Teena Marie: Ivory Queen Of Soul

I’ve been called Casper, Shorty, Lil’ Bit
And some they call me Vanilla Child
But you know that don’t mean my world to me
‘Cause baby, names can’t cramp my style.

Ask anyone where they were and they first heard Lady T, and they’re responses will be varied, but one thing’s for sure….they’ll tell you that she could belt out her songs and that if anything, she was definitely unforgettable.   She may have been called many things when she was growing up, but when all is said and done, she’ll always be Lady T.

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Teena: Uptempo
1 – Square Biz (It Must Be Magic )
2 – It Must Be Magic (It Must Be Magic )
3 – I’m a Sucker for Your Love  with Rick James (Wild and Peaceful)
4 – I Need Your Lovin’ (Irons In The Fire)
5 – 365 (It Must Be Magic )
6 – Behind The Groove (Lady T)
7 – Don’t Look Back (Wild and Peaceful)
8 – Chains (Irons In The Fire)
9 – Ballad Of Cradle Rob & Me, The (It Must Be Magic )
10 – Revolution (It Must Be Magic )
11 – Work It (Naked To The World)
12 – Lovergirl (Starchild)
13 – Surrealistic Pillow (Naked To The World)


Teena: Downtempo, Volume 1
14 – Portuguese Love (It Must Be Magic )
15 – Fire and Desire W/Rick James (Street Songs)
16 – Casanova Brown (Robbery)
17 – If I Were A Bell (Ivory)
18 – Wishing On A Star (New York Undercover: A Night At Natalie’s)
19 – Happy w/ Rick James (Throwin’ Down)
20 – Too Many Colors (Lady T)
21 – Irons In The Fire (Irons In The Fire)
22 – Young Love (Irons In The Fire)
23 – Aladdin’s Lamp (Lady T)
24 – I’m Gonna Have My Cake (And Eat It Too) (Wild and Peaceful)
25 – Yes Indeed! (It Must Be Magic )
26 – Opus III (Does Anybody Care) (It Must Be Magic )
27 – Ooo Wee  w/Kurupt (Sapphire)
28 – Baby I Love You (Congo Square)
29 – Baby I’m Your Fiend (La Dona)


Teena: Downtempo, Volume II
30 – Out on a Limb (Starchild)
31 – Dear Lover (Robbery)
32 – Ooo La La La (Extended Mix) (Naked To The World)
33 – Deja Vu (We’ve Been Here Before) (It Must Be Magic )
34 – Naked To The World (Naked To The World)
35 – Sunny Skies (Emerald City)
36 – Stop The World (Robbery)
37 – Can It Be Love (Lady T)
38 – Now That I Have You (Lady T)
39 – Where’s California (It Must Be Magic )
40 – You Blow Me Away (Sapphire)
41 – Parking Music (Passion Play)
42 – A.P.B. (Sapphire)
43 – Can’t Last A Day w/ Faith Evans (Congo Square)


There has been so much to say about the lady since she transitioned that I’d be duplicating everyone thought of her that have already been said.  I felt it was important to celebrate her life through the recording’s that she’s done.  Believe me, it was time well spent.  I also had a lot of help, thanks to the folks on Twitter and Facebook, helping to make sure I made this as comprehensive as possible. Many, many thanks to them.  It should also be known that I was not alone in my quest.   The one and only T. Grundy from RIBS, has a wonderful tribute to Lady T spread across two mixes, which are available here.   There are more coming, so look back here during the next couple of weeks for more.  Rest in peace, Teena- you will always be in our hearts.

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10 comments on “Teena Marie: Ivory Queen Of Soul

  1. Mr. Anatole says:

    It’s all here! Thank you Podfather for another well done set. Will be playing this one for some time to come. RIP Lady T!

  2. Kelly says:

    A great legacy, but how sad to end the year on this note. RIP.

  3. Moni says:

    Wow EJ! You outdid yourself on this one!

    Great tribute! RIP Lady T!

  4. Trelly says:

    *simply wonderful!*
    thank you, EJ and may Lady T live on through us all in her music…

  5. James madison says:

    The Queen Of Sophisticated Funk!

    I always loved her work. Great artist who wrote, produced and performed the majority of her work and definitely had magic when working with Mr. Rick James.

    Great post EJ.

    Classic music Ms. Teena Marie. And Thank you.

  6. ms.alex says:

    ~ Outstanding lists!!!! Feels like we lost a family member. RIBS also has extensive list of songs. Luv u guys. Happy Blessd New Yr!

  7. Remnants says:

    I knew you would put together the best of the best from Lady T.
    Thanks EJ

  8. macedonia says:

    I had a co-worker in 7th Heaven yesterday listening to these Lady T tribute shows. Unbelievably thorough. Excellent job as always, EJ.

  9. TMoline says:

    That “Teena: Downtempo, Volume 1” is a beast.
    [and yes, I totally forgot about New York Undercover] thanks for the memory.

  10. geegees says:

    the best ever!!!

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