OSW: the triple threat

You know when they say that great minds think alike? Well imagine when there
were two minds that helped shape this OSW. It’s the meeting of the minds – Fresh!
and Phill. But first, let me answer some of these questions posted last week:

Q: Unlimited Touch – I Hear Music In The Streets – Yep, one of Prelude’s
gems. Nice jam, along with the sleeper Private Party. Trivia – The lead female
singer also sang lead on what Jeff Lorber hot dance tune?

A: Audrey Wheeler is one of the lead female singers, but for the life of me
I can’t remember which Jeff Lorber track she sung on. I do remember her doing
background vocals for Luther Vandross. But what I really, really liked her in
was another cut from D-Train called Misunderstanding (which
I coudn’t find in time for this arby).

Q: Steve Arrington – Weak At The Knees – Man, phat nasty and funky. I think
one of Steve’s nastiest jams. DoubleTrivia – What famous black haircare product
commercial did Stevie sing lead on and recorded with Slave for? and what is
Stevie doing now?
A: It took me a while but I remember when I was doing some research on
Slave’s bass player and them talking about one of the radio commercials they
did. I want to say it’s Soul Glo, but I have a feeling I am so wrong. Of course,
I do know what Stevie is doing now and that is ministry for a church, where
he also plays drums. Trivia in return: what was the name of the bass player,
and what famous song did he arrange and play bass on that was not done
with Slave?

Q: The System – You Are In My System – I..love…The System!. This is a
cah-lass-ic. I’ve always been awed by David Franks, intricate but phat drum
and synth programming! I have everything they released. DoubleTrivia – Mic Murphy
was a roadie for what R&B band before hookin’ up with Dave Frank? (Hint:
"Keeep Your Body Workin’") and what unknown diva (living in the same
building as Mic) did The System record demos for her, while she was yet an unknown
singer? (Hint: "Vogue")

A: David Frank lived in the same building as Madonna, of course. I couldn’t tell
you who we was a roadie for though. Woah!

As you can see, Fresh! up got me thinking about the next OSW, but there was
actually someone else behind the scenes as well, and that someone is Phill,
the man from Enigmatic
Musings of a Cynical Mind.
Way back when, there was an arby that KB and
I did a collaboration on, and that was Parliament. Some time later, Phill and
I, early in the morning, started going back and forth about music, old school,
and taking ventures on the wayback machine, and that’s where this arby comes
from. Presenting:

School Wednesday: The Triple Threat – EJ, Phill, and Fresh!

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OSW: the Fresh! mix

When Fresh! from Vibes n Scribes hits me
up, you know I have to answer the call. In case you’re unfamiliar with Fresh!,
know that he is the man who vibes,
who scribes,
and is also one of the
masterminds behind a production company
. He asked, so I had to deliver:

School Wednesday: The Fresh! Mix.

These songs range from the disco era (1978) to the nineties (1993). (Pop quiz:
which song is the oldest? Which song is the newest?)

01 – Invisible Man’s Band – All Night Thing.
02 – Foxy- Get Off.
03 – D-Train – You’re The One For Me.
04 – Unlimited Touch – I Hear Music In The Streets.
05 – Steve Arrington – Weak At The Knees.
06 – Howard Johnson – So Fine.
07 – Kashif – Lover Turn Me On.
08 – Chic – Your Love.
09 – The System – You Are In My System.
10 – Aurra – Are You Single.
11 – Mac Band – Roses Are Red.

Tell me….were you when you first heard some of these cuts?
Show your love! Reminisce, and enjoy the vibe.


Today’s OSW is bought to you by the initials CITNWABOI, dropped
to us by none other than our pal and host Joe…better known as Metaphyzxx.
You may wonder what CITNWABOI means. Rather than tell you,
why don’t I share a little bit of our IM convo just last week, while we were
talking about old-school EWF and….well, read on:

[0751] Joe: a little EWF, Chi-Lites, Bloodstone
[0751] EJ: ooooh
[0751] Joe: I was listenin to Natural High the other day
[0751] EJ: don’t get me started, cause i’ll certainly keep that in mind
for the next OSW.
[0751] Joe: why all the male singers in the 70’s wanna sing like they
was wearin their toddler’s drawls
[0751] Joe: or got clubbed in the nuts with a bag of ice
[0752] EJ: LMAO
[0752] EJ: i might have to quote you on that.
[0752] Joe: you can have it
[0752] EJ: we were gonna do an OSW with the whiners: Rome, Keith….

[0753] Joe: OH LORD……..
[0811] Joe: oh, I can do stuff…
[0811] EJ: you gonna drop it on us? that way we can pull everybody over
to your spot Wednesday.
[0811] Joe: think about it.. "Didn’t I blow ya mind this time, didn’t
[0812] Joe: for next wednesday…
[0812] Joe: I can do it
[0812] EJ: Stylistics/Chi-Lites.
[0812] Joe: gotta do some research on format, but it’s on
[0812] Joe: Blue Magic
[0812] Joe: Sideshow

Make no mistake about it, Joe brings us the hotness with our CITNWABOI!

Stop laughing (and wincing) and show your love!