Brand New Day

Brand New Day

Old school is back (about time, right?)

Old School Wednesday: Brand New Day


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01 – Earth Wind And Fire – Spread Your Love
02 – Vesta – Don’t Blow A Good Thing
03 – Cameo – Back And Forth
04 – Donald Byrd – Love Has Come Around
05 – Sun – Dance (Do What You Wanna Do)
06 – Tammi Terrell – All I Do Is Think About You
07 – Jackson 5 – Ooh, I’d Love To Be With You
08 – The Sylvers – Wish That I Could Talk To You
09 – Brainstorm – Brand New Day
10 – Tony! Toni! Tone! – Loving You
11 – Mac Band – Love U 2 The Limit
12 – Vanessa Williams – You Can’t Run
13 – Sade – Keep Looking
14 – Anita Baker – Will You Be Mine?

After not being around for a while, it took a while to get over this hump of creating one that would appeal to the masses. I’m holding a positive light on this podcast.  It pays homage to those who are gone but not forgotten, in particular Vesta and Belitta Woods from Brainstorm. Both were amazing vocalists who were, in my opinion, under-appreciated.  I’ll continue to feature more tracks from those two in upcoming ‘casts.

Favorites from Donald Byrd (with a little help from the Mizell Brothers), Vanessa Williams (and yes, that is Babyface’s vocals AND acoustic guitar you hear on this fantastic track),  Mac Band, Cameo,  and Tony! Toni! Tone are featured.  In addition, classics from Jackson 5 and The Sylveers precede one of my many favorite tracks from Brainstorm, the aptly titled Brand New Day.    Have requests? Send an email to ejflavors at gmail dot com. For those who’d like to subscribe to these podcasts, enter this link manually into iTunes. Take it light.


8 thoughts on “Brand New Day

  1. ..and that EWF tight! Followed by Vesta! Dang!!!

    I have to Take a minute to say “Well done to Ms. Donna Summer” and Thank you.

  2. Finally gettin’ around to checkin’ this out. course, an EJ Flavors ‘cast is always a good way to start off the work week! Love Brainstorm. R.I.P. Belita Woods. Agree with the description of “underrated”…

  3. HI, EJ. It’s been a while. This is a nice playlist. I know, I know… Understatement – ha. EWF, Mac Band, Vanessa, Vesta??? Wow. Thanks, as always. Peace – Thierno

  4. I know you’re going to say that I only commented because there happens to be a System track on there…ha. You might be right. They System 4-Ever!!! BTW, they’re about to release a new album, ‘System-Overload’; can’t wait. Thanks

  5. Another great podcast of tunes EJ. I’m introduced to tracks that I have never come across. Enjoyed the tune by Sun, excellent two-step tune.

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