Slipback: Butterfly

On tap: Change, Fonda Rae, Nicci, George Duke, Mtume, Steely Dan, Donald Byrd, Tease, Sheila E, Human League, BB&Q Band, Jackson 5.

Slipback:  Butterfly.


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01 – Change – Paradise
02 – Fonda Rae – Over Like A Fat Rat
03 – Nicci – So In Love
04 – George Duke – I Want You For Myself
05 – Mtume – C.O.D.
06 – Steely Dan – Peg
07 – Donald Byrd – Butterfly
08 – Tease – Firestarter
09 – Sheila E. – Hold Me
10 – Human League – Hyman (Extended Version)
11 – BB&Q Band – Genie
12 – Jackson 5 – I Am Love

This took some time to come  out because I am starting to get more particular about how I want this to sound, but I finally got it out.  Around my birthday, I wanted to go a little more mellow than usual (I suppose we can attribute  that to age, right?)  Most should be familiar to most with the exception of Nicci.  I had to put Steely Dan in because I had been  wanting to do that for the longest, and Genie was a perfect succession to Human, since it had that Jan and Lewis feel to it as well. Hope ou enjoy.

Drops by DJ Diva, Macedonaia, and G Dub.
Shoutout to Wilson Sam (Geezer), G-Dub, and Jeffery.

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