Slipback: Love Lock

No particular theme here, just good music. D-Train, 9.9, Mac Band, Gladys. Five Star, THe Whispers, GQ, Mtume, Darryl Hall, Atlantic Starr, Lo-Key, Loose Ends.

Slipback: Love Lock

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01 – D-Train – You’re The One For Me
02 – 9.9 – All Of Me For All Of You
03 – Mac Band – I Could Never Say Goodbye
04 – Gladys Knight And The Pips – When You’re Far Away
05 – Five Star – Let Me Be The One with Grover Wsashington Jr. (Philadelphia Remix)
06 – The Whispers – (Let’s Go) All The Way
07 – GQ – I Love The Skin You’re In
08 – Mtume – Love Lock
09 – Darryl Hall – I’m In A Philly Mood
10 – Rahsaan Patterson – Come Over
11 – Atlantic Starr – Don’t Take Me For Granted
12 – Lo-Key – Don’t You Know By Now
13 – Loose Ends – The Real Chuckeeboo (Tomorrow / Mr Bachelor / I’ve Just Got To Have It All)

D-Train was an easy track to start out with thanks to Amanda, where I saw some of the lyrics of when I went to wish her a Happy Birthday. (Thank you Amanda!) 9.9 was an obvious choice, since I needed a good segue into the little-known track from the Mac Band which is similar to hits from L.A. & Babyface. I had to follow up that with a track which was written by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, who also played on the track along with Monte Moir. The track “When You’re Far Away” was produced by no other than Leon Sylvers III.

The Five Star track, “Let Me Be The One” was indeed produced by Nick Martinelli, but if it sounds a bit like Loose Ends, that is because it was written by the trio, who also played all of the instruments, except the saxophone, which was played by – you guessed it – Grover Washington, Jr. The two great tracks from The Whispers and GQ are followe by Mtume’s sublime “Love Lock.” Darryl Hall follows that track with “I’m In A Philly Mood” with help from The Family Stand (i’m sure you can hear Sandra St. Victor singing background vocals.

Rahsaan Patterson’s “Come Over” is one of my favorite love songs of all time. The next two tracks are what I like to call the “call and answer” tracks, The first is from Atlantic Starr with a has an interpolated by Erykah Badu from RC & The Gritz track “Leave Me Alone,” which is entitled “Don’t Take Me For Granted” (the call). This is followed by my personal favorite slow jam from Lo-Key “Don’t You Know By Now” (the answer). This compilation ends with Loose Ends’ title track of their third US album, THe Real Chuckeeboo, which is a blend of 3 tracks, the middle one being one you should be familiar with, “Mr. Bachelor”.  Shoutouts to G-Dub, DJ Diva, and TGrundy.  Hope you enjoy.

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2 comments on “Slipback: Love Lock

  1. KB says:

    Great way to start it off!

    1. EJ says:

      Thank you! That means a lot coming from you, my friend!

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