Slipback: Hanging On A String

On deck: Blue Magic, Donna McGhee, The Jones Girls, George Duke, Loose Ends, Rene and Angela, Billy Griffin, Slave, Patrice Rushen,m Hall And Oates, Lisa Stansfied, Chaka, Cameo, Joyce Sims.

Slipback:  Hanging On A String


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01 – Blue Magic – Welcome To The Club (Uptown Soul Version)
02 – Donna McGhee – It Ain’t No Big Thing
03 – The Jones Girls – You Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Else
04 – George Duke – I Want You For Myself0
05 – Loose Ends – Hanging On A String
06 – Rene & Angela – I Love You More
07 – Billy Griffin – Serious
08 – Slave – Dreaming
09 – Patrice Rushen To Each His Own
10 – Hall And Oates – One On One
11 – Lisa Stansfield – Real Love
12 – Chaka Khan – Night Moods
13 – Cameo – Feel Me
14 – Joyce Sims – Come Into My Life

I started on  this in February and meant to get it done by St. Patrick’s Day, but time wasn’t on my side.  When I finally got a chance to do this thigh, there were so many thoughts in my head that it took a while to get it perfected the way I wanted to; however, because of all that, I believe I have  enough tracks for two more, so  expect a couple more of them soon.

Loose Ends’ Hanging On A String is one of my favorite  tracks of all time, so I had t to  include it.  In fact, this track was released on the US side 33 years ago.  If  that is not considered old-school, then I don;t know what it is.  Welcome To The Club  by Blue Magic was inspired by the Unsung episode about the band.  I had just happened top hear  this version on one of the CDs I purchased which had a  lot of great tracks, this included.

I’m sure that the old school aficionados will love George Duke and Slave, in addition to Donna McGhee, which is a nice mellow groove with some very direct lyrics.   The instrumental Dreaming has an incredible bass line which makes me smile each time I listen to it, and the Joyce Sims track is a smooth track to end with, since it never gets old.   I could go on and on about the other tracks, but I am sure most will agree that this is a nice summertime mix to groove.

Drops from DJ Diva, Macedonia, and G-Dub. Much love to the geezers Wilson (no pressure!), AR Hamilton, Theresa, Alana, and DJ G Dub. Hope ou enjoy.

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