hip hop, part
14. Lewis Taylor – Madman. From stoned,
part II
15. Power Station – Some Like It Hot. If not air bass, then definitely

Just a touch of love. A little bit.

friday melodies viii.

I’m up late at night workin’ and I have to stay awake. Good thing music’s keeping
me up. Yesterday as I went to the record store to purchase a couple of new CDs,
two interesting things happened:

1. Trina Broussard was playing;
2. Incognito’s new CD had just arrived.

Trina Broussard’s most familiar song was on the Love
soundtrack – a remake of the Minnie
song Inside My Love. Although the song is not
on her new CD, The Same Girl, the album is not a dissapointment. Three songs
are included here for your listenin’ pleasure.

back with the CD Adventures
in Black Sunshine
, this time with Maysa
on seven tracks. Needless to say, I’m very impressed with the CD. Hope you will
be too.

Friday VIII

01. Trina Broussard – No Way Out.
02. Aquanote – True Love.
03. Incognito – Don’t Turn My Love Away.
04. Trina Broussard – These Are The Days.
05. Incognito – The World Is Mine.
06. Magic Number – Everyday (Instrumental).
07. Trina Broussard – Joy.
08. Walter Jones – GC’s Theme (Instrumental). from Lounge
Candelas Version II
, also released this week.
09. New Birth – It’s Been A Long Time. The wayback machine was stuck
in front of me for a sec.
10. Incognito – Listen to the Music.
11. Incognito – True To Myself.
12. Aquanote – Come Around.
13. Mocca Soul – Deep Sea So Blue. Soul || Soul anyone?
14. Cee Lo – Evening News (featuring Chazzle and Sir Cognac). You
know how I do

Let the sunshine in.

friday melodies vii.

I’m trying to elevate myself out of the stress that is work to hang out in
New York City with the cool people this weekend. I find myself needing to be
more mellow and less postal.

In my mind:

1. The blogpham is scheduled to hang in NYC on Sunday. Want to hang? Email me
and/or stay tuned to this site as things develop.
2. I got inundated with spam so some comments got deleted inadvertedly (memo
to Six Apart: bring back MT Blacklist!) I’m restoring the comments from previous
posts, but it’s a lot of cutting and pasting. Don’t worry, the love is there,
even if you can’t see it.
3. I’ve got three double plays in this arby:
You’ll see two cuts from Brigette McWilliams. When the album came out, J.
bought Take
Advantage of Me
and played it nonstop, and of course I had to purchase it, its tunes etched into
my brain forevermore. It didn’t stay in my house long, floating away like half
of my collection always seemed to. He had it in his hands again a week ago,
and of course I had to spin it.
4. I now have the Magic
CD That
, and it’s my favorite Neo Soul, Electronica, mellow groove CD so far
this year. Seeing it sell out at the record store not once but twice made me
feel good about getting one of the first 5 to enter into the store. I feel a
review coming on.
5. Who dropped the knowledge ’bout Miguel
? Jason T aka NegroPlease,
and being in the mellow mood, I had to pick it up again and spin it around.

Friday VII

01. Brigette
Cherish This Love. A cut from a decade ago.
02. D’Influence
Shake It.
03. Magic Number – Suddenly.
04. Miguel Migs – One Wish For Me.
05. Magic Number- Fly Away.
06. Alexander O’Neal – What Is This Thing Called Love? Minneapolis
old school still in effect.
07. Don Blackman – Holding You, Loving You. From Another
Late Night
08. Miguel Migs – The One.
09. Brigette Williams – No Groove Sweating. A Marvin Gaye vibe in full
10. Miguel Migs – Soul Vibe. Speeding it up a little.
11. After 7 – No Better Love.
12. Cameo – Skin I’m In.
13. Blackalicious – Green Light: Now Begin. Still movin’. Still groovin’.
14. Lenny Kravitz – Fly Away.
15. Heart – There’s The Girl. Nothin’ wrong with a little pop rock
to end it off.

Green Light: Now Begin.