In Rotation, Volume 33

Vacation does a mind good. A little late, but here we go….

In Rotation, Volume 33


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01 – Maysa – Back 2 Love
02 – Soulperfreesia – Saving All My Kisses
03 – Tortured Soul – Hot For Your Love Tonight
04 – Carmen Rodgers – Heartless
05 – Conya Doss – Gone
06 – Naturally 7 – Can’t Take The Credit
07 – Sola Rosa – Til The Sun (featuring Jordan Rakei)
08 – Charlie Wilson – Hey Lover
09 – Cool Million – Changed By Love (featuring Gavin Christopher)
10 – Sorceress – Te Kano
11 – Iva Lankum – Kung Fu Grip
12 – Judith Hill – Love Trip
13 – Saun and Starr – Look Closer (Can You See The Signs?)
14 – Potatohead People – Luxury
15 – The Dangerfeel Newbies – Always With Me
16 – Uptown Funk Empire – I’m A Manchild
17 – Isaac Aesili – I’m All In featuring Rachel Fraser

This was an absolute joy to put together, especially for the summertime.    Maysa starts off with a house track, which in and of itself is an amazing, based oh her vocal prowess.  Soulperfreesia from Australia/England, continues the good vibe with “Saving All My Kisses.”  If Teena Marie were alive today, she’d be nodding her head in approval. Another house vibe track from  Tortured Soul paves the way for tracks from Carmen Rodgers and Conya Doss, both of who have great albums.  Carmen’s “Stargazer” and Conya Doss’ “Seven” captured me on the first listen and so it was difficult to marrow down one track from each of them.  I managed to do it, because I’m certain that there will be other tracks in the 2015 Year In Review podcast.

The a cappella group Naturally 7 keeps the groove going, followed by the UK group Sola Ros, who I just heard about this year, so I’m still in assimilatioin mode with them.  Old School artists are making a comeback, as observed by Charlie Wilson’s track (produced by Jam and Lewis) and Cool Million with vocals by Gavin Christopher.

After those tracks, the sound of New Zealand  starts blending in.  I was late to the party, having heard  Funkommunity CD “Chequered Thoughts” a year after it was released.  The CD easily became one of the best in this decade so far.   Earlier this year I had discovered that they had changed their name to Sorceress, and yes, had released a CD.  The new album “Dose” is every bit as good as “Checquered Thoughts” as is demonstrated by one of my favorite tracks, “Te Kano.”  After doing lookups of Isaac Aesili and  Rachel Fraser, other great music started revealing itself.  It  was then that I had  learned about Iva Lamkum, another phenom from New Zealand  It gets better- from them I learned about Sola Rosa from England, Potatohead People from Vancouver – and trust me when I tell you it doesn’t stop….stay tuned for upcoming podcasts for more of their goodness.

Thanks to Radio BSOTS, Saun an Starr are in the mix, and thanks to two great DJ’s from right here in the city of Atlanta, The Dangerfield Newbies are also present.   Judith Hill’s soulful voice makes the day brighter with “Love Trip” and UFE’s “Manchild”  brings old school mellow into the mix.  The  set ends with a track that I constantly have on repeat, “I’m All In” by Isaac Aesili and Rachel Fraser.

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