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OSW: The UK Mix, Volume 4

Imagination, D-Influence, Loose Ends, Shola Ama, Simply Red, Mica Paris, Lisa Stansfield, Culture Club, Hariett, Kiss The Sky, Jhelisa, Ephraim Lewis, AWD.

OSW: mid-to-uptempo

From both sides of the Atlantic (Soul II Soul, Aaliyah, Vesta, SOS) to Minneapolis (MC, Sheila E) to countless others (Steely Dan, Guy, Brick)….

OSW: non-purple minneapolis

Minneapolis – with no Prince. Jesse Johnson, Angel Grant, Lisa Keith, Lo-Key, Mazarati….

OSW: The SOS Band

SOS Band, The Sounds of Success. Old School Wednesday, with touches by Todd Kelley and Fresh! You know how we do.

OSW: Loose Ends

“All Loose Ends, all the time,” Trader Mike said. Who am I to disagree?

OSW: Make my funk the P-Funk

KB – make our funk the P-Funk. We gots to get funked up….

OSW: oh, whatever.

Old School Wednesday. I can play King of Pain over and over and over again.

OSW: euro groovin’, volume ii

So nice, we had to do it twice. Phil Collins, Basia, Scritti Politti….oh, just check it out yourself.

OSW: euro groovin’, volume i

Let’s flip the script a little. Going Euro is the vibe this Wednesday but with a twist. Let’s not concentrate on the melanin this go ’round. Instead, concentrate on the groove.

OSW: the a side/the b side

What’s your definition of ‘old school’? This one? Imagine if you will, a cassette player. Uptempo one side, mellow on the other. From Alexander O’Neal to LL Cool J. From Thomas Dolby to Atlantic Starr…

OSW: the request line

It’s Old School Wednesday again. The requests came in…Shalamar, Robbie Nevil, New Edition, and more. It’s all about the 80s.

OSW: the IM session

KB made me do it. He’s the inspirer, I’m the provider. Old School Wednesday. In your eye, sucka.

old school wednesdays.

Bounce, skate, roll, bounce with Old School Wednesday courtesy of KB….