delight, delight, delight, i have a brand new site……

Alright, so this must be my luckily (or unlucky) day. Depends on how you put it.
Well, the day starts out with me trying to design this entire site. Normally that wouldn’t be a problem, but I’m absorbed into Dreamweaver MX…a good absorption I assure you. The problems for today are 1) using a calendar, when Dreamweaver MX doesn’t seem to have one; 2) trying to upload my new website (didn’t quite work – not sure why); 3) realizing that my new web address just doesn’t seem to work, and 4) that I am officially out of ice cream and soda. After sitting here and thinking of these four things, I almost go into panic mode.
I find this all unfair, actually, because I like life to work faster than this. Given the fact that BQFB is hospitalized right now gives me time to lecture him on how he really should be taking his medicine. Also, my mother decides that I will take care of my nephew not one, not two, but three days this week. That should be enough bad news today. I could reeeeeeealy use some Haagen Dazs right about now.
Getting the website up is not such a bad thing….I just have to listen to everyone’s wonderful advice, and try to absorb all of it as much as I can without having my mind shut down for the evening. Such is life. More to come later.
In the great news column for today, jbrotherlove has gotten a nice new permanent job, and that makes me damn proud. It’s been much too long. (If I could just get rid of the underline under his name, I’d feel better tonight). I also got to install more memory which makes everything go just a little faster, and also obliterates the excuse for purchasing another laptop.


This is my first entry in the website. Welcome, all. Things will change as I can think of them, and probably when you think of them too. This is my catharsis into my world, as it gets bigger day by unavoidable day. Until then, sit back and watch. It’s going to be a ride….keep bouncing.