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OSW: The Xquizzyt1 Mix: 70’s Slow Jams, Part 2

She did it again. From Stevie to Teena, to The Floaters to The Manhattans, and then with Love Unlimited Orchestra AND The Dells? Pssh. All I have to do every Wednesday is sit back and let it flow.

OSW: The Xquizzyt1 Mix, Old School Hip-Hop

Xquizzyt1 drops it again, from Run DMC to Brand Nubian to EPMD to Marley Marl…I could go on and on, right? Right.

OSW: Tracking The Hits, Volume 2

Will of In My Write Mind does it again with this OSW…Jason’s Lyric, Love Jones, and a whole lot more, with 19 tracks in all. If you can’t find at least 5 tracks in here that you like, then somethin’ is wrong.

OSW: Tracking The Hits, Volume I

Will from In My Write Mind does it again. Songs from soundtracks. Vibe y’all. And yep, another blog meetup. Check it.

OSW: The Xquizzyt1 Mix, Volume 4 – 70’s Slow Jams

Xquizzyt1 does it again, for the 4th time. Slow Jams from the 70s. Billy Paul, EW&F, Angela Bofill, Normon Conners….and more. 19 in all. You gotta love it.

OSW: In My Write Mind: The Mix

It’s all about In My Write Mind. Will’s the MC, I’m just manning the turntables. From New Edition to Rolls Royce to Heavy D….check it out.

OSW: the Xquizzyt1 mix, volume 2

The Xquizzyt1 Mix. Don’t you love it when she throws it down? Just the right thing for my vacation to NYC on Sunday- and my meetup with the blogpham. You know it’s on!

OSW: springtime freshness, volume i

It’s the vernal equinox. From the Jets to Alexander O’Neal with some Eurythmics sprinkled in…for freshness….it’s all about the spring.

OSW: the Xquizzyt1 mix, volume i

The Xquizzyt1 Mix. From Ralph, to Hi-Five, to Mantronix. She knows how to groove.

OSW: TK 12 – The Mellow Cuts

Old school with a twist of Todd. Watch me mellow out even more. This time with a bakers dozen…..

OSW: The Mackdaddy Mix, Take 2

The Mackdaddy vibe, part II. Art of Noise, Bill Withers, Midnight Star, and more.

OSW: Flyteyme – the overlooked cuts

Remember Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis? Sure you do. Here we have the forgotten cuts – the ones that didn’t get enough props.

OSW: The Mackmommy Mix

Yes, it’s the Mackmommy Mix, part I. From Me’lisa to Chaka, from Pebbles to Adina…you know it’s all good.

OSW: The Mackdaddy Mix

From cheating, to bitterness, to freakin’ every which way you can, to finally becoming a professional mackdaddy…I hereby present to you the Old School Wednesday: The Mackdaddy Mix.

OSW: The Sweetness Mix

It’s OSW…the Honey Mix. Sucrose all around. Mint Condition to Patti Austin to Rainy Davis….and a blast from the past for your eyes.