The Family DeBarge

This i s a request that had been in queue for a while. This represents a family of talented musicians and singers on the smoothed out tip.

Old School Wednesday: Debarge

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01 – I Like It – DeBarge
02 – Stay With Me – DeBarge
03 – Time Will Reveal – Debarge
04 – All This Love – DeBarge
05 – A Dream – DeBarge
06 – Love Always – El DeBarge
07 – Someone – El DeBarge
08 – Love Me In A Special Way – El DeBarge
09 – Queen Of My Heart – The DeBarges
10 – Where You Are – El DeBarge
11 – Rainy Nights – Chico Debarge
12 – Heart, Mind & Soul – El DeBarge
13 – There’ll Never Be – Switch
14 – Love Over And Over – Switch
15 – I Call Your Name – Switch
16 – This Is My Dream – Switch
17 – I Wanna Be Closer – Switch

I’d forgoten about a few of these cuts, such as “Queen Of My Heart” and “Heart, Mind, and Soul.” There were so many of these cuts that were mellow, it was easier to go with the flow instead of mix in the faster tempo cuts. I’ll make sure they get their exposure in the upcoming podcasts. Big ups to Emeka DJ, abd Theresa. Got requests? Send an email to ejflavors at gmail dot com. For those who’d like to subscribe to these podcasts, enter this link manually into iTunes. Also, please be sure to check out on GROOVMNT always keepin’ you in the loop. Take it light.

4 comments on “The Family DeBarge

  1. James madison says:

    Ha! I was just playing a Debarge collection last week!

    Good stuff E!

  2. ms.alex says:

    ~ U kno how to do it! Switch….my goodness!!

  3. Bonny says:

    yay!!! DEBARGE!!!! The best stuff!

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