Swing Out Sister

Swing Out Sister

By request, and quite a bit of brain power, internal struggles, and lot of time, I present to you:

Swing Out Sister: One


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01 – Twilight World [Superb, Superb Mix] (It’s Better To Travel)
02 – Surrender (It’s Better To Travel)
03 – Am I The Same Girl (Get In Touch With Yourself)
04 – My State Of Mind (Beautiful Mess)
05 – Get In Touch With Yourself (Get In Touch With Yourself)
06 – Everyday Crime (Get In Touch With Yourself)
07 – Ordinary People (Living Return)
08 – Better Make It Better (The Living Return)
09 – All I Say, All I Do (Beautiful Mess)
10 – Where In The World (Kaleidoscope World)
11 – Forever Blue (Kaleidoscope World)
12 – Happy When You’re High (Filth And Dreams)
13 – That’s The Way It Goes (Living Return)
14 – Out There (Beautiful Mess)
15 – Certain Shade Of Limelight (Where Our Love Grows)
16 – After Hours (It’s Better To Travel)

Swing  Out Sister: Two


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01 – Breakout (It’s Better To Travel)
03 – Stoned Soul Picnic (Shapes And Patterns)
03 – Somewhere In The World – (Shapes And Patterns)
04 – Don’t Let Yourself Down (Lving Return)
05 – Something Every Day (Beautiful Mess)
06 – La La [Means I Love You] (Living Return)
07 – Beautiful Mess (Beautiful Mess)
08 – Incomplete ithout You (Get In Touch With Yourself)
09 – Happy Ending (Where Our Love Grows)
10 – Notgonnachange (Get In Touch With Yourself)
11 – Heaven Only Knows (The Best Of)
12 – Butterfly (Beautiful Mess)
13 – Stop And Think It Over (Living Return)
14 – You Already Know (Shapes And Patterns)
15 – Something Out Of This World (Shapes And Patterns)
16 – Where Do I Go (Somewhere Deep In The Night)
17 – Shapes And Patterns [Reprise] (Shapes And Patterns)

This took quite a bit of time and thought to put together, as with any great group. Having time constraints and placing the best known cuts along with the absolutely sublime can be an intensive process – but is well woth it. Having been around since 1985, Swing Out Sister’s Corrinne Drewery and Andy Connell (and former member Martin Jackson, who left after the first album “It’s Better To Travel”) have been consistently releasing albums soulful and jazzy, sunny and somber, with the old school vibes infused with new techniques- and they all work flawlessly.

I could not have done this alone, of course, to try to maintain my sanity. Shoutouts go to Shim, Joaquino, Macedonia, DJ Diva, James Madison, Alethea, Lisa, Ricky Mac, Paul E., TGrundy, Damone! and The BlacqueHoney Lounge for seeing me through this ordeal – well worth it.

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If you are familiar with Swing Out Sister, Basia, or Matt Bianco, then I believe that you’re going to like this.  As described on one of the fan websites, they are “somewhere in between Matt Bianco and Swing Out Sister, with a little bit of Sade and Burt Bacharach thrown in” which I agree with wholeheartedly – and personally I’d throw some Michael Franks lyricism and Incognito sensibility as well.

Workshy: One


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01 – Sleepwalking (The Golden Mile)
02 – I Saw The Light (The Golden Mile)
03 – Love Is The Place To Be (The Golden Mile)
04 – Never The Same (Ocean)
05 – Half A Mind (Ocean)
06 – Master Plan (Ocean)
07 – But Alive (Heaven)
08 – Finding The Feeling (Coast)
09 – Too Late (Under The Workshy Influence)
10 – Blue Murder (Coast)
11 – All In The Mind (Under The Workshy Influence)
12 – Something Sweeter (Under The Workshy Influence)
13 – I Get High (Under The Workshy Influence)
14 – True To Life (Under The Workshy Influence)
15 – Way I Feel Today (Unforgettable Collection)
16 – Light Of Day (Unforgettable Collection)
17 – Never The Same (Coast)
18 – All Or Nothing (Allure)

