In Rotation. Volume 31

Closing out 2012 the right way.  Podcast #249….one more until the big number.

In Rotation, Volume 31.


Drops from Macedonia, DJ Diva, and Carvalho, of course.

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01 – Ralf Gum Feat. Jocelyn Mathieu – Everything [site]
02 – Joey Negro & The Sunburst Band – My Way Featuring Diane Charlemagne [soundcloud]
03 – Funkommunity – Pass It On [site]
04 – Raw Stylus – Believe In Me [wiki myspace]
05 – Ananda Project – My Synthesizer Is Huggin’ You [site]
06 – Cool Million Featuring Jono McNeil – Peace Of Mind [soundcloud]
07 – Positive Flow – Children Of The Sun feat. Heidi Vogel [site]
08 – Carvalho – Dubplate [bandcamp]
09 – The Layders – You Know What You Mean to Me [facebook]
10 – DJ Kemit – Never Go Away (feat. Jean Baylor) [site]
11 – Mister Barrington – I Remember You [site]
12 – Oddisee – The Need Superficial [site]
13 – S3 – All I Know [bandcamp]
14 – Jessie Ware – No to Love [facebook]
15 – Workshy – Way Back When [podcast]
16 – Yuna – Live Your Life [site]
17 – Anthony David – Sweet Pain [site]
18 – Dionne Bromfield – Good For The Soul [wiki]

This podcast caps off the year 2012 and sets the stage for 2013,which will be big for me, so stay tuned.  Going to try to keep this short and sweet.  With Ralf Gum, The Sunburst Band, DJ Kemit, and Ananda Project, you know that I’ve got some serious head-nodders in the mix, an Funkommunity, Raw Stylus, Mr. Barrington, and Cool Million also adding to the flow.    Watch out for Carvalho in 2013, as this brother from the UK is doing it well.  Miles Bonny and Brenk Sinatra show their prowess as S3, while Oddissee gives you a great dose of hip hop as well.  We’ve also got ethereasl vocals from Workshy and Yuna complimenting the soulful vocals of Anthony David and Dionne Bromfield.

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