Nile Rodgers

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First it was Leon Sylvers…then Bluey…and then we continued on with Temperton.  Now we can add a fourth one to the list of prolific writers/producers – Nile Rodgers..

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Nile: One

01 – Upside Down – Diana Ross
02 – He’s The Greatest D – Sister Sledge
03 – Good Times – Chic
04 – We Are Family – Sister Sledge
05 – I’m Not Perfect (But I’m Perfect For You) – Grace Jones
06 – Notorious – Duran Duran
07 – Let’s Dance – David Bowie
08 – Original Sin – Inxs
09 – Le Freak – Chic
10 – I’m Coming Out – Diana Ross
11 – Jump Jump – Debbie Harry
12 – Dress You Up – Madonna
13 – Tenderness – Diana Ross
14 – Chic Mystique – Chic
15 – The Jam Was Moving – Debbie Harry
16 – Roam – The B-52s


Niles: Two

01 – Backfired – Debbie Harry
02 – The Reflex – Duran Duran
03 – China Girl – David Bowie
04 – Camouflage – Out Load
05 – Pleasure – Al Jarreau
06 – I Want Your Love – Chic
07 – (Funny) Bone (Instrumental) – Chic
08 – State Your Mind – Nile Rodgers
09 – High Society – Norma Jean (Wright)
10 – Rebels Are We – Chic
11 – Open Up  (Instrumental) – Chic
12 – Doin’ That Thing To Me – Chic
13 – My Old Piano – Diana Ross
14 – Angel – Madonna
15 – Thinking Of You – Sister Sledge
16 – Victor Should Have Been a Jazz Musician – Grace Jones


I got the attention of Niles when Wayne A. pointed me to Walking On Planet C about a month ago, when Nile detailed about his bout with cancer.  This got started my mind in a tailspin (as news like this always does), which prompted me to pull all of his music together and listen to him a bit more.  Of course, pulling the music together of a man who has far-reaching influences took more than a little time.  I had mentioned this to Greg S., one of the sharpest men on the west coast, and he ran with it.  Not only did I get quite a bit of feedback, but he presented me with one his playlist specifically concentrating on Nile. which you see on Nile: One.  This had the desired effect which to bring me out of anral funk and was a direct influence on Nine: Two, a list of my favorite tracks by him.  Besides Chic, B-52s, Diana Ross, and Norma Jean Wright, you’re treated to Inxs, Out Loud, David Bowie, and Grace Jones.  Please believe me when I tell you that a third one can be generated (and quite possibly a fourth).  Enjoy, and expect to see more of him in 2011.

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7 comments on “Nile Rodgers

  1. macedonia says:

    just got through listening to both volumes. you went IN on this one, man! respect to you and Greg for pulling out some deep selections…

  2. Mr. Anatole says:

    There is some serious stuff going on here. And there is so much more. Thanks for a great post. Worth listening to over and over again!

  3. Moni says:

    I never knew that Nile did David Bowie’s “China Girl”. Loved this song! I am amazed at his body of work with INXS, Madonnna, Duran Duran, B52’s. I never knew!

  4. Thierno says:

    I have always liked that Madonna track.. Never bothered to check the credits b/c I assumed it was a Jellybean Benitez production… Man, was I wrong… Ha. THanks, EJ, 4 getting us these jams. Godspeed, Nile. Peace

  5. James madison says:

    Nile is the MAN!!!! He, Reggie Lucas and Jellybean hooked Madonna up.

    If you ever get a chance look up “Rock Bottom” of the album “Adventures In The Land Of The Good Groove”. I’m sure you will LOVE IT! My Brother put me on to it back in the day, when we had our late night music listening sessions.

    Good Times (wow..not even purposefully done) remembering Upside Down. Great memories. Great music. Classic. Well done Mr. Rodgers. Well done.

    Thank you EJ

  6. Wayne A. says:

    If ever there was a comprehensive Niles retrospective, this is surely it. Well done, sir.

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