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Acid Jazz, Volume 14 – Over The Sun

On tap: Brenda Russell, Basia, Dilouya with Omar, Myele and Rachel, Brand New Heavies, Mark Rae and Veda, Robohands, Common, Omar and Terri Walker, Swing Out Sister +Moonchild, DJ Simon S and Nathan Thomas, Tyler The Creator with 3 great people, Flying Lotus with Thundercat, Kate Rogers, MDea, Sy Smith, Bah Samba.

Acid Jazz, Volume 14 – Over The Sun

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01 – Brenda Russell – Make You Smile
02 – Basia – Drunk On Love
03 – Dilouya featuring Omar – Over The Sun
04 – Myele Manzanaza featuring Rachel Fraser – On The Move
05 – The Brand New Heavies featuring Honey Larochelle – Heat
06 – Mark Rae featuring Veba – Without You Now
07 – Robohands – Peace
08 – Common – My Fancy Free Future
09 – Omar featuring Terri Walker – Pass It On
10 – Swing Out Sister – Which Wrong Is Right?
11 – Moonchild – Onto Me (Explicit)
12 – DJ Simon S featuring Nathan Thomas – Sunblind
13 – Tyler, The Creator feat. Roy Ayers, Syd Bennett, and Kali Uchis – Find Your Wings (Explicit)
14 – Flying Lotus featuring Thundercat – The Climb (Explicit)
15 – Kate Rogers – Fine
16 – N’Dea Davenport – Bring It On
17 – Sy Smith – Sometimes A Rose Will Grow In Concrete
18 – Bah Samba – And It’s Beautiful

This  has been on the drawing board for almost 6 months. I am glad  that it is now seeing the light of day.  We start off with the wonderful track Make You Smile which  captivated me and never let go.  Bluey Maunick, the leader of Incognito, produced this track, and Brenda’s bpove nails it.  This rolls right into Basia, with the classic Drunk On Love. Dilouya teams up with Omar, who (as usual)  nails it.  Myele then teams up with Rachel Fraser, whom fans of Sorceress formerly known as Funkommunnity, should recognize. The result between the two is the thumping On The Move.

And then it happens.  The Brand New Heavies  pull out the killer track Heat,  one of the great tracks from their album TBNH.   Mark Rae, one half f of the duo Rae an Christian follows up quite nicely with Without You, accented wh the vocals from Veba.  A great instrumental from Pobohands follows sliding right into Common’s My Fancy Free Future which is one of my favorites.   Omar with help from Terri Walker takes the forefront with  Pass It On,   allowing Swing Out Sister and Moonchild to slide right  in and bring their demands to the forefront, but do it so calmly you don’t realize you’re being pimp-slapped by their sweetness.

DJ Simon S  teams up with Nathan Thomas to give you the very nice mellow track Sunblind.  That track brings you to the crazy but talented Tyler The Creator with a little help from Roy Ayers, Syd (from Th Internet), and Kali Uschii with Fly Your Wings, one which is still on repeat with a crazy video to compliment it.    Flying Lotus hooks up with Thundercat for the nice head nodder about life called The Climb.  This is followed by another feel-good track from Kate Rogers entitled Fine,  which I find myself  playing repeatedly also.

N’Dea’s classic, classic Bring It On is followed by Sy Smith and my favorite track from her last album entitled  Sometimes A Rose Will Grow In Concrete.    The track that wrps up the podcast is Bah Samba with the amazing vocals of Alice Russell  with And It’s Beautiful should make you feel good after you hear it.

Hope you enjoy ‘ Drops from Macedoia and DJ Diva, and special thanks to Mike Wolfe and Jeffrey,  who helped the podcast gel together nicely.

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