Workshy: Two


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19 – Got It All Together (Allure)
20 – Dive Into Love (Allure)
21 – Somebody (Allure)
22 – Love Squall (Clear)
23 – End Up Here (Clear)
24 – Let It All Go (Clear)
25 – Got It All Clear (Clear)
26 – The Reason (Clear)
27 – You Want It, You Got It (Clear)
28 – Get It On (Clear)
29 – Forever (Mood)
30 – How It Is (Mood)
31 – The Girl In Question (Mood)
32 – The Penny Drops (Mood)
33 – Call On Me (Smile Again)
34 – Throw Away The Key (Bittersweet)
35 – Better Days (Bittersweet)
36 – Out Of The Cold (Smile Again)
37 – You Go Your Own Sweet Way (Heaven)

During an IM conversation from the one and only Ricky Mac from the UK, he pointed me to  the Youtube video for “Half A Mind,” which unfortunately has since been removed.  The song affected me so much that I went to Spotify and was even more impressed by them and then went to Amazon and promptly purchased everything I could from them. With the assistance of Joaquino, I was able to find and purchase even more.  The biggest impact that they had upon me was the fact that they have been out as long as Swing Out Sister and Matt Bianco, but I had never heard about them until now, more than 15 years.  They’ve managed to infuse acid jazz, pop, lite soul, and jazz as well seamlessly.  It was extremely, extremely difficult to pull this and keep the limit to 2 podcasts, which means that you will be hearing more from them as time goes on.

Now, trying to come up with an explanation of each track is extremely difficult as I like all of the tracks in the mix.  “Half A Mind” started the ball rolling for me, “Sleepwalking” kept it moving, and tracks like “Somebody,” “Got It All Together” and “I Get High” are just three of the tracks that keep me going. As you can see, the list goes on and on.  I’d invite you to sit back, relax, and take a listen, and let me know what you think.

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Bluey, Volume 1

…and I’m back after a week of some mishaps, but I’m glad to be back, with a new backdrop. The music is still there, but there’s a few adjustments that need to be made. Check the details out here – and while you’re doing that, download and listen to the tribute to Jean-Paul “Bluey” Maunick.

Bluey, Volume 1. [Click to play or right click-save as to download.

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01 – More Of Myself – Light Of The World
02 – Beautiful Days (Dan’s Uplifting Beats Mix) – Fantastic Plastic  Machine
03 – Visualise Yourself (And Your Mind) – Light Of The World
04 – Parisienne Girl – Incognito
05 – Make You Smile – Brenda Russell
06 – Roots (Back To A Way Of Life) – Incognito
07 – Nights Over Egypt – Incognito
08 – Aspects – Light Of The World
09 – Where The Wind Blows – Citrus Sun
10 – London Town – Light Of The World
11 – Shadows And The Light – Maysa
12 – Tell Me Something – Inner Shade
13 – Can’t Get You Out Of My Head – Incognito
14 – River In My Dreams – Incognito
15 – I Love What You Do For Me – Incognito
16 – Are You With Me – Inner Shade
17 – Still A Friend Of Mine – Incognito

Balancing between real life and putting together is of course a very challenging act but worth the effort. Jean-Paul “Bluey” Maunick is a man of many faces. He is primarily known for creating and nurturing the band Incognito, but has also been an instrumental voice with the bands Citrus Sun and Light Of The World. He has also worked with many acts, and because of this, cannot be contained to just one podcast. This mix contains, in addition to the bands listed above, Brenda Russell, One Nation, Maysa, Jocelyn Brown in Nights Over Egypt, Pamela Anderson in Roots (Back To A Way Of Life) and others which I haven’t mentioned here due to lack of time. Enjoy, and please remember, that there will be more volumes coming – believe me.

Check out more information about Bluey here. Shououts go to JD and Emeka Okoye.
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Christmas, 2009

My gift to you….

Christmas, 2009.




