Harrell Tribute: Uptown, Volume 1

Uptown in full effect. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Father MC, Heavy D and the Boyz, Jeff Redd, Groove B Chill, Guy, Little Shawn, Mary J, Soul 4 Real, Christopher Williams, Guy, Little Shawn, Horae Brown, Al B Sure, Jodeci.

Uptown in full effect.

Harrell Tribute: Uptown, Volume 1

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01 Dr. Jekktl and Mr. Hyde – Genius Rap
02 Father MC – Treat THem Like You Want To Be Treated
03 Heavy D and the Boyz – Somebody For Me
04 Jeff Redd – You Called And Told Me
05 Groove B Chill – Hip Hop Music 06 Guy – I Like
07 Mary J.. Blige – You Remind Me
08 Soul 4 Real – Candy Rain
09 Christopher Wolliams – Dreamin’
10 Guy – Teddy’s Jam
11 Little Shawn ft. Notorious B.I.G. – Dom Perignon
12 Horace Brown – Things We Do For Love
13 Al B Sure – Nite and Day
14 Jodeci – Come And Talk To M
15 Mary J. Blige – Love No Limit
16 Guy – Let’s Chill
17 Jodeci – Forever My Lady

Andre Harrell, the head of Uptown Records, is gone but definitely not forgotten. In his stead, he helped launch the careers of Guy, Mary J. Blige, Heavy D and The Boyz, amd Jodeci. However, these tracks hold a significance. If you can remember at least half of these tracks, then I am sure you can remember where you were when these tracks came out. FOr myself, I can remember being in Lincoln, Nebraska on a project, listening to Mary J. Blige’s “What’s THe 411” and hearing Love No Limit for the first time, causing me to walk around a neighborhood several times listening to track several times. And yes, there are definitely more examples.

I am very grateful for Theresa, T Grundy, Garfield, Eric, Jeffrey, and the onle and only Gene “Groove” Allen. Your feedback is always encouraged. Take it light.

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