Slipback: UK, 2017

On tap – Central Line, Imagination, Total Contrast, Princess, Kiss The Sky, Blue Zone, Culture Club, Brand New Heavies, D-Influence, Wally Badarou, Loose Ends, Soul The Family Sensation, Ephraim, Mica, The Chimes, Real Thing, Queen.

Slipback:  The UK, 2017


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01 – Central Line – Walking Into Sunshine
02 – Imagination – Just An Illusion
03 – Total Contrast – Takes A Little Time
04 – Princess – Say I’m Your Number One
05 – Kiss The Sky – What Does It Take
06 – Blue Zone and Lisa Stansfield  – Big Thing / Love Is A Good Thing
07 – Culture Club – Time (Clock Of The Heart)
08 – The Brand New Heavies -Stay This Way
09 – D-Influence – Journey
10 – Wally Badarou – One Day, Won’t Give It Away
11 – Loose Ends – Choose Me (Rescue Me)
12 – Soul The Family Sensation – I Don’t Even Know If I Should Call You Baby
13 – Ephraim Lewis – Skin
14 – Mica Paris – Don’t Give Me Up
15 – The Chimes – Love Comes To Mind
16 – Real Thing – Raining Through My Sunshine
17 – Queen – Cool Cat

I coould talk about this at length, but for this one, I’m going to keep it as simple as possible. I had a rule of 80 minutes maximum for a podcast (the length of a CD) but for this one, I was actually forced to cull it down from nearly 2 hours, and as a result it is just above 80 minues, and you won’t see that happen very often.

For the sake of simplicity, I’ll touch on a few key elements. The track from Blue Zone was one of the first tracks that featured Lisa Stsansfield and was released before Affection, her first album. If you are unfamiliar with Wally Badarou, he is one of the principal songwriters and producers of Level 42 and is considered the hidden fifth member. This track came from his first album which was released in 1979, Back to Scales Tonight. Soul The Family Sensation’s vocalist is Jhelisa, who you know for the track Friendly Pressure and one of my favorite albums, Galactica Rush. Mica’s track, which was slept on, from her first album, So Good, and was co-written by her. Her friend Will Downing is on vocals as well.

Drops from DJ Diva, Macedonia, and G-Dub. Much love to the geezers Wilson (no pressure!), AR Hamilton, Theresa, Alana, and DJ G Dub. Hope ou enjoy.

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