We Remember Natalie, Volume I

Vacation does a mind good. A little late, but here we go….

We Remember Natalie, Volume I.


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01 – Annie Mae (Thankful)
02 – You’re So Good (I Love You So)
03 – Gotta Serve Somebody (Snowfall On The Sahara)
04 – La Costa (Thankful)
05 – More Than The Stars (Everlasting)
06 – Miss You Like Crazy (Good To Be Back)
07 – This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)
08 – Unpredictable You (Unpredictable)
09 – Movin’ On (I’m Ready)
10 – Reverend Lee (Snowfall In The Sahara)
11 – We’re The Best Of Friends f/.Peabo Bryson ()We’re The Best Of Friends)
12 – Let There Be Love f/ Johnny Mathis (Unforgettable – A Tribute To Mat King Cole)
13 – Better Than Anything f/Diane Krall (Ask A Woman Who Knows)
14 – Acercate Masf/ Nat King Cole (Natalie Cole en Espanol)
15 – Route 66 (Unforgettable…. With Love)
16 – Inseparable (Inseparable)
17 – Our Love (Thankful)
18 – I’ve Got Love On My Mind (Unpredictable)
19 – Unforgettable (Unforgettable….With Love)

Not being an expert on Natalie Cole’s discography I had to depend on good friends who knew the discography and had listened to Natalie regularly while growing up. ¬† Their assistance resulted in this podcast, which is the first volume of three. ¬†Special thanks to T. Grundy and T. Bell for helping to make this into a reality.

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  1. Tee says:

    Are you working on one for Prince?

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