Mark Adams

Mark “Hansolo” Adams, the bassist of Slave, and quite possibly the funkiest bass player of all time, has transitioned. He is gone, but will never be forgotten.

01 – Slide
02 – Spice Of Life
03 – Party Lites
04 – Wait For Me
05 – Inside Out – Odyssey
06 – Watching You
07 – Just A Touch Of Love
08 – Dreamin’
09 – Snapshot
10 – Steal Your Heart


I can remember the bassline from back in elementary school  when Slide was released, and carries me until this day.  Inside Out is poissibly my most used track in Old School Wednesdays, and Dreamin’ is my ringtone on my cell phone. That should tell you something, right there.   If nothing else should grab you in this mix, it’s the transition between Inside Out and Watching You.  Mark, you’re gone, but will never be forgotten.  Of course, input is always welcome.  Take it light.

Seq – Name – Artist
1 – Notgonnachange – Swing Out Sister
2 – Laugh Together – Peter Hadar
3 – Love Is Blind – Metropolitan
4 – Outta Love featuring Omar – Reel People
5 – Game Over – Quintessence
6 – No Love – Little Dragon
7 – Whoever – Lewis Taylor
8 – Ordinary Pain – Stevie Wonder
9 – My Baby Don’t Love Me – Everything But The Girl
10 – She Just Wants To Know – Giovanca
12 – Crying Overtime – Alexander O’Neal
13 – River Run Dry – The Family
11 – If She Breaks Your Heart – Foreign Exchange
14 – Everybody Here Wants You – Lewis Taylor
15 – Maybe I – Cooly’s Hot Box
16 – Mind Blowing Decisions – Heatwave
17 – That Girl (LP Vocal Version) – Georg Levin

9 comments on “Mark Adams

  1. Mr. Anatole says:

    I remember when you were coming up with the OSW: THUMP mix. We traded some ideas and I remember you making a point that Mark Adams was essentially the backbone of that OSW. Fitting tribute to him here.

  2. Mr Fresh says:


    Superb OSW, bruh… Was a pleasure discussing tracks over the last two days. U do it like no other… Working on mine tonite….

  3. ms.alex says:

    ~ Yeah, I used to hate it whn the intro to Inside Out would come on but it wasnt Watchin You!!! Used to piss me off…

  4. Chris says:

    My cousin taught me how to listen to the bass by listening to Mark and Slave, and I have been comparing all other bass players since then. Mark set the bar high for funk bass and most can’t come close, he will be truly missed. R.I.P. Mark Adams

  5. nice piece, i’ll put link on my blog!

  6. James madison says:

    Great tribute. I remember these classics. A friend of mine were saying “Dang” That bass was thumping HARD on every cut!

    RIP Mr. Mark Adams and thank you.

  7. Erik Dennard says:

    He will be missed,but there was no other like him..was he the best….it doesn’t matter but give props were props is due NOBODY else was like him

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