Acid Jazz, Volume 13 – Turn Your Card

Volume 13 in full effect.  On tap: UFO, Rebirth, Jamiroquai, Ronny Jordan, Collective Peace, Electric Wire Hustlers, Slakah THe Beatchild, Anthoiny Valdez, Repercussions, Inner Shade, SOS, The Family, Workshy,  Dee C. Lee.

Acid Jazz, Volume 13

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01 – United Figure Organization – United Future Airlines
02 – The Rebirth – Everybody Say Yeah
03 – Jamiroquai – Summer Girl
04 – Ronny Jordan – Slam In A Jam
05 – Collective Peace – Track VI
06 – Electric Wire Hustle – They Don’t Want
07 – Slakah The Beatchild – Macheeto
08 – Anthony Valdez – Good Looking (Featuring Bird)
09 – Repercussions – Turn Your Card
10 – Inner Shade – Tell Me Something
11 – Swing Out Sister – Who’s Been Sleeping
12 – The Family – Suzannah’s Pajamas
13 – Workshy – Love Squall
14 – Dee C. Lee – Things Will Be Sweeter

Anyone who asks you will tell you that it’s rare when I listen t radio stations, but when I do, one of my alltime favorites is WCLK- Jazz Of The City, whch keps me going every day w which makes these podcasts easier to put out. From United Future Organization from Japan to Dee C. Lee from England, this became more global when reinforces the fact that music is universal.

The things I am hoping you will notice in the mix is the bea that was the scrath that was used in “Love Squall,” the quirkiness of Swing Out Sister andSlakah THe Beatchild, the funk brought to you by The Family, and the arrangement of the Dee C. Lee track which is quite subime. Repercussions “Turn Your Card” was chosen because the album “Earth And Heaven” was relayed to me from a friend almost 10 years ago and was no small feat to find. The track “Turn Your Card” has a special place in my heart. Shoutouts go to Ricky, AR, Ronald, Mr. Fresh, and Kat. Hope you enjoy.

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  1. Trelly says:

    Thanks for the honorable mention, EJ! “HONORED” for sure!

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