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01 – Donny Hathaway – This Christmas
02 – Stevie Wonder – Someday At Christmas
03 – Luther Vandross – A Kiss For Christmas
04 – Sounds of Blackness – Soul Holidays
05 – BeBe & CeCe Winans_BeBe Winans_CeCe Winans – Jingle Bells
06 – The Salsoul Orchestra – The Little Drummer Boy
07 – Mariah Carey – All I Want for Christmas Is You
08 – Boyz II Men/Brian McKnight/Wanya Morris – Let It Snow
09 – Take 6 – Oh! He Is Christmas
10 – Mariah Carey – O Holy Night
11 – The Jackson 5 – Santa Claus Is Coming to Town
12 – The Whispers – The Christmas Song
13 – Luther Vandross – O Come All Ye Faithful
14 – Alexander O’Neal – Remember Why (It’s Christmas)
15 – New Edition – The Joy Of Christmas
16 – Vanessa Williams – Baby, It’s Cold Outside
17 – Stevie Wonder – Ave Maria
18 – Luther Vandross – Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
19 – Lou Rawls – Santa Claus Is Coming to Town
20 – Johnny Gill – Give Love on Christmas Day
21 – Jackson 5 – I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
22 – Wham! – Last Christmas
23 – Luther Vandross – At Christmas Time
24 – The Salsoul Orchestra – Merry Christmas All
25 – Boyz II Men – Silent Night
26 – Lou Rawls – What Are You Doing New Years Eve_
27 – Whitney Houston – Who Would Imagine a King
28 – Ray Parker, Jr. – Christmas Time Is Here
29 – Lou Rawls – Christmas Will Really Be Christmas
30 – Luther Vandross – Every Year, Every Christmas
31 – New Edition – Give Love On Christmas Day
32 – En Vogue – Silent Night (Happy Holiday Mix)
33 – TLC – Sleigh Ride
34 – Run DMC – Christmas In Hollis
35 – King Sun D Moet – Christmas in the City
36 – Treacherous Three – Santa’s Rap (Beat Street Mix)
37 – The Rap All-Stars – Last Christmas
38 – Prince and the Revolution – Another Lonely Christmas
39 – Alexander O’Neal – Remember Why (It’s Christmas) Reprise

Hope you enjoy this. Special thanks to all that come here often, the Facebook crew and friends and family, I love you all. Keep shining. NOTEL MP3s are available now until Midnight, 12/26 EST from here [right click- save as]. Enjoy! Got requests? Send an email to ejflavors at gmail dot com. For those who’d like to subscribe to these podcasts, enter this link manually into iTunes. Also, please be sure to check out on Flowink.com always keepin’ you in the loop. Take it light.

This Thing: Cupid’s Hunt, 2009

Cupids's Hunt, 2009
Thanks to Mr. T. Grundy, I present:

This Thing: Cupid’s Hunt, 2009

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Full podcast/mix available here. [Click to play or right click-save as to download.

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01 – D-Nell – This Thing
02 – Q-Burns Abstract Message – This Time (featuring Lisa Shaw)
03 – Don Blackman – Holding You, Loving You
04 – Amerie – Why Dont We Fall In Love
05 – Carl Thomas – My Valentine
06 – Giovanca – Pure Bliss
07 – Incognito – I Love What You Do For Me
08 – Ephraim Lewis – Drowning in Your Eyes
09 – Blaze – All That I Should Know
10 – Gaelle – Repetition
11 – D’Sound – Tattooed On My Mind
12 – Adriana Evans – Looking For Your Love
13 – Beanfield with Ernesto – Close to You
14 – Ivana Santilli – You’re So You
15 – Alexander O’Neal – The Morning After
16 – Amp Fiddler – Unconditional Eyes
17 – D Infuence – Falling

I decided to not try to focus on any particular genre, but tracks that made me feel great when I first heard them- and each time I listen to them. I started out with This Thing from D’Nell because the track was my favorite track of 2004 and upon hearing this track, I was hell bent on absorbing all that is D’Nell. I haven’t looked back since. The same thing can also be said about This Time when I was trying to discover all that is Lisa Shaw. Don Blackman’s old school track (that I actually heard off a new-school CD) brings us to throwbacks from Amerie (only 2 minutes, 49 seconds long), and Carl Thomas (scratching blended in with a wonderful string section hook).

Giovanca, Incognito (with Maysa on lead), and Eprhaim Lewis (RIP) with their Amsterdam and UK tracks are followed by New Jersey’s Blaze and one of my favorite tracks from this house group, All That I Should Know. This is followed by Gaelle’s Repetition (which is one of the simplest, yet most-layered tracks that simply say "I love you."). Oslo’s D’Sound has a track entitled Tattooed On My Mind that is followed by arguably my favorite Adriana Evans track from her first LP, Looking For Your Love, with it’s luxurious arrangement of horns strings, and xylophones accentuated by her vocals. Timeless.

Beanfield’s Close To You from the album Seek introduced me to Ernesto. I followed this up with Ivana Santilli’s You’re So You which came out the year before the background vocalist’s first album was released. (I believe you know him as a guy named Dwele). I kept it going with Alex’s The Morning After, Amp Fiddler’s Unconditional Eyes with vocals by Stephanie McKay, and capped it with the last track off of D-Influence’s London CD, Falling. Sarah Anne Webb’s vocals in the final 60 seconds gets me every time.

