Harrell Tribute: Uptown, Volume 2

Harrell Tribute: Uptown, Volume 2

Uptown, the second wave. Guy, Father MC, Christopher WIlliams, <JB, FInesse an Synquis, Heavy D and the Boyz, Soul 4 Real, Groove B Chill, Al B Sure, Horace Brown, Jeff Redd, Jodeci.

Harrell Tribute: Uptown, Volume 2

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01 Guy – Groove Me
02 Father MC – I’ll Do 4 U
03 Christopher Williams – Every Little Thing U Do
04 Mary J Blige – Real Love
05 Finesse and Synquis – Soul Sistas
05 Guy – Round And Round
06 Heavy D and the Boyz – More Bounce
07 Soul 4 Real – Every Little Thing I Do
08 Mary J. Blige – Be Happy
09 Guy – Teddy’s Jam 2
10 Groove B Chill – Where Were You
11 FInesse and Synquis – I’ll Be There
12 Christopher Williams – All I See
13 Al B Sure – Ooh This Love Is So
14 Horace Brown and Faith Evans – How Can We Stop
15 Jeff Redd – Love High

16 Jodeci – Lately

So nice, I had to do it twice. For this one, I try to ensure that the I cover all of the bases, and comcemtrate on tracks that have special meanings to some of the peoeple that I know who were serious fans of Uptown.

I believe I could have used Father MC’s “Lisa Baby”, but I didn’t have enough room, and I had to drop the classic “I’ll Do For U” with Mary J. Blige. Heavy D and The Boyz’ “More Bounce” was a request from Theresa which I had never listened to. It’s a great track and compliments the tracks around it well, case in point Finesse and Synquis’ “Soul Sista” which keeps the momentum going.

I always enjoy instrumentls, and “Teddys Jam 2” is classic. It’s followed by what I onsider two of the most forgotten hip hop/new jack swing track, “Whee Were You” and “I’ll Be There” which Special thanks to Sharon and Grroove who taught me about Groove B Chill. THe last tracks slow ou down a but and end with Jodeci’s rendition of the Stevie Wonder classic, “Lately”.

Special, special, special thanks to Theresa, T Grundy, Gene “Groove” Allen, KB, Grnt Love, Chris Christopher, Nikki, Macedonia, and Arnold. Your feedback is always encouraged. Take it light.


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