Slipback: Razzamatazz

On tap: Thelma Dynasty, Howard Johnson, Quincy with Patti, George Benson, Ambrosia, Bert Robinson, Johnny Hammond, Lionel, Chris Jasper, Cononel Abrams, Shalamar, SOS Band, Change with Luther.

Slipback:  Razzamatazz.


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01 – Thelma Houston – You Used To Hold Me So Tight
02 – Dynasty – Here I Am
03 – Howard Johnson – So Fine
04 – Quincy Jones featuring Patti Austin – Razzamatazz
05 – George Benson – Inside Love (So Personal)
05 – Ambrosia – You’re The Only Woman
06 – Bert Robinson – Heart Of Gold
07 – Johnny Hammond – Fantasy
08 – Lionel Ritchie – Love Will Find A Way
09 – Chris Jasper – Like I Do
10 – Colonel Abrams – Table For Two
11 – Shalamar – Over And Over
12 – SOS Band – The Finest
13 – Change – Searching

The first podcast of the summer. Flytetyme is in two places, beginning the podcast with Thelma Houston and near the conclusion with SOS Band’s biggest hit.  Dynasty’s hit that is severely underrated continues the cast, with Howard (with Kashif) leading the wy to Quincy and Patti with the supreme headnodder Razzamatazz.  George Benson (alon with Kashif this time as well) continues the smooth groove which brings us t the melanin-light soulful hit from back in the day with Ambrosia.  Bert Robinson coms back hard with his only hit Heart Of Gold, leading the way for the 1975 instrumental from Hohnny Hammond.  Chris Jasper and Colonel Abrams slow it down a bit with classic slow jams Like I Do and the very unappreciated Table For Two.  Ending with the three mid-to-uptempo hits from Shalamar, SOS Band, and Change (with Luter at the helm)  places the icing on the cake.  Much love to the geezers Wilson, Jeffery, and DJ G Dub.  Hope ou enjoy..

Drops by DJ Diva, Macedonaia, and G Dub.
Shoutout to Wilson Sam (Geezer), G-Dub, and Jeffery.

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