Got requests? Send an email to ejflavors at gmail dot com. For those who’d like to subscribe to these podcasts, enter this link manually into iTunes. Also, please be sure to check out on Flowink.com always keeping you in the loop. Happy Holidays to all!! Take it light.

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OSW: CH – Valentines Day, 2008

And I’m back. My apologies for the mini-vacation, but I’m 95% better than I was. Without further ado, since tomorrow is Valentines Day, going to drop this a day early…it’s the Cupid’s Hunt podcast, bought to you by Mr. Todd Grundy:

Old School Wednesday: Cupid’s Hunt – Valentine’s Day, 2008

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Podcast/mix available here. [Click to play or right click-save as to download.]
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01- Kashif – Stone Love
02- Lisa Stansfield – Real Love
03- Curtis Hairston – (You’re My) Shining Star
04- Loose Ends – I Can’t Wait (Another Minute)
05- Liz Hogue – Dream Lover
06- Chris Jasper – Like I Do
07- Ernie Isley – Love Situation
08- Mary J. Blige – Love No Limit
09- Loose Ends – Symptoms of Love (Interlude)
10- Bill Withers – Let Me Be the One You Need
11- Lakeside – I Want to Hold Your Hand
12- Earth, Wind & Fire – Sun Goddess
13- Pockets – You And Only You
14- R.J.’s Latest Arrival – Heaven in Your Arms
15- Shanice – Do I Know You?
16- Rene Moore – Never Say Goodbye To Love

To make this blend stand out, I wanted to ensure that none of the tracks here were in Valentines Day 2006 or Valentines Day 2007, were predominately from the 80s, and were not considered major hits upon their release, but were very memorable to me. For instance, not many people remember Curtis Hairston Liz Hogue or Pockets, but were vocalists in their own right. In addition, there were recording artists that were part of major acts that came out with their solo LPs, such as Chris Jasper, Ernie Isley, and Rene Moore. While all of these tracks are memorable, I’ve got to say that Bill Withers, Liz Hogue and Lisa Stansfield stand out in my mind.

There’s more in the podcast of course , so if you’re inclined, take a listen. Hope you enjoy. Stop by periodically, as the other podcasts that give homage to Valentine’s Day will be listed here as they become available. For those who’d like to subscribe to my podcasts, enter this link manually into iTunes. If you have requests, questions, or suggestions, send an email to ejflavors [@] gmail [.] com. Take it light!

[Addendum #1: Today, 2/13, is GrantLove’s birthday…show him some love!]

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OST: Valentines Day, 2006

We preempt Old School Wednesday this week for the special occasion known as Valentines Day, in a more comprehensive mix:

Old School Tuesday : Valentines Day 2006.
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01 – Alexander O’Neal – Do You Wanna Like I Do
02 – Quincy Jones featuring Patti Austin – Somethin’ Special
03 – Loose Ends – Sweetest Pain
04 – Atlantic Starr – Send for Me
05 – Switch – I Wanna Be Closer
06 – Stevie Wonder – Ribbon in the Sky
07 – Heatwave – The Star of The Story
08 – Donny Hathaway & Roberta Flack – You Are My Heaven
09 – Jermaine Jackson – You Like Me Don’t You (Single Version)
10 – One Way – Lady You Are
11 – Deniece Williams – Free
12 – Anita Baker – You’re The Best Thing Yet
13 – Skyy – When You Touch Me
14 – Sade – Kiss of Life
15 – Enchantment – It’s You That I Need
16 – Etta James – At Last
17 – Phoebe Snow – Poetry Man
18 – Chaka Khan – My Funny Valentine
19 – Spandau Ballet – True
20 – Swing Out Sister – You Already Know
21 – Van Morrison – Someone Like You
22 – Gino Vannelli – I Just Wanna Stop
23 – Player – Baby Come Back
24 – The Art of Noise – Moments in Love
25 – The Time – Gigolos Get Lonely Too
26 – Bootsy Collins – I’d Rather Be With You
27 – Prince – Adore
28 – Isley Brothers – Atlantis

I wanted to give a little of the old school staples, like Deniece Williams’s classic Free, and Heatwave’s Star Of The Story, one of my personal top 5 all-time classics. But I thought it be essential to pull out some of blue-eyed soul, like Player’s Baby Come Back or some cuts that were played way back in the day, like Phoebe Snow’s Poetry Man. Also, there is no way I could possibly forget my cassette tapes and 12 inch songs that I’ve bought at least 3 copies of, like Moments In Love and Gigolos Get Lonely Too, essentials for the cool dudes from around the way.

