Swing Out Sister

By request, and quite a bit of brain power, internal struggles, and lot of time, I present to you:

Swing Out Sister: One


01 – Twilight World [Superb, Superb Mix] (It’s Better To Travel)
02 – Surrender (It’s Better To Travel)
03 – Am I The Same Girl (Get In Touch With Yourself)
04 – My State Of Mind (Beautiful Mess)
05 – Get In Touch With Yourself (Get In Touch With Yourself)
06 – Everyday Crime (Get In Touch With Yourself)
07 – Ordinary People (Living Return)
08 – Better Make It Better (The Living Return)
09 – All I Say, All I Do (Beautiful Mess)
10 – Where In The World (Kaleidoscope World)
11 – Forever Blue (Kaleidoscope World)
12 – Happy When You’re High (Filth And Dreams)
13 – That’s The Way It Goes (Living Return)
14 – Out There (Beautiful Mess)
15 – Certain Shade Of Limelight (Where Our Love Grows)
16 – After Hours (It’s Better To Travel)

Swing  Out Sister: Two


01 – Breakout (It’s Better To Travel)
03 – Stoned Soul Picnic (Shapes And Patterns)
03 – Somewhere In The World – (Shapes And Patterns)
04 – Don’t Let Yourself Down (Lving Return)
05 – Something Every Day (Beautiful Mess)
06 – La La [Means I Love You] (Living Return)
07 – Beautiful Mess (Beautiful Mess)
08 – Incomplete ithout You (Get In Touch With Yourself)
09 – Happy Ending (Where Our Love Grows)
10 – Notgonnachange (Get In Touch With Yourself)
11 – Heaven Only Knows (The Best Of)
12 – Butterfly (Beautiful Mess)
13 – Stop And Think It Over (Living Return)
14 – You Already Know (Shapes And Patterns)
15 – Something Out Of This World (Shapes And Patterns)
16 – Where Do I Go (Somewhere Deep In The Night)
17 – Shapes And Patterns [Reprise] (Shapes And Patterns)

This took quite a bit of time and thought to put together, as with any great group. Having time constraints and placing the best known cuts along with the absolutely sublime can be an intensive process – but is well woth it. Having been around since 1985, Swing Out Sister’s Corrinne Drewery and Andy Connell (and former member Martin Jackson, who left after the first album “It’s Better To Travel”) have been consistently releasing albums soulful and jazzy, sunny and somber, with the old school vibes infused with new techniques- and they all work flawlessly.

I could not have done this alone, of course, to try to maintain my sanity. Shoutouts go to Shim, Joaquino, Macedonia, DJ Diva, James Madison, Alethea, Lisa, Ricky Mac, Paul E., TGrundy, Damone! and The BlacqueHoney Lounge for seeing me through this ordeal – well worth it.

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  1. John Dark says:

    Brilliant choices from my favorite band

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