250 (Twofiddy)

Starting in March of 2006….taking up 16.8 GB of space and 12.3 days of audio, it’s here.

#250 aka TwoFiddy.

Drops from Macedonia, T GrundyFave, and Theresa.
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01 – Pointer Sisters – Pinball Number Count | `1976
02 – Ralf Gun Featuring Caron Wheeler – So Good | 2012  [site]
03 – Beef Wellington – Dedication featuring Mellissa Mya | 2010  [amazon]
04 – Mark DeClive Lowe featuring Nia Andrews – Hooligans } 2011 [amazon]
05 – Funkommunity – The Light  | 2012 [site]
06 – Bah Samba – It Tastes Good (DJ Spinna Vocal) | 2003 [amazon]
07 – 45 AKA Swing-O – Underground Superstar featuring Yu Sakai } 2008 [site]
08 – Alice Russell – Drinking Song Interlude | 2013 [amazon]
09 – Cooly’s Hot Box – Lose Your Friends | 2004  [amazon]
10 – D-Influence – Shake It | 1997  [amazon]
11 – DJ Kemit – Digital Connection featuring Carl McIntosh | 2012  [site]
12 – Swing Out Sister – Who’s Been Sleeping | 2004 [amazon]
13 – Bill Cosby – A Simple Love Affair | 1977 [amazon]
14 – Beady Belle – Saved | 2013  [facebook]
15 – Positive Flow – Stronger Than A Mountain featuring Heidi Vogel | 2012 [site]
16 – Jose James – Heaven On The Ground featuring Emily King | 2013 [iTunes]

If you told me several years ago that I would make it this far, Id probably back slowly away from you for fear you might be insane….but it looks like I’m actually here at #250 a place I would have thought I would never be.  If the music these days is any indication, I see no reason to stop now…and who knows, 300 may be here before you know it.

I decided to lift the rules on song selections for this podcast and just provide tracks I know and love.    The Pointer Sisters and Bill Cosby, in addition to being old-school tracks from the late 70’s, also make me smile and laugh, and that’s a good thing.  Shoutots to TGrundy, James Madison, Theresa and Joaquino with providing me the laughter.  Shouting out to my friend Mario Mixmaster McQuay, I was also able to provide house music he hadn’t even heard yet, from arguably one of the best albums of 2012, Ralf Gum’s “Never Leave You.”  What puts this track as my favorite one is the fact that the vocals are from the one and only Caron Wheeler.

I also wanted to roll back and drop some tracks that were my favorite tracks between 2000 and early 2006.  These tracks were discovered as I was listening to music and unable to put it into podcasts since they were not from the same year. I was a huge fan of Bah Samba (vocalist Alice Russell), Cooly’s Hot Box (with Angela Johnson and Chris Ullrich from Tortured Soul on vocals) , D-Influence   and Beef Wellington –  and continue to be a huge fan of 45  and Swing Out Sister- and actually found about them years after they came upon the scene. For this reason, I wanted to make up for lost time and represent their goodness. I’ll continue to do so in podcasts in the future as well.

Last year, Ralf Gum, Funkommunity, Mark deClive Lowe, Positive Flow, and DJ Kemit were four of my favorite albums of the year, and they are included here for just that reason. They have so many strong songs, it’s near impossible to figure out what tracks to place into podcasts, they’re so good.  This year also starts off with a strong start with Beady Belle and Alice Russell. With the year starting off with such a great  flow, I believe that this year will be as good as, if not better than, last year.

There are so many people I wanted to thank in the podcast but I didn’t have enough time left to doso, so I’m going to send my shoutouts here and on Facebook.  I have to thank the past podcasters Honey Soul, Lisa Stanton, KB, and Luv Sels for pushing me forward.   Much appreciation to Vivrant ThangSoul Afrodisiac, AG, Claudia Hyps, and  Alethea  for   having my back even during the radio blog days (wow).   Many thanks to Grant Love and Trent for giving me inspiration and invaluable music assessments.  The ones from the UK who really keep me flowing are Michael Welsh, Ricky McCarthy, and Paul Eversley.

There will be more to thank and around 5 podcasts in the queue, so keep your eyes and ears open.

Got requests? Comments? Need to vent? Send an email to ejflavors at gmail dot com. For those who’d like to subscribe to these podcasts, enter this link manually into iTunes. Take it light.

1 comment on “250 (Twofiddy)

  1. Theresa says:

    DAMN! #250 This was FAN FRICKIN Tastic!! You put together one of your BEST EVER!! Very proud of you! I just might change my mind in the “Podfather” thing!!! LMAO…no…probably not

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