I consider myself one of "least romantic" people out there, as I told my homeslice PhillyKat better known as The Romantical Chick. She gave me that push that I needed. Enjoy it. Hey, and if Valentines Day isn’t your bag, you could always do something like let EJ know what you think about him (snatched from George and Hopluv.) Don’t be shy.

Happy Valentines Day to you and yours!

The Luther Tribute

Luther, man, my Luther.

I remember first hearing Luther’s Never Too Much and seeing the video. Ever since
then, he’s been a legend to me. I can’t say enough about him, his visions, his
passions, his way of making everyone feel good even when the everything around
was painful. Ask your mother, the mack daddy across the street, your friends.
Everyone has a favorite Luther song. Or two. Or ten.

Forget the In Rotations, people. It’s time for The
Luther Tribute.
Todd and
I are in full agreement, this is just a partial list.

01 – Change – The Glow Of Love
02 – Luther Vandross and Cheryl Lynn – If This World Were Mine
03 – Luther Vandross – Love Won’t Let Me Wait
04 – Luther Vandross – Any Love
05 – Luther Vandross – Superstar/Until You Come Back to Me (That’s What I’m Gonna
06 – Luther Vandross – Make Me A Believer
07 – Luther Vandross – Forever, For Always, For Love
08 – Luther Vandross – Better Love
09 – Luther Vandross – Promise Me
10 – Luther Vandross – Because It’s Really Love
11 – Luther Vandross – Anyone Who Had a Heart
12 – Luther Vandross – I’m Only Human (f/ Cassandra Wilson, Bob James)
13 – Luther Vandross – Going Out of My Head
14 – Luther Vandross – Never Too Much
15 – Luther Vandross – A House Is Not A Home
16 – Luther Vandross – Don’t You Know That?
17 – Luther Vandross – She’s a Super Lady
18 – Luther Vandross – Here And Now
19 – Luther Vandross – If Only For One Night
20 – Luther Vandross – Creepin’
21 – Luther Vandross – Wait for Love
22 – Luther Vandross – Other Side of the World

Don’t be surprised if this list gets longer. Luther, my man, your spirit
will always be with us.

Think I have them all? No, not at all. Check out Trader
Mike’s Tribute

The Weekly Vibe: Hip Hop Collaboration I

One of the things I’m doing this year is starting to drop weekly vibes on music
that’s often in my headphones or playing in the car. This week, I thought it
would be good to drop science about the hip-hop- CDs slept on last year, the
ones that are presently making people bob their heads, and most important, ones
up and coming this year. KB
mentions us as SP’s, or sound
. Has a nice ring to it, and I believe we want to keep that vibe.
Check it out.

Weekly Vibe – Hip Hop Collaboration.

01 – Snoop Dogg – Signs (Feat Charlie Wilson And Justin Timberlake).
Sorry, but please don’t hate me when I say that this song is absolutely stupid
and is probably my most played cut this week.

02 – Ludacris – Child Of The Night (Feat. Nate Dogg).
Ditto on this
track. The hook that makes the track stand out? Portugese Love.

03 – Deep Thinkers – Movin’ On. There are some benefits
of sharing tunes and being able to listen and appreciate good flows. Deep
is no exception. The CD, Necks Move is a solid CD which, in my
opinion, isn’t considered mainstream, which makes it more appealing. Those who
can appreciate good turntablism can appreciate Movin’ On. Their release is scheduled
on 3/8/05. If anyone’s interested in more information about this release, let
me know.

04 – Bathgate – Everything’s A Go (The Flow). Ian, the mastermind of
Notes From a
Different Kitchen
, dropped Bathgate to me last month. The label Supreme
, which is their mission to bring back classic underground hip
hop music, is distributing the first release from Bathgate, a Harlem MC with
a tight flow. There’s a great writeup about him here,
so check him out.

05 – Mos Def – Leavin’ On A Jet Plane.
dropped this one on me (and for some reason I thought it was Honey. My bad). Color me dizzy.

