In Rotation, Volume 26

This one was a blast, as usual.  Black Coffee with Hugh Masekela, Gorillaz, Anthony David, J*DaVeY, and more.  Check it.

In Rotation, Volume 26. [Click to play or right click-save as to download.

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01 – Black Coffee feat. Hugh Masekela – We Are One (Black Coffee Original Demo Mix) [myspace]
02  – The Layabouts feat. Shea Soul – Perfectly (The Layabouts Vocal Mix)
03 – BSTC feat. JL – Love It  [myspace]
04 – Reel People feat. Darien – Sure [Reel People – site | Darien – myspace ]
05 – Liquideep – Fairytale [site]
06 – Gorillaz Feat. Snoop Dogg And Hypnotic Brass Ensemble – Welcome To The World Of The Plastic Beach [Gorillaz – site | Snoop Dogg – site[  Hypnotic Brass Ensemble | myspace]
07 – J*DaVeY – Quicksand [J*DaVeY – wiki | Def Sound – bandcamp]
08 – Mint Condition – I Want It [site]
09 – Nick Van Gelder – Ain’t No Friend Of Mine [myspace]
10 – Giovanca – Everything [myspace]
11 – Cee Lo Green – Little Black Book [site]
12 – Gorillaz Feat. Little Dragon – Empire Ants [Gorillaz – site | Little Dragon – site]
13 – Blu with Jack Davey – iFeel [Blu – wiki | Jack Davey – blogspot]
14 – King – Supernatural [groovmnt]
15 – Gretchen Parlato – All That I Can Say [site]
16 – Anthony David – As Above So Below [wiki]

It’s always a joy – and somewhat of a challenge – to try to represent different styles of music, and this one is no exception.  I started off with two mellow house tracks from Black Coffee (who pulled in Hugh Masekela, who I distinctly remember hearing quite a bit of when I was a little kid) and Roundabouts with the vocals by Shea Soul.    These tracks are then followed by my official wake up song of the spring “Love It” by BSTC featuring JL.  The next track shows that both Reel People and Darien keep it rolling along with music each year with the track “Sure.”

The next track was brought to my attention in passing, and I’m glad it did. Liquideep, who won the MTV Africa award last year for Best Song Of The Year with “Fairytale was a pleasant surprise. Horillaz bring it forward twice in this blend (which I try not to do too often) with tracks from Snoop Dogg and Little Dragon.  J*DaVeY, Def Sound,  and Blu, who I got to see in concert (and did a phenomenal job I might add) light the mix up with “Quicksand” and “iFeel.”  Well known band Mint Condition, the prolific Cee Lo are here, are here, as well as  up-and-coming artists like Gretchen Parlow and the trio King.   In addition, Giovanca and Anthony David are represented here as usual which round out this blend.

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11 comments on “In Rotation, Volume 26

  1. ricky says:

    Fyah! Great mix EJ !

  2. Nicely crafted! This mix was my partner and motivator on my run this morning. Nice and cool mix on a nice and cool early morning.

    1. EJ says:

      Melissa – I didn’t see this before until now, finally got all of the FB glitches out of the way. I’m very happy you said that. I always have this fear for possibly making some missteps if I have different types of songs. I’m beginning to feel better about it, especially when you great tracks that go from House to slow jam, like “Supernatural.” I’m always grateful to you for listening and your perspective.

  3. YolondaB says:

    I can always count on you …..AMAZING as always….eternally grateful

  4. EJ says:

    Thanks, Yolanda. It means a lot to hear you say that. Always appreciated.

  5. Derrick says:

    EJ, this mix is SO dope man! Those first four tracks alone have me reeling. You are truly a master.

    Keep doing you.

    1. EJ says:

      Thanks, Derrick. As I try to work on upcoming ones I hope to keep the same flow. Never considered myself a mixer, so it’s always good when I do it right. 🙂

  6. Val says:

    Thanks for the variety in your mix Ej. I come here because I love your harmonious combo. There are plenty of places to get all House, Hip Hop, or R&B. Your progression matched mine. Started off with some energy pumping since I was cooking in the kitchen. Now chillin with dinner and a dark, beer. So, it’s very complimentary for my evening.

  7. theresa says:

    This was brilliant!!! So well done! Like a juicy musical burger with a side of sweet potato fries!!

  8. albert says:

    thank you for these very good moments that reminds me of my youth


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