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Life is a remix.

EJFlavors.com podcasts consist of both music of the past (old-school) and music of the future (new-school rotations). Conceived in 2006 and continues to this day. Life is a remix.

Download Loose Ends: This Side 01-07-2011 (64.87 MB)

Duration: 72:49 m - Filetype: mp3 - Bitrate: 124.45890579879 KBPS - Frequency: 44100 HZ

Loose Ends: This Side

  • This Side: 01 - Hangin' on a String (Contemplating) [A Little Spice] 02 - Slow Down [Zagora] 03 - Mr. Bachelor [The Best Of Loose Ends] 04 - Watching You [The Real Chuckeeboo] 05 - Life [The Real Chuckeeboo] 06 - Choose Me [A Little Spice] 07 - A Litttle Spice [A Little Spice] 08 - Stay a Little While, Child [Remix] [Zagora] 09 - Nights of Pleasure [Zagora] 10 - You Can't Stop the Rain [So Where Are You?] 11 - The Sweetest Pain [So Where Are You?] 12 - Be Thankful (Mama's Song) [Zagora] 13 - I Can't Wait (Another Minute) [Zagora] 14 - So Where Are You? [So Where Are You?] The Other Side: 15 - My Way (Main Stay) [Unreleased] 16 - Don't Be A Fool (Extended Vers [Look How Long] 17 - Tell Me What You Want (Extended Version) [A Little Spice] 18 - Gratitude [The Real Chuckeeboo] 19 - Gonna Make You Mine [Tighten Up, Vol. 1] 20 - Who Are You? [Zagora] 21 - Ooh, You Make Me Feel [Zagora] 22 - In The Sky [Unreleased] 23 - Love's Got Me [Look How Long] 24 - Don't Worry [Tighten Up, Vol. 1] 25 - Time Is Ticking [Look How Long] 26 - Cheap Talk [Look How Long] 27 - Hold Tight [Look How Long]