06 – Jazze Pha – Can I Walk By.
Friends dropped me a CD from Jazze
Pha that had not been released, "Do You Know This Playboy." Several
good cuts on that CD. This is one of them.

07 – Handsome Boy Modeling School – The World’s Gone Mad.
Good stuff.
I’m not alone. I’m sure Todd and KB say the same thing I do about HBMS.

08 – Murs – The Animal.
Was sent to me for the Christmas season, and
I have no idea who sent it to me. For the person I got this from, thanks much.
Please let me know who you are.

09 – Wordsworth – 12 Months.
I believe it will be one of the sleepers
this year.

10 – Gift of Gab – Ride of Your Life. Dropped by Todd Kelley (pound

11 – Ghostface Killah – Holla.
Another CD I slept on from last year.
(Thank Saga for the goodness).

12 – Edgar Allen Floe – The Righteous Way To Go.
Think Foreign Exchange.
Todd also dropped this one to me.

13 – Snopp Dogg – Drop It Like Its Hot (Remix).
Another track from
Honey. Features Jay-Z.

14 – Big Pooh (Little Brother) – Heart Of The City. Another Todd Kelley

15 – One.Be.Lo – Decepticons (Pete Rock Remix). One more from Honey.

16 – Ali Shaheed Muhammed – Industry/Life. When I talked to Ali, he
mentioned that promotion for this CD was a little light, and he’s hoping that
people start vibing to it this year. I’ll be dropping more cuts as well.

Feedback? Things we may have forgotten or need to vibe to? Drop it here.

the essential cds of 2004

This was by far more difficult than last year’s list, since there were so many good
releases, as I alluded to in my last post. Considering that there are CDs that
I was late in getting – Pretty
, Jean
, and Modest
just to name a few, I still feel like I’ve missed some things this
year. This list is in no particular order, since the genres, moods, and tunes
are all over the place, but in my mind, these are…..

The 12 Essential CDs of 2004.

Tortured SoulIntroducing
Tortured Soul
. Purpose Records, 03/04. Genres: House, Live Instrumentation.
Tortured Soul’s album is special because all of the instrumentation is live,
which makes their shows even more exciting. While J-Notes
favorite song from this CD is Might Do Something Wrong, Honey
For Oshun
and I have concluded that Why is the song that
we played repeatedly until our ears bled. They’re also very skilled with mellow
tunes, such as If You Want To Feel Alright.
See Also: Roy Davis, Jr’s Chicago

La Soul
Grind Date
, Sanctuary Records, 10/04. Genre: Hip Hop. De La Soul came back
with a punch and demonstrated that they haven’t lost their step. It’s definitely
favorite CD
. Church and Much More are
highlights here.

Magic Number
, StereoDeluxe, 07/04. Genres: Nu Jazz, Soul, Live Instrumentation, Electronica.
Ross Hillard takes music to brand new heights. Brilliant instrumentation is
the backdrop for most of the album. This album has been enhanced by many vocalists
(Clara Hill and Rachel Foster for starters), but the one most prevalent is Jane
Hamilton, with vocals on five of the tracks. While I literally could have placed
the entire album on this radio blog, I’ve constrained myself to two, Suddenly,
and a personal favorite of both Honey
for Oshun
and myself, Fly Away.
See also: Clara Hill’s Restless
, Beanfield’s Seek,
Jazzanova’s …Mixing.

– Electric Soul 2, Pias, 09/04. Genres: Soul, Nu Jazz, Hip Hop,
Dance, Electronica. Manchester’s DJ partnership drops the most eclectic and
arguably the best compilation this year. While Prime
and Todd Kelley can get
down with This Thing, tracks on this compliation can be heard
everywhere, like Dedication by Beef Wellington which was featured
on The Wire.

Foreign Exchange
BBE, 08/04. Genres: Rap, Hip Hop. I mentioned Foreign Exchange here,
but don’t take my word for it- Jason
and Todd are in agreement that this was one of the top releases
this year. Nic’s Groove and All That You Are
have been provided for your ears.
See also Little Brother’s Listening.

Naked Music, 11/04. Genres: Electronica, Soul. She’s collaborated with Cee-lo
and Esthero, and along with Eric Stamile, she’s created a great album. Some
of the tracks are gems. Just ask Trader
. My two here are Falling and Repetition,
but if you were to ask Honey,
there are some people who are partial to Parkway. *wince*

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essential cds of 2004: the runner-ups

This year was a challenge to come up with a top 10. Last year, however, was
slightly different as it was extremely difficult to come up with 10. I struggled
to even come with six if I remember correctly. This year was different in a
good way in that it was impossible for me to come up with merely 10 – at last
count, I believe I struggled with 25. While it would take far too much time
to post these all in one big list, I’ve decided to place the dynamic dozen into
the next music post (AKA the Essential CDs of 2004), and post the others for
consideration here.

