Slipback: Mutual Attraction

On tap: Alex, Curtis Hairston, Evelyn, Norman Connors, Patti Austin, Change, Howard Jones, Level 42, Kashif, The System, Melissa with Peabo, Angela Bofill, Cameo, One Way, Steely Dan.

Slipback:  Mutual Attraction.


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01 – Alexander O’Neal – (What Can I Say) To Make You Love Me
02 – Curtis Hairston – I Want You All Tonight
03 – Evelyn Champagne King – I’m In Love
04 – Norman Connors – Take It To The Limit
05 – Patti Austin – Do You Love Me?
06 – Change – Mutual Attraction (Nick Martinelli Mix)
07 – Howard Jones – Things Can Only Get Better
08 – Level 42 – Something About You
09 – Kashif – Call Me Tonight
10 – The System – This Is For You
11 – Melissa Manchester and Peabo Bryson – Lovers After All
12 – Angela Bofill – Tropical Love
13 – Cameo – Hangin’ Downtown
14 – One Way – Don’t Do Me That Way
15 – Steely Dan – Peg

There are quite a bit of things going on in this mix, as I tried to put a little bit of everything  that was requested and talked about, while also paying homage to those who have passed/ Even though I usually try to find a dance hit to start off the mix with, after frustration, I just let the music play until I finally heard Alex’s voice and that’s what  made me start out with To Make You Love Me.    Curtis and Evelyn were easy choices, although I  ultimately was persuaded by  a group of folks for “I’m In Love” as the third track.

The Norman and Patti energetic tracks give way to Mutual Attraction, with Nick’s spin on it, which I played three times in a row to take it all in which is why it is the title track.   My fave track from Howard Jones brightened up my morning on Wednesday, so Level 42 was an obvious choice to follow it.  “Call Me Tonight” is one of my favorite instrumentals of all time and  continues the homage to Kashif.   The  jam from The System is followed up  with a Melissa/Peabo duet, given the green light by Nikki bka Infinite Ink.   Angela is followed by Cameo’s track, given a huge  thumbs up by DJ Vinnie V and AR, among others.  One Way;s timeless track was played quite a few times, and one of my all time faves from Steely Dan caps this mix, and you can rest assured that there will be others presented this year with additional podcasts.

Drops by DJ Diva, Macedonaia, and G Dub.
Shoutout to Wilson Sam (Geezer), G-Dub, Lin, ELong, DJ Vinnie V, Nikki, and Jeffery.

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