If you are familiar with Swing Out Sister, Basia, or Matt Bianco, then I believe that you’re going to like this.  As described on one of the fan websites, they are “somewhere in between Matt Bianco and Swing Out Sister, with a little bit of Sade and Burt Bacharach thrown in” which I agree with wholeheartedly – and personally I’d throw some Michael Franks lyricism and Incognito sensibility as well.

Workshy: One


01 – Sleepwalking (The Golden Mile)
02 – I Saw The Light (The Golden Mile)
03 – Love Is The Place To Be (The Golden Mile)
04 – Never The Same (Ocean)
05 – Half A Mind (Ocean)
06 – Master Plan (Ocean)
07 – But Alive (Heaven)
08 – Finding The Feeling (Coast)
09 – Too Late (Under The Workshy Influence)
10 – Blue Murder (Coast)
11 – All In The Mind (Under The Workshy Influence)
12 – Something Sweeter (Under The Workshy Influence)
13 – I Get High (Under The Workshy Influence)
14 – True To Life (Under The Workshy Influence)
15 – Way I Feel Today (Unforgettable Collection)
16 – Light Of Day (Unforgettable Collection)
17 – Never The Same (Coast)
18 – All Or Nothing (Allure)

Workshy: Two


19 – Got It All Together (Allure)
20 – Dive Into Love (Allure)
21 – Somebody (Allure)
22 – Love Squall (Clear)
23 – End Up Here (Clear)
24 – Let It All Go (Clear)
25 – Got It All Clear (Clear)
26 – The Reason (Clear)
27 – You Want It, You Got It (Clear)
28 – Get It On (Clear)
29 – Forever (Mood)
30 – How It Is (Mood)
31 – The Girl In Question (Mood)
32 – The Penny Drops (Mood)
33 – Call On Me (Smile Again)
34 – Throw Away The Key (Bittersweet)
35 – Better Days (Bittersweet)
36 – Out Of The Cold (Smile Again)
37 – You Go Your Own Sweet Way (Heaven)

During an IM conversation from the one and only Ricky Mac from the UK, he pointed me to  the Youtube video for “Half A Mind,” which unfortunately has since been removed.  The song affected me so much that I went to Spotify and was even more impressed by them and then went to Amazon and promptly purchased everything I could from them. With the assistance of Joaquino, I was able to find and purchase even more.  The biggest impact that they had upon me was the fact that they have been out as long as Swing Out Sister and Matt Bianco, but I had never heard about them until now, more than 15 years.  They’ve managed to infuse acid jazz, pop, lite soul, and jazz as well seamlessly.  It was extremely, extremely difficult to pull this and keep the limit to 2 podcasts, which means that you will be hearing more from them as time goes on.

Now, trying to come up with an explanation of each track is extremely difficult as I like all of the tracks in the mix.  “Half A Mind” started the ball rolling for me, “Sleepwalking” kept it moving, and tracks like “Somebody,” “Got It All Together” and “I Get High” are just three of the tracks that keep me going. As you can see, the list goes on and on.  I’d invite you to sit back, relax, and take a listen, and let me know what you think.

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  1. The people NEED to know about this group! They are back in the lab working on another album!

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