Note that just because these didn’t make the top spots doesn’t mean you shouldn’t
get them – it just means that 2004 more than made up for 2003’s dry spell.

Essential CDs of 2004 – The Runner Ups.

Part II
, Slow Reality, 1/04. Stoned, Part I was one of my essential CDs
last year. Stoned, Part II was a great CD in and of itself. With this year being
such a tremendous year musically, compared to last year, Lewis just missed the
dozens. For your listening pleasure, the synthesized funk/soul of Madman
and another second take, Positively Beautiful 2.

Handsome Boy
Modeling School
, Elektra, 11/04. The more and more I listen to HBMS, the more I shoot
myself for not placing this in the dynamic dozen. From De La Soul and the Starchild
Excalibur to John Oates (of Hall & Oates) to Cat
to Pharell Williams, they manage to mix everyone in and maintain their
consistency. It would have been easier for me to place the entire album here.
The two highlighted here, If It Wasn’t For You (with De La
Soul and Starchild Excalibur) and I’ve Been Thinking (featuring
Cat Power), are just the tip of the iceberg.

Davis, Jr.
, Ubiquity Records, 09/04. House music anyone? Roy Davis, Jr. has
it. This is the first year in quite some time that there are two house CDs that
I can place near the top of my list. If You Wanna and Wonderland
are here for your listening pleasure, both graced by Terry Dexter.

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friday melodies vi.

It’s my birthday weekend and I’ll do what I want.

Right now, I’m:

….looking at bukknekkid
. (I’m still laughing, Ofrenda)!
….being Blackalicious.
Someone please, please tell me how I slept on them (Trent?
Tito? JT? Hashim?) I’m trying
to understand just how I haven’t heard any of their stuff until
I saw the video for Make You Feel That Way on MTV2 not one
month ago? Have I lost my hip-hop badge of honor? Although The
The Tipping Point just came out, I’m gravitating
more towards Blazing Arrow right now.
…listening to Lizz Wright
and Blackalicious (Thanks, Sister Outsider).
…getting hip to Sia,
thanks to Mister JT’s voice
in my ear
. After one listen, I’m thinking this will be going into serious
rotation this year.
…bobbing my head to Uschi
. The CD Soul Magic was played by D-Nice and all of a sudden, it
was in my hands, along with hearing the echo of the words ‘Happy Birthday’.
Big ups to Mood’s Music.

Friday VI

01 – Uschi Classen with Dee Ellington – Soul Magic. From the CD of
the same name.
02 – Blackalicious – Nowhere Fast. You know, there’s so much good stuff
on this album I’m warning you now, this will be on heavy rotation for a good
03 – Tortured Soul – I Might Do Something Wrong. Yes, them again. Again
— who’s birthday?
04 – Beanfield
f. Bajka – Home. A track from the album Seek.

05 – Uschi Classen with Eska – Dizzy Heights.
06 – The Roots – Star. From The Tipping Point. My
next purchase? A Sly Stone compilation.
07 – Blackalicious – Rock The Spot. My anthem for this weekend.
08 – Hil
St. Soul
For Your Love. This is the where I break it down into
a feel good mood. I’m an 80s kid. J-Notes can relate.
09 – Teedra Moses
– Be Your Girl. Comparisons to Cherrelle have been made. More new-school combined
with old-school.
10 – MJ Cole with Shaun Escoffery – Nice and Slow. From HoneyForOshun.
Huge, huge thanks.
11 – Sia – Natalie’s Song.
12 – Lizz Wright – Lead the Way.
13 – Sia – The Church of What’s Happening Now.

Let it soak. Show love.

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all about Amp

*Photos by the effervescent, everloving Matt Lambert present
at the Apache Cafe,

I’d like to think of myself as one of those people who are more laid back, who
absorb the music, and envelop all the love. Calling me a dancer would be a misnomer
for the most part. That is, until someone kicks the beats to me and makes me
move and groove. When the grooves are funkier than normal, it’s impossible for
me to absorb them all. And so, for that reason, I gotta dance.

