In Rotation, Volume 27

Starting the end of spring/beginning of summer. Check it.

In Rotation, Volume 27. [Click to play or right click-save as to download.

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01 – Random Soul feat Kristen Pearson – Take Your Time (Random Soul Classic Mix)
02 – Black Coffee featuring Bantu Soul – Even Though [myspace]
03 – LeNora Jaye – Always Get Away (Ahmed Sirour Rework) [fanpage]
04 – Kafele Bandele – Stone Crazy Remixes (Kafele Mix) [myspace]
05 – 45 & Stephanie Mckay – I Believe [45 – myspace | Stephanie Mckay – website ]
06 – I.R. I. E. featuring Ajuana Black –  I (Mamas Earth Vibe) [I.RI.E. – facebook | Ajuana – myspace ]
07 – Avery*Sunshine – I Got Sunshine [ site ]
08 – Mark de Clive-Lowe – Koko + Lee Roe [ site ]
09 – Bah Samba feat. Tasita D’Mour – Live In The Summer (The Super-Phonics SPF50 Vocal  Mix) [ Bah Samba – myspace | Tasita – myspace ]
10 – Cool Million feat. Jeniqua – Making Love (Robss Urbanized Mix) [ Cool Million –  myspace | Jeniqua – myspace ]
11 – Rhian Benson – Rewind [ site ]
12 – Moon Baker – ABC Of Romance (Feat. Candy Dulfer) [ Moon – myspace | Candy – site ]
13 – Lower East Side – Let Me Love You Tonight [ Anaya – myspace ]
14 – 45 & Jimmy Abney – Nothing Feels Better Than You [ 45 – myspace ]
15 – Terry Callier – Keep Your Heart Right [ site ]

For the third podcast in a row, I’ve had way too much music to put into one mix, which of course is a good thing.  This year so far has proven to be bountiful. It also helps, of course, that I start discovering music over the last 3 years or so that I should have been hop to.  Call it the endless catch-up mode.

If it seems I’ve been pulling out more mellow house cuts, it’s because it’s the  beginning of the summer and I’m in that kind of vibe.  Instrumentation is key here, and horn and keyboard solos accentuate the goodness.  The vocalists on the first three tracks are Kristen Pearson, Bantu Soul, and LeNora Jaye who make these cuts shine. After the first three great cuts,  Kafele is  next with “Stone Crazy” which is destined to be one of my favorite cuts of 2011.  I  think I’ve played the track so much that there should be a “Kafele Anonymous” somewhere.  I also curse myself for not hearing about 45 earlier. He’s worked with two fantastic artists, Stephanie Mckay and Jimmy Abney, who is no longer with us, on his second album.  Both tracks are here, which further illustrates my missing out on great music. I can also say with certainly that his album would have been my favorites of 2009 – it’s just that good. Independent artist I.R.I.E is here thanks to my man Mr. Anatole.   The track “I” is a great cut, and is accentuated with vocals by Ajuana Black.  I’ll be keeping my eye on them.

I’ve got Avery Sunshine, who is a great new artist, and Rhian Benson, who is now out with her second album.   Moon Baker, an artist from the Netherlands, is here with saxophonist Candy Dulfer (remember “Lily Was Here?”) Her album’s principal producer is the one and only Nicolay, so check her out.  Mark de Clive Lowe Bah Samba, and Cool Million are also in the mix.  Tasita is a vocalist that I first heard on Reel People’s “Seven Ways To Wonder.”  She continues her greatness here with Bah Samba.  The track from Cool Million presents vocals by Australian artist Jeniqua – another artist to keep an eye, and ear, out for. The set ends with Terry Callier, an artist that has been around for quite a while.  “Keep Your Heart Right” is officially  one of my personal anthems which makes me smile when I hear it.

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    EJ, I love this rotation man! Thank you. This is really good.

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