Slipback: Rain Falls

Changed the name, but not the content. Here we go…..

Slipback: Rain Falls

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01 – Secret Weapon – Must Be The Music
02 – Curtis Hairston – I Want You (All Tonight)
03 – Thelma Houston – You Used To Hold Me So Tight
04 – Skipworth & Turner – Thinking About Your Love
05 – Bernard Wright – Who Do You Love
06 – High Fashion – Hold On
07 – Peter Jacques Band – All Right, Let’s Go
08 – Kano – I’m Ready
09 – Frankie Knuckles – Rain Falls
10 – David Bendeth – Feel The Real
11 – Joyce Sims – Come Into My Life
12 – Mystic Merlin – Full Moon
13 – Gary Taylor – Tease Me (Featuring Gerald Albright)
14 – Bell And James – Only Make Believe

I’m back in the groove!  After having the name “slipback” on lock for the past 7 years, I decided to rename the Old School Wednesdays to the term as it is more flexible (no longer just Wednesdays) but also allows me to broaden the base a little (not just “old school” tracks.)  Thsnks to Kasey F. for coming up with that term years ago.

The tunes here, in my opinion, some of the masterpiecves of the late 70s, 80s, and early 90s.  from Mystic Merlin (with Freddie Jackson) to Kano (!) to Curits Hairston, among others.  Also, as this podcast was being developed, the house svengali Frankie Knuckes passed away, which is why the mellow house track “Rain Falls” has been featured.  I also need to give special, special thanks to Vox Efx for keeping me going via Spotify. The man knows his music.

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