Take Joseph ‘Amp’ Fiddler.
If I attempted to elaborate on the long list of his
, it might as well be a couple of chapters of a book, if
not a short encyclopedia. Think of Prince, the Brand
New Heavies
, Ramsey Lewis, George Clinton,
the P-Funk All-Stars, the Dramatics, Primal
, Was (Not Was), Giles Peterson,
Maxwell, and Too Short in the same sentence,
and that gives you a good idea on what this man has done. He lit up the Apache
on a Saturday night. The funk was in the air, and with the heat and
humidity, the last thing I wanted to do was sweat.

I’m really glad I did, though.

His CD Waltz
of a Ghetto Fly
is the representation of his abilty to touch the masses.
Live versions of his songs kick it up a notch by not only providing most of
the songs on his CD, but also some interpretations added to his reportoire (mixing
up Dreamin’ with I’m Still In Love by Sean Paul is merely one

With a man with this musical resume, it’s hard to imagine him having a short
concert. He did not dissapoint, giving us a performance that had us standing,
clapping, and singing along with him for more than two hours. This included
having Paul Randolph (above left), playing his bass across
his shoulders in Superficial, or Patrice and Stephanie
(above right) having numerous solos between themselves (particularly in the
cuts Unconditional Eyes and Possibilities, which
was not only a great display of the perfomers’ instrumental techniques, but also vocally superb), in as well as giving us their freestyle
vocals – giving me a vibe that would be hard to shake – that is, if you felt
like you needed to shake it.

The following tracks from his CD Waltz of a Ghetto Fly along
with one from Only
are present on the ‘musical melodies’ on the right:

You Give Good Vibes (with Only Child)
Unconditional Eyes
Soul Divine

He’s got the power. He’s got the charisma. Check him out.

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music of the millenium, volume i

Man, this music of the millenium was a tough one, I won’t lie. Coming up with
this was a challenge. Couldn’t let that stop me. Who’s house?! Why, Trent
and JT’s
house of course. The originator? Another blog of flavah I’m
So Sinsurr

Putting these into order from least-favorite to favorite would be very difficult
and cause my brain to explode, so there’s no particular order here. That said:

20 Anthony Hamilton – Coming Where I Come From (2003/Columbia)
19 Beady Belle – CEWBEAGAPPIC (2003/Universal)
18 Lewis Taylor – stoned | part i (2003/Slow Reality)
17 Amp Fiddler – Waltz of a Ghetto Fly (2004/Pias America)
16 Donnie – The Colored Section (2002/Motown)
15 Erykah Badu – Worldwide Underground (2003/Motown)
14 Koop – Waltz for Koop (2001/ Cookin’)
13 Jamiroquai – A Funk Oddysey (2001/Sony)
12 Lisa Stansfield – Face Up: (2001/BMG International)
11 Zero 7 – Simple Things (2001/ Palm Pictures)
10 The Roots – Phrenology (2002/MCA)
09 Erykah Badu – Mama’s Gun (2000/Kedar)
08 Beady Belle – Home (2001/Universal Int’l)
07 Goapele – Even Closer (2002/Red Urban Records)
06 Big Boi of Outkast – Speakerboxx (2003/LaFace)
05 Jill Scott – Who Is Jill Scott? – Words and Sounds, Volume I
(2000/Hidden Beach/Sony)
04 Van Hunt (2004/Capitol)
03 Dre of Outkast- The Love Below (2003/LaFace)
02 Maysa – All My Life (2000/Encoded Music)
01 Morcheeba – Charango (2002/Warner Bros)

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breakin’ out

A couple of people have told me in no uncertain turns that I don’t blog as often as I should. Yes, I’m lame. I admit it. Blame it on the number 37 this week.
37 is the number of hours I will have worked this week come end of the day today. You know that vacation I was supposed to be taking? Well, I’m still taking it, but it’s a shame that I have almost 40 hours under my belt and it’s only mid-week. Blogging has become a luxury, but that’s no excuse.
Speaking of vacation, I’ll be taking it tomorrow, thank you very much, in the lovely D.C., although away from Bush. I’m sure I’ll be running into a couple of people while I’m there. Oh yeah, and him too.
But while I’m being lame, I’ve decided I will be lame for a good cause, and that’s music. Yep, another meme because the cool people did one, and they got it from other cool people. I guess I should really get into the iTunes thing.

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