In Rotation, Volume 30

Bringing in 2012, just in time for Spring.

In Rotation, Volume 30. [Click to play or right click-save as to download.


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01 – Incognito Featuring Vanessa Hayes  – Ain’t It Time
02 – Sy Smith – Messages From The Stars
03 – Deborah Bond – 5:35
04 – Dego featuring Tosin Tao – Right From Wrong
05 – Towa Tei Featuring Taprikk Sweezee – Tase Of You
06 – Liquideep – Angel
07 – Incognito Fearuring Maysa – Capricorn Sun
08 – Robert Glasper Featuring Erykah Badu – Afro Blue
09 – Teisha Marie – Unscripted
10 – Dezzaray Dawn – Deep Waters
11 – Szjerdene – Lead The Way
12 – Benny Sings – Each Other
13 – Solburn – Children Of The World
14 – Compton Featuring Kafele – Somebody Else’s Dream
15 – Cleveland and Ahmed – Sensitive
16 – KING – Hey

For this podcast to start off the year, I wanted to highlight some of the high points of 2011 while bringing in the goodness starting out this year.  It takes to listen to two albums that started off this  year with  a bang.  First Incognito’s Surreal is a definite pleasure, and while I could talk about this album at length, I would recommend that you pick it up.  The track Ain’t It Time is a nice remake of the 1976 disco hit of the same name.  Sy Smith continues the goodness with Messages From The Stars from her new LP Fast And Curious.  I think I may have mentioned this before – but I’ll mention it again – Deborah Bond’s Madam Palindrome was one of my favorite albums of last year because of it’s consistency and it’s flow, all while sliding some production and vocals that aren’t afraid to swing to the left a little and then realign themselves nicely.  The track 5:35 is a perfect example.

I continue with a track from Dego’s A Wha’ Him Deh Pon? LP.  This is followed by a track from Towa Tei which I wrestled with for a bit because this track was 2009, and I (and I’m slightly embarrassed about this) did not know that he had not one, but two albums, since 2009.    The album Big Fun was discovered, thanks to Spotify, and I found myself playing Taste Of You more times than I’d care to admit. Liquideep, the duo from South Africa, released an album that combines R&B, dance and house music rather nicely, entitled Fabrics Of The Heart, and  Angel is one of my favorite tracks from that LP.  I continue this with another track from Surreal with vocals from Maysa entitled Capricorn Sun.  and a track from Robert Glasper’s Black Radio, destined to be one of the top 10 albums of the year, entitled Afro Blue, with vocals by Erykah Badu.

This podcast is also making up for lost time for what I consider a personal music transgression.  One thing that I was remiss in doing was actually paying more attention to Twitter than I should have last year I had communicated with Teisha Marie and liked her vibe. Imagine my dismay when I went to the record store and actually saw an album by her.  Yes, I should have had Addiction, and should have definitely had  Unscripted n a podcast last year.   The same holds true for Dezzaray Dawn’s Deep Waters, since I’ve actually had the EP and didn’t realize it until about a month ago. Continuing the blend is Szjerdene ‘s Lead The Way, which I heard on my ride home from Atlanta’s station WCLK, and I’m glad I did.  Finally, making up for my transgressions from last year, I had to drop a single from Benny Sing’s ART that (like Towa Tei), I didn’t know about until I listened to Spotify.

I then end this with some great tracks.  Solburn’s Children Of The Ghetto i a nice track from Natural High, which is followed by a track which is one of my absolute favorites from last year, Compton’s Somebody Elses Dream with vocals by Kafele.   I then end tis with tracks that I was grateful to hear thanks to Gilles Peterson, Cleveland and Ahmed’s Sensitive and anoter one of my favorite tracks from last year from the trio KING, Hey.

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  1. Kyle says:

    EJ, been a while since I checked your site, see you still doing it! I’ll subscribe to hit you up! Peace and Blessings.

  2. Peter says:

    a masterpiece as always ! Thank you

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