The Fifty of 2005: The Top 25 (1-25)

Finishing up the 50 songs of 2005 (songs 26-50 are posted here), here are:

The Fifty of 2005: The Top 25 (1-25).

25 – Jamiroquai – Starchild. I hate to use the term "standard Jamiroquai," but this is definitely what I expect to hear from them, particularly the background vocals, which carry the song. The mantra "there’s a Superman comin’" puts this song over the top for me.
24 – Vanessa Freeman – Dawning Of A New Day.
This track was on London Soul, which prompted me to purchase Shades. Vanessa’s vocals are great, and the scratchin’ lit this track up.
23 – Symbolyc One & Illmind – Night Like This Featuring Darien Brockington & Big Pooh (Of Little Brother).
Yeah, there’s a nice rap dropped in this cut, but it’s the fact that Darien and Big Pooh (!!) sung on that make it a superb cut..
22 – Platinum Pied Pipers – Stay With Me (feat. Tiombe Lockhart).
The fact that Triple P is my favorite CD of 2005 makes it extremely difficult to choose two tracks from it. This is one of the ones I kept playing over and over.
21 – Benny Sings – Unconditional love.
Benny drops a head-nodding track. Absolutely refreshing since it fits in all genres.
20 – Carmen Rodgers – (The Way I Want To) Touch You.
Captain and Tennille did it, and Carmen knocked it out the box. Chill out with it.

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The Fifty of 2005: 26-50

It’s time to put 2005 to rest and focus on this year’s musical goodness, which is already off and running. We’ve dropped the albums, now it’s time for the singles.

The Fifty of 2005: 26-50.

My rule: no more than two from each artist or group, which makes it more challenging but eliminates the chance of putting most of the tracks of a CD on the list.

50 – Rich Medina – Happiness. From Connecting The Dots, a CD that definitely touched on many styles. The spoken word of this song appealed to me.
49 – Kanye West – Bring Me Down (Feat. Brandy).
Brandy and Kanye already have that hip-hop/appeal. It’s about the orchestration and Brandy’s inspirational vocals. I almost feel like I’m in church listening to this cut.
48 – Amerie – All I Need.
Yeah, One Thing was a great track, but for some reason, it didn’t hit me as hard as it hit everyone else (the video, now, is a different story – but I digress). All I Need did. The sampling and the vocal structure are cool, but it’s all about the percussion, which refuses to keep the track in straight 4/4 time. I love it.
47 – Middle Child – What If.
Take a free form conversation and sing it. Now set it to a good beat. That’s what Middle Child and J. Rawls did. Good stuff.
46 – Raul Midon – State Of Mind.
I’ve heard that Raul is phenomenal in concert. If it’s as good, or even better than this, then I’d expect sold-out shows everywhere.

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The Mighty Dozen of 2005

It’s time to close out 2005, especially since I closed out 2004 with one. The 50 of ’05 will be next, but for now, let’s bring out The Mighty Dozen……

Champagne People12.
Champagne People

Benny Sings
Sonar Kollectiv

I’m sure one or two people (or 50) will find this strange that I like this CD. He’s neither Mariah nor Common, he’s just another guy. It’s good stuff, however. I picked up this CD after I became intrigued with his CD I Love You.

Check Out: Unconditional Love, Party, Together

Gordon Chambers11.
Introducing Gordon Chambers
Gordon Chambers
The Orchard

An award winning songwriter and a great singer, Gordon Chambers manages to supply a solid album perfect for the Urban Contemporary landscape.

Check Out: Touch You There, Slippin’ Away, Always Be Proud

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KB’s Favorite Albums of 2005

Happy New Year, peeps! It’s your favorite blogger’s favorite blogger: KB. While my blog is on a ghetto sabbatical I figured I’d take advantage of the fact that EJ is in the corner, drunk like a hobo, and take over his blog for the 400th entry. All week Brotha EJ has been asking for my top albums of ’05 so I figured I’d post it here on his site. Keep in mind this does not include compilations and reissues so great albums such as Motown Remixed, DJ Maj’s Boogiroot, and Midnight Soul Vols.1 & 2 were not included.

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