Slipback – It’s Time To Be Real

Summertime Old School in full effect.  On tap:  LTD, Raw Silk, Gwen McRae, Vicky D, EWF, Cashmere, Cameo, Leo’s Sunshipp, Hipnotic, Jean Carn, The System, Dynasty, Atlantic Starr, Alicia Myers, Chapter 8.

Slipback: It’s Time To Be Real

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01 – LTD – It’s Time To Be Real
02 – Raw Silk – Do It To The Music
03 – Gwen McRae – All This Love I’m Giving
04 – Vicky D – This Beat Is Mine
05 – Earth Wind And Fire – Fall In Love With Me
06 – Cashmere – Do It Anyway You Wanna
07 – Cameo – Groove WIth You
08 – Leo’s Sunshipp – Madame Butterfly (Min-Tro)
09 – Hipnotic – Are You Lonely?
10 – Jean Carn – Bet Your Lucky Stars
11 – The System – Lollipops And Everything
12 – Dynasty – The Only One
13 – Atlantic Starr – Love Me Down
14 – Alicia Myers – If You Play Yuur Cards Right
15 – Chapter 8 – I Just Wanna Be Your Gir

This is quite possibly one of the quickest  podcasts I’ve come up with (and lots of idle time helps too.)   Due to all of the political and social unrest going on, the LTD track was an easy choice for the first track.  Funky tracks from  Raw  Silk,  Gwen and Vicky start off the podcast, and the mid-to-uptempo tracks continue from the fellas from Earth Wind and Fire, Cashmere, Cameo, and a rare track from Leo’s Sunshipp.     The digging in the track continues with Hipnotic and Jean Carn, and the set concludes with The System, Dynasty, Atlantic Starr, Alicia Myers, and Chapter 8.  Hope you enjoy.

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